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  1. What's wrong with this picture?

    What's wrong with this picture?

    A strange situation at Vickers, Ohio Oct 28, 2007: This NS freight, powered by CN 2603 and 5334, is just about to hit the diamonds as CSX 8741 and 7383 wait in the clear southbound. But why is the northbound CSX signal showing red over yellow for the northbound train behind me when the crossing...
  2. B&O color position signals, Deshler, Ohio

    B&O color position signals, Deshler, Ohio

    CSX 7608 and 173 begin their swing north and west around the southwest corner of the junction at Deshler as B&O color position signals stand guard.
  3. Hodgkins, Illinois

    Hodgkins, Illinois

    BNSF 613 makes just another autorack train a liitle more interesting, passing a cantilever signal in Hodgkins.
  4. SP_Style-EUG


    This signal guards against traffic coming south out of Eugene Yard area on the Yard Lead and going through a single crossover that allows for passenger trains to get from the Mainline to the Yard Lead via the crossover. This signal is at 647.59 on the Brooklyn Subdivision.
  5. North Serrano Cantilever Signal

    North Serrano Cantilever Signal

    This cantilever signal watches over North Serrano, one of two passing tracks on Cuesta Grade. Cuesta Grade is where the former Souther Pacific Coast Line passes from the Salinas Vally over the Santa Lucia and into the city of San Luis Obispo. I believe there are only two of these cantilever...
  6. signal_silhouette_2a


    A signal stands in the warm afternoon light
  7. Milepost 111

    Milepost 111

    Taken at Milepost 111 on the BNSF Seattle Subdivison, I was N/B on a M-LYDVBT. Due to congestion at Longview/Longview Jct, we got held here well into the night. Seeing the awsome sunset forming, I decided this might make a awsome backdrop to capture one the cantilever signal bridges left on...
  8. BNSF Semaphore in NM

    BNSF Semaphore in NM

    This is one of seven semaphores I saw still in operation just north of Las Vegas, NM on August 30, 2007. There may have been others that I did not see. Photo was taken by my son Steven Thorn.
  9. W/B foreman @ Riverview

    W/B foreman @ Riverview

    The title says it all. A foreman hi-rail inspection happends at least once a day, often there are 2-3 different foreman along the line in and around the city on CN alone. PS. I know that the photo is a bit crooked, but if I even out the ground, the signal isn't strait either...
  10. PRR Signal in Harrisburg

    PRR Signal in Harrisburg

    A classic Pennsy position light signal and catenary pole on the abandoned Cumberland Valley Branch in the late evening light.
  11. Crossbuck at Western Springs #1

    Crossbuck at Western Springs #1

    I have tried several angles with this old-style crossbuck, and I like this one the best. The slight-over exposure, and the toned-down colors mix very well IMHO.
  12. Up Close and Personal

    Up Close and Personal

    Now that's more like it. more visible in the daytime.
  13. Rest in Pieces

    Rest in Pieces

    Eulogy: Here lies these searchlight signals, they have breathed their last ray of light as they have been replaced by new hooded tricolor signals between Jessamine and Bishop, KY on the NS Central Division 1st Dst CNOTP.
  14. CN Riverview

    CN Riverview

    CN Riverview is a long sliding on the Watrous subm, where trains often meet before the line becomes single again. As you can probably guess from the smaller signal there's a yard nearby.
  15. P6100031


    Bad Order at Sunrise
  16. Clear to Stop

    Clear to Stop

    The Eastboud searchlight at Riverview is lit and awaiting a train to pass.
  17. Not RailAmerica

    Not RailAmerica

    An old Railroad Accessories Corporation logo adorns a rusty equipment case.
  18. Bye-bye semaphore

    Bye-bye semaphore

    Back in September of 1971, the semaphores located on the BN Bellingham Sub at Bellingham were replaced with slightly more modern equipment.
  19. BNSF 5686 - AC4400CW - M.J. Scanlon

    BNSF 5686 - AC4400CW - M.J. Scanlon

    The late afternoon sun shines on the DPU unit (BNSF 5686) of loaded coal C JRMMHS0 32A as it crosses under the signal bridge at the CN crossing of Broadway.


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