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  1. Westbound Potash

    Westbound Potash

    Crossing a fill as it approaches Memaloose State Park, OR
  2. UP 5360 AC45CCTE

    UP 5360 AC45CCTE

  3. UP 5514 AC45CCTE

    UP 5514 AC45CCTE

  4. Northbound at Sandpoint,Idaho,bound for the border

    Northbound at Sandpoint,Idaho,bound for the border

    UP 8281 followed by CEFX 1042 lead a northbound empty potash train thru Sandpoint,ID at MP 75.0 on the UP Spokane Sub.This at the UP Boyer Av crossing.The BNSF Boyer Av crossing is a few hundred yards to the north.
  5. Potash Train

    Potash Train

    Potash car movment out of CP Bredenbury Yard with lead unit 5792 with large CP Logo, second unit 5983 with over 100 empty potash hopper cars.
  6. CP 9531 Eastbound at 85th Street

    CP 9531 Eastbound at 85th Street

    It's spring in Calgary - That means brown grass, a few green shoots, and snowfall as unpredictable as a wounded boar. Here's 672, an eastbound potash train, coming into Calgary with the rocky mountains in the background.
  7. Poor patch job

    Poor patch job

  8. Mix & match

    Mix & match

  9. Skyline Potash

    Skyline Potash

    Can you find the green diamonds?
  10. Potash for export

    Potash for export

    CN 786 departs Saskatoon with Potash for south east Illinois. The CN Potash trains have alot more charecter than the CP ones!
  11. UP DPU

    UP DPU

    Someones misusing DPU capability LOL. Half the train is in the tow, the other half will be lifted down the line to form a typical '1+2' potash train, i.e.: Engine/62 hoppers/2 Engines/62 hoppers (119-125 hoppers in total) Normally this is done by two AC4400CW's up front (1 unit waiting @...
  12. UP 8298

    UP 8298

    After just 10 years of service the decaling is already faltering If UP takes over CP I cant see the power scene changing much, already UP & CEFX SD90MACs everywhere! June 25th, 2008 7:44pm CP N40?, from MP 105.00 Sutherland sub 2 minutes CP 8564-UP 8298-CP 3088-3020-CEFX 1045/hopper/CP...
  13. Potash special

    Potash special

    July 18th, 2008 5:06pm CP N43 CP 9141-"Mount Royal" business car He was carrying a number of dignitaries on board, not to mention the mayor of Saskatoon; likely relating to PCSs decision to expand the Cory mine (resulting in more trains). Conductor worked as a tour guide slowing...
  14. Green Diamonds

    Green Diamonds

    The evil army charges onward to a mine somewhere. The train is heading east, so they must be empty.
  15. Strange Routing

    Strange Routing

    CP 8616 is the leader here, and I traced him to Brudenbury the next morning. This is possibly the CP 672, a Potash run to mines in the Saskatoon area. What he's doing on the Swift Current sub? I don't know. He probably ran up the Lanigan sub in Regina, or all the way down to Poratge la Prarie...
  16. The Watrous Turn

    The Watrous Turn

    CN 560 departs to work the Poatsh mines with GP38 units 4782, 4798, and 4703. 3 Geeps is alot for 23 cars, so they will probably be lifting alot of Potash. But before they can get underway, they will have to hold for the westbound CN 303. The paint on 4782 looks to be in better condition then...
  17. Potash Of The City

    Potash Of The City

    Canpotex hoppers depart the city scapes of Moose Jaw. I have a very strong hatread of such trains, and I was kind of P.O'd when it prooved to be the most common operation on the Indian Head line. The train did have DPUs, though.
  18. Flying over Lyons Ferry

    Flying over Lyons Ferry

    An empty Canpotex Potash train, the OT5EO 20, is Canada-bound crossing the massive Joso Bridge in Eastern Washington, on UP's Ayer Subdivision. Original plan for this day found me traveling on US 395 towards Spokane from Pasco, until I heard this train get a warrant northward from Page...
  19. CN survivor

    CN survivor

    In the last 10 years CN shrank their GP40-2LW/GP40-2W fleet from ~280 to about 60. Hence these engines are now rare. I've only seen them three times this year and I railfan the CN main fairly often. Statistically the IC SD40 series (SD40-2/SD40-3/SD40-2R etc.) is twce as common in the area...
  20. CN 452 Sep 27 '07

    CN 452 Sep 27 '07

    Today's 452 is a very special train. It has about 1/2 the usual cars and a GP40-2LW leading. Although he had lots of tankers mid-train, he looks like a unit potash on the curve. 9:13am, CN 452, 56 cars CN 9437-5359 (zebra-CN NA) 1 bulkhead, 3 coil cut, 30 hoppers (12 cut up front, 15 on the...

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