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  1. BNSF 5415

    BNSF 5415

    Durring a break in the traiffic after the 4449 went by, I heard on the scanner about the EVEBAR waiting to leave Wishram. I decided to head of to the North switch at Moody, on the Oregon Trunk, to photograph this train due to nothing coming on the Fallbridge Sub.
  2. Caboose Comeback?

    Caboose Comeback?

    I know, its only a riding platform. Still interesting to see a caboose on the end of a train though. I wonder how many other BN green cabosses are out there with the new Swoosh logo on them....
  3. BNSF 5138

    BNSF 5138

    BNSF C44-9W's 5138 and 4975 push hard in DPU serivice on the rear of BNSF 5519's Southbound train at the North siding switch at Lava.
  4. BNSF 5519

    BNSF 5519

    BNSF C44-9W 5519 leads a Southbound manifest over the summit at Lava. The power on the train includes a KCS AC4400 as the third unit.
  5. UP 7899

    UP 7899

    UP C45ACCTE 7899 leads a long Southbound manifest train into the siding at Fields for a meet with Amtrak #14, the Northbound Coast Startlight.
  6. UP 4625

    UP 4625

    UP SD70M 4625 leads a Southbound ballast train at the North switch at Fields.
  7. UP 5204

    UP 5204

    UP SD70M 5204 leads a Northbound Z train past "The Slide."
  8. BNSF 969

    BNSF 969

    It is getting more and more difficult to find an H1 C44-9W on the point of a train these days. With BNSF repainting sister unit 981 into the H3 paint, a locomotive I have seen twice in H3, I can take a guess that BNSF is slowly repainting thier H1 fleet. However, BNSF 1000 also came through...
  9. BNSF 690

    BNSF 690

    BNSF C44-9W 690 is still wearing the red and silver warbonnet colors of the Santa Fe, including the origanial Santa Fe lettering. However, it looks like this unit is a good canadate for a new H3 swoosh paint job now.
  10. Next Stop Mount Vernon,WA with Intermediate Stops ending at Portland OR

    Next Stop Mount Vernon,WA with Intermediate Stops ending at Portland OR

    With AMTK 470 in the lead,the southbound AMTRAK CASCADES originating at Bellingham,WA and ending at Portland,OR passes under the Chuckanut Drive Highway Bridge at Blanchard,WA
  11. A pair of UP SD9043MAC's headed for Canada!!!

    A pair of UP SD9043MAC's headed for Canada!!!

    Two UP SD9043's take a general manifest to Canadian Pacific in Eastport, Id. from the major UP yard in Hinkle, Ore. The train is just out from the tunnel at Cold Springs that the highway has to go over the railroad. It was my 1st time actually catching a moving train along this stretch of the...
  12. Soo 6021

    Soo 6021

    This Soo Line SD60 was the second unit back on a Southbound BNSF manifest though Bend today. I didn't get a full consist shot, but I wish I had. Consist was BNSF C44-9W 4008, Soo SD60 6021, BNSF C44-9W 4009. Photo was taken near the North siding switch at Cascan in Bend.
  13. PLCX 22379

    PLCX 22379

    This covered hopper showed up in Bend sometime this week, although the cruddy weather lately meant I didn't get a chance to photograph it untill today. Note the Frito-Lay lettering still on the side.
  14. BNSF 2905

    BNSF 2905

    BNSF GP39E 2905 is paired with the BNSF 2104 in OT Local service in Bend.
  15. BNSF 5339

    BNSF 5339

    This C44-9W was trailing ES44DC 7475 on an Executive train in Bend. Why they needed 8800 horsepower on a seven car train was beyond me, but it was neat to get the chance to get some comparison shots between an ES44 and a C44-9W for modelling.
  16. New Local Power

    New Local Power

    GP38-2 2104 and GP39E 2905 are the locomotives being used right now for the OT Local.
  17. BNSF 2104

    BNSF 2104

    Wearing a fresh Swoosh repaint, GP38-2 2104 sits in Bend as power for the OT Local.
  18. Canadain Grainer

    Canadain Grainer

    UP SD90/43MAC 8264 and CP Rail AC440 9738 provide the horsepower for this grain train. However, the train was tied down and the AC4400 was not running.
  19. UP 8264

    UP 8264

    The lead locomotive on a tied down Canadain grain train. This was also my first time seeing one of UP's SD90/43MAC's in person.
  20. KCS 4705

    KCS 4705

    The fifth unit on the same train the BC Rail C40-8M was on ended up being this KCS ES44AC. Two interesting locomotives out of five on the train.

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