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  1. H

    Worst Class One Branch Line

    This was scary to film.
  2. ProRailProductions2019

    Trains on 5/15/21 at Durand Railroad Days 2021

    It's offical we are back from our absence and back to railfan for awhile! On May 15th 2021 we went back to Durand Railroad Days to capture a few trains that were in the area on this day! Train list below: Train 1: Amtrak 365 Train 2: CN M397 Train 3: CN E275 Train 4: CN M396 Train 5...
  3. ProRailProductions2019

    Pere Marquette 1225 Tribute

    With it being Christmas Day, we decided to release our first 1225 Tribute. Featuring scenes from 2015, 2016 and 2019. We hope you enjoy this collage of passed videos! Video by: David McDougall Edited and Produced by: David McDougall Like us on Facebook...
  4. ProRailProductions2019

    Canadian National's Grand Trunk Heritage Unit & More

    In November of 2020 Canadian National shocked the railfan world with the release of the Heritage Unit fleet. On November 28th 2020 we see CN 8952 the Grand Trunk Heritage Unit heading east on Canadian National Train A450. Along with this video is footage from late September along with railfan...
  5. ProRailProductions2019

    "The New Kids in Town" LSRC's new GP40 slug set debut Vol. 8

    In 2020 Lake State Railway acquired two new locomotives from Norfolk Southern, in this video we see these locomotives in action in the southern portion of the Lake State network and in the northern portion of the Railroad. We hope you enjoy the video! Video by: Mark Klingel YouTube Channel...
  6. ProRailProductions2019

    Taconite Trains & More in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (August 2020) Episode Three

    In late August of 2020 we happened to be in Michigan's Upper Peninsula chasing a couple of the daily Taconite Trains along the Canadian National Railway. Along with that we also happened to see yard action in Gladstone, Michigan. We hope you enjoy this edition of Trains in Michigan's Upper...
  7. ProRailProductions2019

    Indiana & Ohio Railroad's Delta North Local (February- October 2020)

    In 2020 we see the I&0's DNL running along the Canadian National's Flat Rock Subdivision. Many years ago you could see up to a dozen trains per day, now its down to 2-3 trains per week. From Contributor Tidwater312 (Mark Klingel) Don't forget to hit subscribe and turn on the notification...
  8. ProRailProductions2019

    Norfolk Southern Chicago Line Tour Vol. 2 (Toledo-Edgerton,OH) Featuring NS 1065

    In Volume Two we follow the Chicago Line from Toledo-Edgerton. We stop by Swanton, Wauseon and many other great train watching locations. Get ready for non stop action along The Norfolk Southern Chicago Line! Footage from Wauseon is exclusively from @Boatwatching 14 on YouTube and contributor...
  9. ProRailProductions2019

    A Early Day of Railfaning at Palmer, Massachusetts

    Time for another video. This time our Pro Rail Member from Poland sent us some videos from his last visit to Palmer, MA. Palmer is known to be the “Used to be” #1 Hot Spot in the Northeast for train watching. Ever since CSX closed down Boston Beacon Yard, traffic has been getting very poor...
  10. ProRailProductions2019

    A Slow Day on the CSX Willard Subdivision (June 2020)

    With the COVID-19 Pandemic rail traffic took a massive hit on the rail industry. On Fathers Day we spent part of the day on the Willard Sub seeing what we could see, we caught a few trains at Fostoria along with our final train of the day at Deshler. Don't forget to hit subscribe and turn on...
  11. ProRailProductions2019

    Canadian National Safety Cab GP38's and GP40's in Southeast Michigan (2019)

    In 2019 Canadian National had a few GP-38's and GP-40's based out of Flat Rock Yard. Contributor Mark Klingel happened to catch these classic CN locomotives working the local area around Flat Rock, we hope you enjoy! Edited by Mark Klingel. Like us on Facebook...
  12. ProRailProductions2019

    Lake State Railway 1280 leads LSRC 326 South Vol 7.

    Lets take a trip back to March of 2010, here we see LSRC 1280 heading south for Bay City. The train will traverse at the time was 90 year old rail from back in the day. A lot has changed in 10 years since 1280 was scrapped. Footage by Kevin Mielke Edited and Produced by David McDougall Don't...
  13. ProRailProductions2019

    Trains over Horseshoe Curve 2008 Featuring (Ex.Conrail and NS SD80MAC's)

    A era pretty much forgotten Ex.Conrail and Pennsylvania Railroad CPL Signals. Pro Rail has found a old archive of the forgotten era from Horseshoe Curve we will see Conrail power, NS SD80MAC's screaming upgrade its something you don't see anymore! Footage is from August of 2008!-David Don't...
  14. ProRailProductions2019

    Trains Across the Ohio Railfan Heartland (Late 2000's) Featuring Ex. Conrail and More!

    Lets take a trip back to the late 2000's we visit the known railfan locations of Deshler, Fostoria, Stanley Yard in Toledo and last but not least Bellevue. We see classic Low Nose 4 axle power and much more! Don't forget to hit subscribe and turn on the notification bell! Like us on...
  15. ProRailProductions2019

    Durand, Michigan: Crossroads of the Grand Trunk

    Durand is a grand hot spot that features a Castle size station with two short lines coming into town, not a whole lot of traffic but it does provide a ATCS Feed through the window and much more! A great place to sit back and watch trains!-David
  16. ProRailProductions2019

    Canadian National Flint Subdivision Series: Video 6 Durand, MI (Revisit) 2019

    In 2019 we revisit Durand, Michigan featuring a few different angles unlike what was scene before in Video 5. Filmed in January, April and May of 2019 Pro Rail returns to Durand, Michigan! Filmed by Greaeme Case Produced by David McDougall Like us on Facebook...
  17. ProRailProductions2019

    Crossroads of the CSX: Deshler, Ohio (2019)

    In the Golden Days of Railroading Deshler was the Crossroads of the B&O linking key points such as Cincinnati to Chicago or Toledo to Cincinnati. Today much has changed of the years with many railroad mergers and more direct freight Deshler still remains to be the Crossroads of not the B&O but...
  18. ProRailProductions2019

    Lake State Railway's Grayling Yard Job (2019) Vol. 1

    Like us on Facebook: On May 14, 2019 with the word of LSRC getting busier and running trains more often around Grayling Pro Rail set out to see the operation, we see LSRC's Grayling Yard job switching the Grayling area, as seen such as Four Mile...
  19. ProRailProductions2019

    Railfan Pit Stop: "Shortlines of the Tri-Cities"

    Join us as we see a Huron & Eastern with a southbound local through Bay City & Zilwaukee, Michigan and a Lake State Railway Yard Job switching the yard in Saginaw,Michigan. Filmed on April 29th 2019 Like us on Facebook: Pro Rail Productions 2019
  20. ProRailProductions2019

    Pere Marquette 1225's Back to the Bricks Special 2016 (Full Chase)

    With summertime right around the corner its time for Summertime Steam Excursions to begin! For a Throwback YouTube post something different I am trying out, I combined the original two videos (North & South) to make a full chase video. We feature a full chase of 1225 on her first excursion of... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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