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  1. CPR M98-05

    CPR M98-05

    One of a couple hi-rail trucks based in Sutherland. Today he was helping grind a switch.
  2. IMS dune buggy

    IMS dune buggy

    Sometime this year CP outsourced their IMS operations in the city to PARSEC. This brought in three visible changes. 1. A large "We're hiring" sign. 2. Two holster tractors: 3. This truck. I'm not sure what exactly he does, but I do love the roll cage...
  3. Stay out!

    Stay out!

    CN sure doesn't like visitors in their yards. I've seen all these signs on CN property separately before, but there sure is strength in numbers. This isn't the main entrance either, just a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, on the city's outskirts leading to the shops (CN's private road runs...
  4. WC vs. WC

    WC vs. WC

    For starters, these aren't real WC engines. For over 30 years they were CN SD40's, the backbone of the fleet. Just like their SD40 brothers before them, who became CN 6000 SD40u series, they were sent for re-building to PSC in the 90s, who by that time was privatized by ALSTOM. Hence they got...
  5. W/B foreman @ Riverview

    W/B foreman @ Riverview

    The title says it all. A foreman hi-rail inspection happends at least once a day, often there are 2-3 different foreman along the line in and around the city on CN alone. PS. I know that the photo is a bit crooked, but if I even out the ground, the signal isn't strait either...
  6. WC 3009 (GP40)

    WC 3009 (GP40)

    Not that long ago this sight would be unthinkable, back when WC engines stayed on WC rails and CN still had their 278 strong GP40-2LW fleet. Now that most of it has been retired (~60 left), with the need for 3000h.p. 4-axle power remaining, WC GP40's are brought up north to the rescue...
  7. The other crossing

    The other crossing

    Motorists sure are suprised when they see a truck on the RR tracks, to be fair he does yield the right of way to them. It's the same one I caught one year ago: The foreman was managing slow orders, verbally warning the crews to slow down - this made train watching...
  8. CP 1555

    CP 1555

    After a recent graduation from the paint shop, this old Geep sure looks good. Today it's extra special, since instead of a GP7u/9u or two GP9u's, he's switching with a GP38-2, quite strange since it's not remote control equipped. It's only a matter of time before the paint fades and stains...
  9. CN 4713 GP38-2

    CN 4713 GP38-2

    After leaving the Maritimes I was worried about not seing CN GP38-2's again, since this is widecab country after all. Thankfully CN has proven me wrong by replacing two GP38-2W's on the local wayfreight, with two GP38-2's. Don't really like the latest replacement though: SD75I+SD50F - just not...
  10. BNSF swoosh

    BNSF swoosh

    I've been reading about it on Railroadforums for years now, but this is my first BNSF swoosh on an IMS flat, here they're mostly found on autoracks. Either way this was a good catch, since CN IMS's seem to be 99% TTX/CN flats. I became so bored watching them, I started shooting containers -...
  11. CP office car?

    CP office car?

    Generally RR's are a big buyer of trucks from SUV's, pick-up's and heavy duty. Then there are vans, police cruisers, but a regular sedan? This is the first one I've seen marked in RR paint. What a great paintjob it is, your regular white Chevy Lumina, with a beaver decal added. No hi-rail...
  12. SK. 101

    SK. 101

    Today most of CP's hi-rail equipement is either wearing the white beaver sheme of the yellow CP Rail paint. Here we have a cross-over of the two, a classic yellow "CP Rail paint" Chevy SUV with the beaver decals and safety stripes added for a modern look. I love it, looks just like...
  13. Local delivery?

    Local delivery?

    With downsizing and outsorcing, now when your parcel gets loaded in the van, the van is loaded on a flat and shipped by rail to wherever you live. Yeah right, 13 brand new Daimler vans, most likely from Dartmouth, NS are heading West to serve you. Such loads are somewhat common on CN IMS trains...
  14. Power hour

    Power hour

    The city of Saskatoon is located in potash country, meaning unit potash trains, and subsequent light power moves from the mines to the city, are a common site. Whenever possible CP likes to tag the potash power onto a manifest, in addition to wayfreight power (typycilally Geeps) which work grain...
  15. CN's new freight service?

    CN's new freight service?

    On my 3rd full day in the city I went to railfan the CN. It was one of the worst days I've had so far. I missed a GP38-2W led local as I was approaching the crossing, then spent two hours only to see this. To be fair I really like the idea of putting a tire on top, makes the truck look so much...
  16. Railfan with a friend

    Railfan with a friend

    Whenever I go to railfan Difienbaker park, a fellow railfan Elijah, usually comes along with me since he lives nearby. On this day we're shooting a E/B manifest with two Dash 8-40CM's for power! One CN, the other BCOL. As we were standing side by side our photo's turned out identical, so I'll...
  17. CP 401021

    CP 401021

    CP 401021, assigned to Wilkie, SK is a 1930 product of CPR's Montreal Angus shops. So what is he doing in Sutherland, who have their own snow plow sitting 20 feet behind him? Who knows, maybe he took a trip on 454 to Winnipeg for maintenence and is coming back. Either way it's not even October...
  18. Alley cat

    Alley cat

    A relatively old ES44AC (#7/160 on the CPR) is running long-hood forward through the shops before being wyed. Note the giant hangar in the background - the IMS forklift is normally stored there. You can see the top of the forklift itself right next to the building! Later that day, he, CP...
  19. CP 3070

    CP 3070

    CP 3070, one of many CP GP38-2's wearing the newest paint scheme 'Ingenuity'. He was much shinier when I first saw him behind a SD90MAC-H back in August: Note the 'modern door' built into the window of the old shops.
  20. CP 317022

    CP 317022

    Typical red CP Rail bulkhead loaded with ???. This load likely arrived on 542 from Regina, he was then switched into the lumber yard which is used as a team track. They get this sort of odd loads all the time, sometimes in pack of 10 cars, just two cars this time though. Note the safety stripes. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.