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  1. The "Hopper-Tanker"

    The "Hopper-Tanker"

    CN 314.
  2. There They Go-Go-Go!

    There They Go-Go-Go!

    In tribute to the 1956 Warner brothers release. CN 313 goes off over the birdge enroute to Edmonton, with pipes and road vehicles. CN SD40-2W 5350 and a sister head up this run.
  3. BNSF on the Needles Sub.

    BNSF on the Needles Sub.

    BNSF on the Needles Sub.
  4. BNSF manifest on the Needles Subdivision

    BNSF manifest on the Needles Subdivision

    H-KCKBAR9 17A (Kansas City,KS -Barstow,CA.) at MP. 595/ Arrowhead Jct.,CA.
  5. Potash for export

    Potash for export

    CN 786 departs Saskatoon with Potash for south east Illinois. The CN Potash trains have alot more charecter than the CP ones!
  6. Dash 9's on the high line

    Dash 9's on the high line

    2 BNSF Dash 9's in H2 paint on a grain train. A pretty typical sight on the high line...
  7. Play it again, Sam

    Play it again, Sam

    CN 314 pull through town with the same power hosted by the previous 303, a common arrangtment among Scotford trains. Sometimes he gets units from the CN 852.
  8. Making their presence known;

    Making their presence known;

    The CNIC(Oh how I hat saying that) phase has begun. The 2700s to come out here more often now. And where do they strike? Why, none other than the CN 314.
  9. They Aren't Gone Yet

    They Aren't Gone Yet

    CN SD40-2W 5250 and BCOL 4543 pull out of the Riverview siding after meeting counterpart CN 314. After the routine crew change and switch lining, CN 303 will take to the Warman sub. The CN 520, who is waiting on his heels, will then go back to the yards.
  10. CN Dash-9 Diversity

    CN Dash-9 Diversity

    CNIC 2716 with step-sister CN 2506 are nothcing up with CN 112, our equivilent to the BNSF Z-LACWSP. They were making good time, too. I think Chris de Vries was in the cab for this run.
  11. BNSF grain at Austin

    BNSF grain at Austin

    A BNSF grain train powered by 3 Dash 9's & an SD70ACe barels down the 2.2% grade towards Helena
  12. Framed!


    The cab & air conditioner on BNSF Dash 9 #4595 is framed by a walk-through passage at the Helena depot
  13. BNSF manifest at Helena

    BNSF manifest at Helena

    A west-bound BNSF manifest waits at the Helena depot for a set of helpers after changing crew. I was able to catch a helper set heading back towards Helena up at Blossberg later that day: http://www.railroadforums.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/55670/cat/500/ppuser/4714...
  14. Random Rehash

    Random Rehash

    The CN 114 sported identical leaders the last time I came out here. This, Ironically, is the CN 314. But this train shows no signs of Calgry origin, as he carried all the battle scars of the 450 from Scotford. He even had the Santa Fe 38036, which I caught on the 303 last week. He came off the...
  15. Deep Woods

    Deep Woods

    Having met the 302 and 198, CN 357 comes out of hiding and heads to the yards. IC SD40-2R 6050 helps out.
  16. The 114 Today

    The 114 Today

    The 114 has been pulling grain from the yard in town here alot recently. He had atleast 40 cars worth of it up front this time. All the 8000 series units have been flocking the 115/114 trains latley, too.
  17. BNSF 4550

    BNSF 4550

    As this train was leaving the yard at the south end of Seattle, another was entering the yard with 2 Santa Fe Warbonnets on the head end. Unfortunatly it was on the farthest track from me and I couldn't get a photo. Just my luck.
  18. BNSF 4014

    BNSF 4014

    BNSF 4014 helps out on the rear as this train leaves the yard at the south end of Seattle Wa.
  19. CN 199

    CN 199

    The CN 199 has been very elusive, and this is the first good photo I have managed to take of it. The train now seems to have 3 units, and nothing but single stack Intermodals. I enjoyed seeing this power consist, as it took me back to the golden ages of 2001, when all CN Intermodals sported this...
  20. BNSF 5242 east on the La Junta Sub Strong City Kansas.

    BNSF 5242 east on the La Junta Sub Strong City Kansas.

    An eastbound autorack train glides through Strong City Kan. well under the speed limit of 55mph. the train is led by BNSF 5242 a C44-9W and 2 of it's cousins all in H2 paint on the BNSF Rwy Strong City Subdivision.

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