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  1. CN Down under

    CN Down under

  2. CN coal?

    CN coal?

    Ex-Southern & Burlington Northern (both fallen flags) coal hoppers roll under CNs banner. Theres also a large chunk of ex-CP ones in the fleet on unit trains. Note the bent structure on the CNA (ex-SOU) hopper.
  3. Lifting CN Watrous sub

    Lifting CN Watrous sub

    Its early morning - crews work hard to replace the switch off the Watrous sub onto the Warman sub (PNL route). As you can see clearly in the photo, the mainline is split. I think they installed an automatic turnout, so that CN 303/314 dont need to bother the yard and take a good half hour away...
  4. CN Rust bucket

    CN Rust bucket

    This is not Halloween, but CNs caboose fleet will scare you any day do you still want to ride? This rider car is leading the 630 tramp back to the yard, with a GP38-2W pushing on the other end. Interestingly you can still see where the CN decal used to be in the middle. Why did CN patch...
  5. Time stands still

    Time stands still

    CN 1405 was working North Saskatoon solo when he died, so the 630 tramp that had been working Nutana (MP188 Watrous sub) earlier, was sent to the rescue running light. He then brought in 1405s train running in reverse with the caboose leading. Hopefully this isnt 1405s last ride, as CN doesnt...
  6. Awkward track

    Awkward track

    As you can see in the picture, its been a long time since the tracks ran anywhere. Not only is the ROW gone theres a new building in the way! I wonder if CN will ever bother taking it out The other side shows no sign of a ROW either, now a parking lot.
  7. Saskatoon meet

    Saskatoon meet

    CP 457 is taking over the diamond while CN 314 waits for a crew. This is the JCT of the CN Warman sub & CP Wilkie subs, both considered part of each Railways Prairie North Line. Note the long tankers cut in 314's consist!
  8. Downtown Saskatoon

    Downtown Saskatoon

    Photo is self-explanatory - note the elevator centerpiece. Not that long ago two spurs run through, connecting CPs Sutherland sub with CNs Warman sub through the warehousing district (both now pulled up).
  9. CN spur for sale

    CN spur for sale

    Tired of buying junk on ebay? How about a set of disused railway tracks with a rich history and a dark future. Originally this was the CP mainline between Regina and Prince Albert via Saskatoon still the most direct route (even by HWY) unless one avoids Saskatoon. CP didnt see much...
  10. Fresh off the Warman sub

    Fresh off the Warman sub

    CN 450. He was already working his way to the bridge upon my arrival. Instead of working the yards, he came around he east leg of Chappel Junction and came right to me. No dobut about it, he is now routed over the Aberdeen sub north of town.
  11. Carlton 771

    Carlton 771

    When I heard chatter about 771 on the radio, I thought they meant the Symington coal was going into the yard eastbound. It was actually the CTRW 771- 2 GP10s and a CN Boxcar, coming off the Warman lead. Note the rear of CN 450, which was passing my person at the time, and was center of my...
  12. CN 2307 (ES44DC)

    CN 2307 (ES44DC)

    With more ES44DC's on the horizon, perhaps CN could finally kill off the SD40-2W fleet. The executioner sure looks good though. Even compared to the "kinda new" Dash 9-44CW behind him.
  13. HLCX 9647

    HLCX 9647

    After leaving CN in 2000, this unit is back on home turf! CTRW leassed five (???) of them, finally dispelling their ex-CN M420(W)'s to the HBR along with GP30's and other oddballs on roster. Despite CN retiring and selling these units left and right, they're perfect for a shortline like...
  14. CTRW 1004

    CTRW 1004

    CTRW 1004, a typical CTRW GP10 is leading CTRW 772 back home. Ok not yet, first he needs to come down to Saskatoon and get his train, but then he'll be leading N/B all the way to Prince Albert. Note the unusual headlight arrangement on sister 1064 behind him, sort of like a rally car...
  15. CTRW 1064

    CTRW 1064

    Most of this units OMNITRAX history can be seen through the paint. Can you tell it's a CTRW unit? Originally IC 9115, this GP10 has since served for Missisipi & Gulf, Mid South, Carlton Trail, Okanagan and GWRX Railroads! After a short stint on the CTRW in 1998, he came back in 2001...
  16. Fresh blood

    Fresh blood

    Brand new ES44DC leads CN 865 into Saskatoon. Two 4400hp engines have become the standard for CN grain trains. The CTRW grainer right before him utilizes CN's rejects, a pair of GP10's and a newly aquired GP40-2LW, tradional CN grain train power, from only a couple years ago (remember the...
  17. CTRW Saskatoon

    CTRW Saskatoon

    Originally Carlton Trail was powered by ex-CN M420W's and a couple BCOL's (including a B unit!) thrown into the mix. Up to six would be put on a grain train to struggle through the hilly terrain (Northern SK is not like South SK). Today HBR and other shortlines took all the MLW's away, leaving...
  18. Scotford Work train

    Scotford Work train

    CN has an odd habit of placing cabooses where they don't belong. The Clavet wayfreight for instances uses CN 79924, assigned to train 519, yet there's no such train in the area. Similarly this one is stamped "Scotford work train", yet based on my research Scotford is hundreds of...
  19. CN Richmond

    CN Richmond

    CN 1439 is an old friend of mine, I saw him when I first ventured to railfan the CN mainline back in April of 2003. He, along with twin 1434 were pulling IMS cars out of the now closed Winnipeg facility. Today he's still working with another twin, 1405, this time on the Warman sub tramp job...
  20. CN Warman sub

    CN Warman sub

    At one time CN's Warman sub was a vital part of CN's system, providing the main link to Prince Albert. Although it still serves this purpose today, most of the line has been sold to a shortline, meaning its a lot less vital then it used to be. Due to "strategic downtown... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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