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  1. UP 8471 South

    UP 8471 South

    Southbound UP Manifest makes it's way down the mainline at Crescent Lake, OR
  2. UP 5354

    UP 5354

    Southbound UP mixed freight climbs up the 1.8% grade at Frazier, Slide
  3. Southbound Starlight

    Southbound Starlight

    Southbound Amtrak Coast Starlight makes it's way up the 1.8% grade at Frazier, OR on the Cascade Crossing
  4. UP 5381 Frazier, OR

    UP 5381 Frazier, OR

    Northbound UP mixed freight heads down the grade at Frazier, Slide on the Union Pacific Cascade Crossing
  5. Tunnel 20

    Tunnel 20

    Northbound Amtrak Coast Starlight 14 pops out of tunnel 20 at Wicopee, OR on the Union Pacific Cascade Crossing
  6. BNSF 129

    BNSF 129

    A work train came through Bend today, led by ES44C4 6627. I couldn't get a photo of the lead unit, but this GP60M was hiding in the consist.
  7. Pacific Harbor Line 66

    Pacific Harbor Line 66

    BNSF 4327 North came through Bend with the Pacific Harbor Line 66 as the last locomotive of the head end consist. While this may look like an SD40-2, it is actually an MP20C-3, built from an ex SP SD40.
  8. Canada Line Rockets To The Moon

    Canada Line Rockets To The Moon

    Dusk has fallen upon us and the moon shines bright as a Canada Line trainset heads for Downtown Vancouver in Richmond, BC on August 16, 2010. We are only two stops east of Vancouvers major airport, YVR International, where the Canada Line has become an integral part of. The next day, August...
  9. Amtrak 192 Wicopee, OR

    Amtrak 192 Wicopee, OR

    A northbound Amtrak Coast starlight makes it's way through a Curve at Wicopee OR on 6/12/2010
  10. Real Heritage

    Real Heritage

    The SP 144 is the third unit of five on this Northbound (first two were boring H2 BNSF C44-9W's). SP 144 has survived 14 years without an ugly UP patch, and behind SP 144, BNSF 755 and BNSF 758 still wear the red and silver Warbonnet scheme of the Santa Fe.
  11. SP 144

    SP 144

    I was reading the "other" forums this morning and saw a heads up about this AC4400 heading North on the BNSF Gateway Sub. in Northern California. I heard the lead unit (BNSF 5450) get a warrant from 11Z to North Siding Switch Cascan, and the hunt was on! The BNSF 1000 also came...
  12. Ferromex ES44

    Ferromex ES44

    This Ferromex ES44 was on the train with the heat exchanger / boiler.
  13. Heat Exchanger / Boiler on the Trunk

    Heat Exchanger / Boiler on the Trunk

    I got a call from a friend who lives near the tracks telling me about this load. This is the first time I've seen something like this come through Bend.
  14. ATSF 151824

    ATSF 151824

    This old Santa Fe boxcar came through Bend on a Northbound manifest today. Amazing to see a car still retaining its ATSF reporting marks in 2010, and in revenue service. Too bad the graffiti covered up the build date.
  15. TTZX 856810

    TTZX 856810

    After calling Rob (robjacox) about the BNSF SD70ACe coming into town, I headed down to Cascan myself to try and get a photo of it with my new camera. If you saw Rob's photo of the SD70ACe, you'll know what happened to me when they set out the cars. This car a only a test shot to dial in the...
  16. NS 2649

    NS 2649

    Norfolk Southern power comes down the Trunk every now and then, but this is the first time I have seen one of NS's SD70M-2's in Bend. Normally, the NS pool power through Bend is ES40AC's or C40-9W's.
  17. Northbound Baretable in Bend

    Northbound Baretable in Bend

    BNSF SD75M 8227 leads C44-9W 4369 on a baretable train Northbound at Cascan in Bend.
  18. BNSF 8227

    BNSF 8227

    BNSF SD75M 8227 leads a baretable train North on the Main at Cascan, just out of reach of the shadows from nearby buildings.
  19. BNSF 7618

    BNSF 7618

    This ES44DC was leading the Northbound that the 1050 was in. Even though the headlights are on, the train is tied down and I didn't see anyone in the cab. Interesting to see that the 7600's are already fading....
  20. BNSF 1050

    BNSF 1050

    I was driving past Cascan today, and saw this unit sitting on a Northbound that was tied down on the main. The 1050 was delivered with a standard H1 paint job, but somewhere along its life has picked up the H2 lettering on the side of the hood. As far as I know, this is the only C44-9W that...

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