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  1. Relocating


    To avoid trespassing and overgrown weeds, I decided to try shooting from a new location. Matching SD75s are always nice. It's just a shame I couldn't read the numbers.
  2. Country Cousin

    Country Cousin

    The CN 303 has carried many an SD75I latley. SD75I 5650 leads, SD70 1001 trails. Despite the small differnece between the units, it's a pretty nice combination. I planned on seeing the CN 1039, but I don't think it got past Edmonton. As per the norm, CN 303 changed crews, took to the Warman...
  3. CN 5703

    CN 5703

    Note the odd lettering font decalled on the cab. Some folks like to call this the 'Illinois Centeral fix job'. He is on the CN 303, and in moments he will stop to switch crews and run onto the Warman sub at Chappelle Junction.
  4. Hot Stuff

    Hot Stuff

    Here we see CN 111. Apparently, the most important Intermodal on the west leg of the CN. He came by not too long after CN 199, who in turn was not to far behind 303. All train had an SD75I leading, so I was pretty happy.
  5. CN 199

    CN 199

    The CN 199 has been very elusive, and this is the first good photo I have managed to take of it. The train now seems to have 3 units, and nothing but single stack Intermodals. I enjoyed seeing this power consist, as it took me back to the golden ages of 2001, when all CN Intermodals sported this...
  6. Smoke Storm

    Smoke Storm

    The 114 notches out, and it looks like they made a mistake at the fuel racks. Never seen SD75Is do this before. In this shot he's taking the hole, but I left before anything else came.
  7. A Favorite

    A Favorite

    I always love seeing the SD75I locomotives. Favorite units on the system! The 114 lifted about 32 grain cars from the yards before departure, with the Sarcee junk block on the end.
  8. Canadian Air Conditioning

    Canadian Air Conditioning

    It was one of the hottest days of the year so far, and everyone was noticing. The goal here is to get air pressure flowing within the cab in attempt to cool things down. Just an excuse to post this shot of matching SD75Is!
  9. Back to Basics

    Back to Basics

    The 111 comes out of the bushes, much to my surpirse. The picture was taken on the north side of the tracks, and the lighting still looks nice.
  10. Ordinary Day

    Ordinary Day

    450 has just taken the siding, and CN 115 holds the main. CN SD75I 5765 leading , CN 5527, and BCOL 4648. I always enjoy seeing the 115.
  11. Ray of light

    Ray of light

    A CN Intermodal rolls west through a border of lush Saskatchewan foliage behind my two favorite units on the CN, the SD75I and SD50F. The lighting is purley coincedencial. This picture was taken during the maiden voyage of my new Bicycle, which is still serving me now.
  12. Seattle Sub

    Seattle Sub

    BNSF SD75I #8292 crests the grade at Evaline
  13. CN 840 Nov 25 '07

    CN 840 Nov 25 '07

    CN Riverview 2:20pm CN 840, 83 hoppers CN 5773-BCOL 752 Normally I'm not too exited about unit grain trains, as long as they're not hauling junk up front. But add a BCOL SD40-2 and it makes all the difference.
  14. CN 840

    CN 840

    2:20pm CN 840, 83 hoppers CN 5773-BCOL 752 He's waiting for a yellow @ Riverview, to follow 346, with 347 + MP188 yard switcher waiting to head West. Normally I'm not too exited about unit grain trains, as long as they're not hauling junk up front. But add a BCOL SD40-2 and it makes all...
  15. I go blind

    I go blind

    4:10pm CN 357, 94 cars CN 5682-5541-5433 (CN-zebra-zebra) 91 center-beams/3 autoracks One of those draper's better be dead, as all the other trains I've seen on CN lately had two engines, yet this lumber empties gets a trio of pretty good power.
  16. Morning IMS

    Morning IMS

    CN 104, with a pretty crappy consist, is leaving the city, with competition (CP 104 naturally) only a couples miles back. Note the web patch under the CN NA logo, first time I've seen CN squeze one under there! Oct 31 '07 9:11am CN 104?, 147 cars CN 2517-5722 (CN NA + web - web) 61...
  17. CN 347

    CN 347

    Taken from Saskatoon's oldest cemerary. 8:41am, CN 347, 94 cars CN 5714-5346 (CN-zebra) 17 boxcars (8 cut up front), 64 center-beams (cuts: 13+45 on the back), 7 CN covered gondolas (6 cut), 1 hopper, 5 tankers
  18. CN Q102

    CN Q102

    CN q102 rolls by a field at arrow river manitoba on double track mainline powered by SD40-2W and a SD75I
  19. Gorgerail 2007

    Gorgerail 2007

    A well worn BNSF SD75I pulls out of the siding at Dallesport, WA.
  20. Are They Lost

    Are They Lost

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