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  1. Potash Corp.

    Potash Corp.

    I know live in the potash capital of the world. Yet I'm still seing the same hoppers that go through Winnipeg...
  2. Power hour

    Power hour

    The city of Saskatoon is located in potash country, meaning unit potash trains, and subsequent light power moves from the mines to the city, are a common site. Whenever possible CP likes to tag the potash power onto a manifest, in addition to wayfreight power (typycilally Geeps) which work grain...
  3. CP 8831

    CP 8831

    My first 8800, CP 8831 is the third unit, behind two AC4400CW, getting fueled after coming home as a light power move from a potash mine. Sure don't look like your typical gas station! The green John Deer tractor/golf cart you see on the side is used to move around the shops. As well, note...
  4. CEFX 114

    CEFX 114

    CEFX 114, SD90MAC is leassed by UP, however he is a common visitor in Saskatoon. Why? Because seasonally UP provides their own power for unit potash trains that originate in town and end up in UP's territory. Perhaps because CP was leasing CEFX SD90MAC's themselves until recently, they prefer to...
  5. CPR NO.2

    CPR NO.2

    Currently CPR has 1600+ locomotives, and this is the 2nd newest! Recently they have taken delivery of 140 ES44's (CP 8700-8839) and I'm proud to say that I've managed to catch the 2nd newest ones right here in Saskatoon, mid-train, third unit on a potash train. Too bad a 96xx was leading in...
  6. Branchline potash

    Branchline potash

    Branchline trains are supose to be boring, powered by SD40-2's on their last leggs and GP38-2's. Then this snake shows up! 4AC4400CW's with a ~124 car potash train, likely 672 from Vancouver. Normally empties like him get 3 engines, but he got 4, and they're all facing the same direction, which...
  7. Got potash?

    Got potash?

    Apparently this is a bad year for CP in terms of potash shipments. Bad year? We get around one of these 124 car monsters here daily! I can't imagine what a good year would look like. The power for such trains is exlusive provided by AC4400CW/ES44AC series, ussually 3 per train. The E/B's are...
  8. AC Quad

    AC Quad

    Four AC4400CW's: CP 8569-8516-CEFX 1059-CP 9600 lead a 125 car potash train. Ussually three AC4400CW/ES44AC's are on the train, and they're rarely running elephant style. An alternative view: http://www.railroadforums.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/44912/cat/500/ppuser/3391
  9. Nightly Potash

    Nightly Potash

    We get many 124-140 potash trains through Saskatoon, most come through at night however. Although this one came before 4pm, it was getting dark outside already. I've caught the whole train on film, which will be posed on youtube in the near future, as well as more pictures (with artificial...
  10. Potash special

    Potash special

    CPR loves their potash trains on the PNL. Normally a 124-140 car set gets 3 AC4400CW/ES44AC engines for power. But you know they really mean service when 3 AC4400CW's are pulling 5 hoppers. That has got to be an amazing hp/tonnage ratio (especially since they're empties), and a new record for...
  11. CSXT'S Fitzgerald Sub

    CSXT'S Fitzgerald Sub

    CSXT Southbound Potash Train K850 throttles up as it rumbles through Vienna, Ga.
  12. A Saskatchewan Train

    A Saskatchewan Train

    This train had nothing but Potash, Wheat, a few tankers, and 1 coil car. Saskatchewan produced freight at it's best! And, a GEVO to boot! CN 2227 and 5347 head accross the bridge.
  13. CPR potash

    CPR potash

    Looks like a lone ES44AC leading a 124car unit potash train. Yet if you look carefully towards the back of the train you can see a blue blur in between the sea of Canpotax cars. That's two CEFX AC4400CW's working mid-train.
  14. An interesting meet

    An interesting meet

    As the stack manifest clears the main, a short grain and potash train aproaches on the siding. The second train caught me by surprise.
  15. Potash Loads East

    Potash Loads East

    CN 5734 leads a heavy potash train bound for eastern ports thru Newtonville Ontario. The engineer had the units notched out, evident by the heavy heat exhaust thanks to the cold temperatures. The detector clocked him at a blistering 25mph.
  16. Canpotax


    Apparently unit trains of these hoppers are fairly common on CP, but this is the first time I've seen one of them.
  17. SD70ACe heading home

    SD70ACe heading home

    UP train heading to home rail at Manly Ia
  18. Byron Hill, Wisconsin

    Byron Hill, Wisconsin

    CN Southbound Potash Train battles up Byron Hill, Wi.
  19. Pewaukee, Wisconsin

    Pewaukee, Wisconsin

    CN Southbound Potash Train rumbles through Pewaukee, Wisconsin with a pair of SD45'S for power.
  20. CP'S Detroit Lakes Sub

    CP'S Detroit Lakes Sub

    CP Eastbound Potash Train rumbles through Ottertail, Minnesota with a pair of SD40-2'S leading an SD40-2F ( Red Barn )

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