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  1. BNSF 1050

    BNSF 1050

    I was driving past Cascan today, and saw this unit sitting on a Northbound that was tied down on the main. The 1050 was delivered with a standard H1 paint job, but somewhere along its life has picked up the H2 lettering on the side of the hood. As far as I know, this is the only C44-9W that...
  2. BNSF 5415

    BNSF 5415

    Durring a break in the traiffic after the 4449 went by, I heard on the scanner about the EVEBAR waiting to leave Wishram. I decided to head of to the North switch at Moody, on the Oregon Trunk, to photograph this train due to nothing coming on the Fallbridge Sub.
  3. BNSF 4470

    BNSF 4470

    While waiting for the SP 4449, BNSF 4470 highballs a Z train East though the Gorge.
  4. BNSF 5138

    BNSF 5138

    BNSF C44-9W's 5138 and 4975 push hard in DPU serivice on the rear of BNSF 5519's Southbound train at the North siding switch at Lava.
  5. BNSF 5519

    BNSF 5519

    BNSF C44-9W 5519 leads a Southbound manifest over the summit at Lava. The power on the train includes a KCS AC4400 as the third unit.
  6. BNSF 969

    BNSF 969

    It is getting more and more difficult to find an H1 C44-9W on the point of a train these days. With BNSF repainting sister unit 981 into the H3 paint, a locomotive I have seen twice in H3, I can take a guess that BNSF is slowly repainting thier H1 fleet. However, BNSF 1000 also came through...
  7. BNSF 690

    BNSF 690

    BNSF C44-9W 690 is still wearing the red and silver warbonnet colors of the Santa Fe, including the origanial Santa Fe lettering. However, it looks like this unit is a good canadate for a new H3 swoosh paint job now.
  8. BNSF west C44-9W No. 1020 on IHB line at Dolton, IL

    BNSF west C44-9W No. 1020 on IHB line at Dolton, IL

  9. BNSF 5339

    BNSF 5339

    This C44-9W was trailing ES44DC 7475 on an Executive train in Bend. Why they needed 8800 horsepower on a seven car train was beyond me, but it was neat to get the chance to get some comparison shots between an ES44 and a C44-9W for modelling.
  10. FCA 9012

    FCA 9012

    FCA 9012 and 9007 switching a train at Carreira Comprida yard. The locomotives are former Ferronorte rwy. Now they are on EFC system. The locomotives are broad gauge, but here we see them leading a meter guage train by the use of a special car called "Maromba" (the big gondola coupled...
  11. BNSF 4920

    BNSF 4920

    C44-9W 4920 leads a domestic double stack train though Bealville, CA. This engineer was very railfan friendly, giving a wave to all the railfans in the area. He also gave a friendly horn honk to some railfans on a hill about 150 yards beyond the train (before he got to where I was).
  12. Toto, I don't think were in Kananaskis anymore!

    Toto, I don't think were in Kananaskis anymore!

    I know Roman beat me to the punch, but I had to try this one out with my formula.
  13. BNSF 736

    BNSF 736

    BNSF 736 came into town about three days ago, but what suprised me was that it is coupled and MU'ed to the local GP40M and GP39-2. I know a Dash 9 is a little heavy for some of the track the local needs to run on, so it is a mystery to me as to why it is where it is.
  14. BNSF 1111

    BNSF 1111

    Heritage 1 painted C44-9W 1111 leads two H2 Dash 9's on a manifest Southbound near Lava siding on the Oregon Trunk.
  15. BNSF 5325

    BNSF 5325

    C44-9W 5325, along with an ex-Conrail unit, are the DPU's on BNSF 4682's Westbound grain train.
  16. BNSF 4682

    BNSF 4682

    C44-9W 4682 leads C41-8W 939 on a Westbound grain train East of Bingen, WA.
  17. BNSF 4005

    BNSF 4005

    BNSF 4005 leads a colorfull consist East on a morning Z train about a mile from the East siding switch at Bates.
  18. BNSF 4763

    BNSF 4763

    BNSF 4763 leads an Eastbound grain train through a rock cut near Maryhill, WA.
  19. BNSF 5056

    BNSF 5056

    BNSF 5056 leads a Westbound grain train near Maryhill, WA.
  20. American Intermodal

    American Intermodal

    199 charges on with the usual 3 motors and an unusually short train. This was the first time I've seen K-Line containers riding the CN!

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