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  1. J

    CSX sd40-3 and slugset

    Sitting in Ashtabula Ohio yard
  2. Indiana Harbor 1500s

    Indiana Harbor 1500s

  3. 4256


    Slug M1
  4. NS 933

    NS 933

    NS 933 was seen as the last unit on NS 334 on this day. This unit, a RP-E4D Road Slug, was built from a NW 918, a GP-18, that was originally built in 1959!
  5. YARD SLUG 4228

    YARD SLUG 4228

    M1 Unit
  6. Waiting For The Clear

    Waiting For The Clear

    Virginia Division local, NP61, having just finished working a local tank farm, waits patiently for a clear signal to finish backing into Portlock Yard in Chesapeake, VA. NS-V17, on the left is passing, pulling a stack train west. NP61 is interesting in that its consists of an SD40-2 teamed up...
  7. MILW after shutdown

    MILW after shutdown

    It is the second week of March, 1980. The MILW has shut down the Pacific extension and the only trains operating are eastbound cleanup trains. Here is what we found at Othello one Saturday. Slug SG1 is in the consist of an eastbound cleanup train. Formerly was used on the Tacoma hill.
  8. How time flies...

    How time flies...

    Yeah, hard to believe, but the B&M's road slug, or TEBU as they preferred to call it, is 25 years old, so it's "legit" in this group. This photo was taken at the road's East Deerfield, MA. shops on March 12, 1983, shortly after it began service. The unit was built in 1982 from ex...
  9. Road Slug

    Road Slug

    CSX Road Slug #2300, a rebuilt GP30, gets ready to start the day at Apex, North Carolina.
  10. CN 7269  Fresh paint

    CN 7269 Fresh paint

    Looks like Saskatoons main yard engine got some fresh paint in the cab area. Normally he operates exclusively in the main yard, which is largely inaccessible (recall however today he went out to lift some hoppers at the nearby elevator. Interestingly its located on CPs...
  11. BNSF 3838

    BNSF 3838

    Slug set pulling a short train to the yard.
  12. A-B-A? Well close anyway.

    A-B-A? Well close anyway.

    A slightly unusual lash-up. Two very different GP38's (?) bracket slug 4001 at Green St.
  13. Slug leading!

    Slug leading!

    Since CN uses a GP9RM+slug set for power, it's only natural that they get to lead. Here the switcher is bringing in 4 bulkheads from the nearby Industrial park. The way the photo is cropped however, it looks like a much bigger train. Note the headlight on the slug, these are unique to the S-3...
  14. CN's dirtiest

    CN's dirtiest

    The hardest working units aren't running the country's mainlines, they're in the yards switching 24/7. You're looking at a typical CN hump set: GP38-2 mother lead (CN 7500 even) HBU-4 hump booster unit aka slug (CN 500) HBU-4 hump booster unit aka slug (CN 500) GP38-2 mother trail (CN...
  15. CP 3027

    CP 3027

    No wonder CP stopped putting beaver decals on their GP38-2's - they get dirty fast! Here he's coupled to a GP35 slug, CP 1127.
  16. BRC Slug 573 head through Clearing Yard

    BRC Slug 573 head through Clearing Yard

    BRC Slug 573 and the SD40-2 it is mated to, also 573, head light through Clearing Yard. The reason for the 2 engines having the same number is that they are perminatly mated together.
  17. Scrap train

    Scrap train

    Take a good look at this train, as you'll never see the cars it's hauling again. This is the end of the line! CP 1127 & 3027 (GP35 Slug & GP38-2) are the switcher set regularly assigned to this job. Note open hopper #120 at the side, its of many open hoppers owned by Mandak for...
  18. GP35 lives!

    GP35 lives!

    As a slug... Powered by a GP38-2's, this GP35 body performs yard switching. At least its quiet for the crew.
  19. BNSF TEBC6 6297 engr side

    BNSF TEBC6 6297 engr side

    Other side of one of Pasco's hump set slugs
  20. BNSF TEBC6 6297 condr side

    BNSF TEBC6 6297 condr side

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