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  1. Riding The Shove

    Riding The Shove

    A brakeman on the UP Kenton Local rides a tank car as it shoves back into a spot in the Columbia Business Park in Portland, Oregon. 6/25/2008.
  2. UPY 1300

    UPY 1300

    Kenton Local - Columbia Business Park - 6/25/2008
  3. UP 523

    UP 523

    Kenton Local - Columbia Business Park - 6/25/2008
  4. Industrial Trackage

    Industrial Trackage

    Kenton Local - Columbia Business Park - 6/25/2008
  5. Spotting the Industries

    Spotting the Industries

    Kenton Local - Columbia Business Park - 6/25/2008
  6. Pulling The Hill

    Pulling The Hill

    Kenton Local - Columbia Business Park - 6/25/2008
  7. Road Warrior

    Road Warrior

    The brakeman on the South City Switcher doesn't bat an eye as he passes the bizarre mural on Carroll St. while riding the front porch of UP 589 to pick up a few empties at an industry farther down the street. This is in the heart of San Francisco's Bayview/Hunter's Point neighborhood, a gritty...
  8. Let's play bridge

    Let's play bridge

    The CN road local crawils over the bridge as the Riverview signal is passable. This guy showed up minutes after the 903, and he had GP38s 4703 and 4782 on. Looks like 1995.
  9. NEW WEST Local at Custer,WA

    NEW WEST Local at Custer,WA

    Four Geeps lead the "NEW WEST" northbound thru Custer,WA headed for the INTALCO yard on the Cherry Point Sub where it has a big switching job to build a train to bring into the ARCO Cherry Point refinery.
  10. Looking for work

    Looking for work

    Local units 4796 and 4782 had nothing left to do, and began to wander the yards. Atleast thats what they said. They were later sent to do work on the Rosetown sub.
  11. CB&Q E7 9929A, Naperville, IL, Dec. 1, 1963, photo by Chuck Zeiler

    CB&Q E7 9929A, Naperville, IL, Dec. 1, 1963, photo by Chuck Zeiler

    Chicago Burlington & Quincy E7 9929A, Naperville, Illinois, December 1, 1963, photo by Chuck Zeiler. The E7 was built in September 1947 (c/n 4439), and was traded as credit to GE for a U28B in February 1968. It is pictured on the eastbound Train #2, the Galesburg Local, which made all...
  12. CN 4796

    CN 4796

    Freshly painted GP38-2W leads a trio of GP38-2's home on a wayfreight. Don't be fooled by the rosy picture, I've cropped out 4703's primer color cab for a reason. 4:09pm CN 520 (W/B) 1 minute CN 4796-4782-4703 9 hoppers/11 tankers/34 hoppers
  13. CN 1438 (GMD1u)

    CN 1438 (GMD1u)

    Can you tell he looks tired?
  14. CN Richmond

    CN Richmond

    CN 1439 is an old friend of mine, I saw him when I first ventured to railfan the CN mainline back in April of 2003. He, along with twin 1434 were pulling IMS cars out of the now closed Winnipeg facility. Today he's still working with another twin, 1405, this time on the Warman sub tramp job...
  15. CN Warman sub

    CN Warman sub

    At one time CN's Warman sub was a vital part of CN's system, providing the main link to Prince Albert. Although it still serves this purpose today, most of the line has been sold to a shortline, meaning its a lot less vital then it used to be. Due to "strategic downtown...
  16. Snaking Through the Street

    Snaking Through the Street

    The South City Switcher winds its way through the twisting street trackage of San Francisco's Bayview industrial district. Although the train comes through on a daily basis, many people assume the tracks are abandoned and park on the tracks. However, today there were no problems.
  17. Them bones

    Them bones

    I couldn't come up with a name for this shot, so just went by the song I was listening. The name fits well though: It seems like your stereotypical Prarie shot, something that could have been taken 20 years ago - A pair of SD40-2's leading a manifest. These engines however have been...
  18. The South City in the City

    The South City in the City

    The power on the South City Switcher roars with all its might up the 3% grade to the Caltrain main with 16 loads, while the conductor stands by. Iconic landmarks of San Francisco loom in the background: the Bay Bridge, I-280, and the downtown skyline.
  19. Rolling Through Junkyard Alley

    Rolling Through Junkyard Alley

    The South City Switcher runs through "Junkyard Alley," also known as Rankin Street, which is lined with scrap dealers. All of the vehicles off to the side were sitting on the tracks waiting to enter the junkyard just a minute prior. When the train arrived, there was a mad dash to pull...
  20. Burlington Northern at Wenatchee, Wash.

    Burlington Northern at Wenatchee, Wash.

    BN #2106 is assigned to the local job out of Appleyard in Wenatchee, Washington. This is the last remaining GP38-2 that isn't patched BNSF.. I'm very surprised to see an unpatched BN locomotive in the year 2008.

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