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  1. CN Militia

    CN Militia

    This is a historic photo now - as of today the 1841 signal is a two-header. Good thing I took thousands of photos of the old one LOL. August 30th, 2006 From MP 183.0 Watrous sub 11:29am CN 753 CN 5711, 84 flats 3 minutes G WAGON (Benz SUV), HLVW (Steyr cab-over), LSVW (Iveco van), MLVW...
  2. Convoy


    One of two trains for war games. August 30th, 2006 From MP 183.0 Watrous sub 11:29am CN 753 CN 5711, 84 flats 3 minutes G WAGON (Benz SUV), HLVW (Steyr cab-over), LSVW (Iveco van), MLVW (M35), canvas trailers plus one flat trailer & MILCOTS (Chevy Silverado)
  3. CN's #1 fan

    CN's #1 fan

    Always trackside keeping tabs on all the trains. He's a brave fellow too - lots of foxes & goshawk's in the area. I have even seen him out in the rain & thunder - a sign of stupidity for both of us.
  4. CP Derailment

    CP Derailment

    Photo speaks for itself.
  5. CN spur for sale

    CN spur for sale

    Tired of buying junk on ebay? How about a set of disused railway tracks with a rich history and a dark future. Originally this was the CP mainline between Regina and Prince Albert via Saskatoon still the most direct route (even by HWY) unless one avoids Saskatoon. CP didnt see much...
  6. CN 7269  Fresh paint

    CN 7269 Fresh paint

    Looks like Saskatoons main yard engine got some fresh paint in the cab area. Normally he operates exclusively in the main yard, which is largely inaccessible (recall however today he went out to lift some hoppers at the nearby elevator. Interestingly its located on CPs...
  7. Sutherland roundhouse

    Sutherland roundhouse

    Today at the shops we have the West yard belt-pack (GP9u x 2) and a GP38-2 where the turntable used to be. Note the caboose & snowplow in the yard.
  8. UP DPU

    UP DPU

    Someones misusing DPU capability LOL. Half the train is in the tow, the other half will be lifted down the line to form a typical '1+2' potash train, i.e.: Engine/62 hoppers/2 Engines/62 hoppers (119-125 hoppers in total) Normally this is done by two AC4400CW's up front (1 unit waiting @...
  9. UP 8298

    UP 8298

    After just 10 years of service the decaling is already faltering If UP takes over CP I cant see the power scene changing much, already UP & CEFX SD90MACs everywhere! June 25th, 2008 7:44pm CP N40?, from MP 105.00 Sutherland sub 2 minutes CP 8564-UP 8298-CP 3088-3020-CEFX 1045/hopper/CP...
  10. CTRW Prince Albert

    CTRW Prince Albert

    Whenever I go to Prince Albert to catch CTRW action I see nothing! But railfan the CN mainline at Chappelle JCT in Saskatoon and look what the cat dragged in. Sure looks like the backwoods of Prince Albert though, had I stood on the other side the city skyline would instead form the background...
  11. Potash special

    Potash special

    July 18th, 2008 5:06pm CP N43 CP 9141-"Mount Royal" business car He was carrying a number of dignitaries on board, not to mention the mayor of Saskatoon; likely relating to PCSs decision to expand the Cory mine (resulting in more trains). Conductor worked as a tour guide slowing...
  12. Hostile railfan

    Hostile railfan

    It is not unusual for the Clavet wayfreight to bring the resident railfan out. No its not me, Elijah or the visiting fan reading Branchline in his car. Last winter one of these guys tripped the Derailment Alarm ~MP 190 Watrous sub, causing at least half an hour worth of delays on the mainline...
  13. The One And Only - Almost...

    The One And Only - Almost...

    One of the only Illinois Central SD70s in proper CN paint. He showed up on the CN 314, of all things.
  14. Full Body Shot

    Full Body Shot

    This can be seen as one of the greatest things I have ever achieved. For the longest time I wanted to take this picture, but I didn't want to sacrifice the option of close up photos. I knew this Tramp job was coming, but I decided to burn down to the CP bridge in attempt to catch the 456. When...
  15. Fresh off the Warman sub

    Fresh off the Warman sub

    CN 450. He was already working his way to the bridge upon my arrival. Instead of working the yards, he came around he east leg of Chappel Junction and came right to me. No dobut about it, he is now routed over the Aberdeen sub north of town.
  16. Let's play bridge

    Let's play bridge

    The CN road local crawils over the bridge as the Riverview signal is passable. This guy showed up minutes after the 903, and he had GP38s 4703 and 4782 on. Looks like 1995.
  17. Back to Basics

    Back to Basics

    The 111 comes out of the bushes, much to my surpirse. The picture was taken on the north side of the tracks, and the lighting still looks nice.
  18. Lorasaurus


    A pre-historic dinousaur, now working as a vacum on CN! LORAM LRV-7 aka LMIX 507 Railvac heads to the shops after working Clavet siding. He must be brand new - not in the CTG yet. There are only three like him in North America. He's so important, he even held up CN's top train, Intermodal 112.
  19. Sulfur Season

    Sulfur Season

    The amount of molten sulfur trains on the rails seems to have increased a great deal as of late. The CN 774 makes a sunset appearence at Riverview. CN 5610 was the leader.
  20. Saskatoon Moose

    Saskatoon Moose

    Two moose cross the CN mainline, 5 minutes after CN 101 has gone through. This is not in a provincial park or the mountains however - right outside of Saskatoon city limits! A "flat" Prairie city. This would make for a great "When keeping it real goes wrong" segment on... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.