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  1. BC Rail C40-8M in Cascan

    BC Rail C40-8M in Cascan

    Amzaingly enough, the same train I got a grab shot of in Tehachapi showed up in Bend about an hour or so after I got back in town today. Same train, 700 miles apart, two days later.
  2. K-Line Dusk

    K-Line Dusk

    On the eve of a monumental snow storm an eastbound K-Line stack train descends through Nordeen, OR. Within 24 hour 18 inches of new snow will have fallen on this location.
  3. UP 5099 at McCredie Springs

    UP 5099 at McCredie Springs

    We got ahead of the 5099 again to catch it at McCredie Springs, the next siding after Heather for Northbounds.
  4. UP 5099 at Salt Creek

    UP 5099 at Salt Creek

    About 45 minutes behind Amtrak, the UP 5099 leads a Northbound manifest across the Salt Creek Trestle.
  5. Amtrak 14 at Salt Creek

    Amtrak 14 at Salt Creek

    Amtrak #14, the Northbound Coast Starlight, crosses the Salt Creek Trestle near Heather on UP's Cascades Crossing.
  6. UP Meet in Cascan

    UP Meet in Cascan

    UP 8595 leads its Northbound Z train past the DPU of a stopped Southbound manifest. At this time that day, it was raining. However, later that day the rain turned to snow, and by the next morning there was about 10 inches of the white stuff on the ground making access to Cascan impassiable.
  7. ITLX 44023

    ITLX 44023

    This covered hopper was sitting in Bend today. At first, I ignored it, but Rob Jacox was there as well and pointed out the old Co-Op lettering. You don't see a lot of the Co-Op lettering around much more today.
  8. BNSF 736

    BNSF 736

    BNSF 736 came into town about three days ago, but what suprised me was that it is coupled and MU'ed to the local GP40M and GP39-2. I know a Dash 9 is a little heavy for some of the track the local needs to run on, so it is a mystery to me as to why it is where it is.
  9. BNSF 8004

    BNSF 8004

    The fourth of ten SD40-2's on a light engine move being returned to the leaser. I did get a shot of the white face behind this one as well, but it didn't turn out very good. The other five units were not in a very good spot to be photographed as I would've had to stand on a highway onramp to...
  10. BNSF 7803

    BNSF 7803

    The third of ten SD40-2's on a light engine move being returned to the leaser.
  11. BNSF 6780

    BNSF 6780

    Right behind the 8002, BNSF 6780 is on its way to be returned to the leaser in a ten SD40-2 light enigne move.
  12. Local Power

    Local Power

    These two GP's are the local power in Bend. One is GP40M number 3009, and the other is GP39-2 2723. The road crews use the road power to set out or pick up cars in Cascan. Then, the local crew goes to work making up a Northbound local every day. The local goes from Bend to Madras, OR, and...
  13. BNSF 8002

    BNSF 8002

    The 8002 was leading a 10 locomtive light engine move South on the Oregon Trunk. All 10 locomtives were SD40-2's being returned to their leasers. Really a shame as the SD40-2 is one of my (if not the) favorite locomtives.
  14. BNSF 1111

    BNSF 1111

    Heritage 1 painted C44-9W 1111 leads two H2 Dash 9's on a manifest Southbound near Lava siding on the Oregon Trunk.
  15. 5463's consist, going away

    5463's consist, going away

    Here we see all four locomotives on UP 5463's train from a rock outcropping at the South siding switch at Cascan, OR. The consist includes C45ACCTE 5463, flared SD70M 3890, C44-9W 9783, and SD60 2184.
  16. UP 2184

    UP 2184

    Union Pacific SD60 #2184 showed up in Bend on a detouring UP Manifest as the fouth unit on the train led by the UP C45ACCTE 5463.
  17. UP 4133

    UP 4133

    This was trialing the UP 1996 that day.
  18. UP 8595

    UP 8595

    I don't know where this unit was in the first few months of its life, but five months after being built it found its way into Bend with a bit of extra paint on it.
  19. Side view of BNSF 7950

    Side view of BNSF 7950

    BNSF SD40-2R 7950 shows off its new SD40-2 radiator fans.
  20. UP SD70ACe 1996 in Bend

    UP SD70ACe 1996 in Bend

    Durring the 2008 UP detours on the BNSF Oregon Trunk, the UP 1996 made several visits to Bend. Being one of six Heritage units, and not even on a UP line, it was a treat to us railfans in Bend.

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