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  1. New Life

    New Life

    Former BN/BNSF SD40-2 n 6379 at Alameda Central Station in Santiago after being inaugurated by the Minister of Transport and the CEO of Fepasa. Its colorful paint scheme is not a random thing, since it's the beginning of the long-term project "Art in Motion", which consist in...
  2. Amtrak # 184 (Phase IV)

    Amtrak # 184 (Phase IV)

    Amtrak # 184 In ( Phase IV Heritage paint scheme)
  3. CP Lloydminster

    CP Lloydminster

    Until recently CP had a mini-PNL through Lloydminster a line north of the PNL running from Wilkie to Edmonton. Now that the Wellington sub has been pulled up, Lloydminster is the final destination for turns running out of Wilkie (N/B daily at 1:00pm). Power is exclusively GP38-2s, one unit is...
  4. Mix & match

    Mix & match

  5. CN 4765 GP38-2W

    CN 4765 GP38-2W

    Not long ago 4765 looked like 4784 behind him. Interestingly hes missing the CN sub-lettering & web address. Ive seen an ES44DC missing the web address as well looks like CN puts them in service ASAP, with the decaling arriving later.
  6. CN GP38-2 Quad

    CN GP38-2 Quad

    A common sight on CP (Ive seen 5 together) much rarer on CN. The lash-up will likely be cut in half @ shops to form two roadswitcher pairs. 4794 was in North Battleford working solo two weeks ago, no doubt brought in so the crews dont need to use the GMD1u yard power. Note that 4794 is in...
  7. CN 4700

    CN 4700

    CNs first GP38-2 is in good company: trailing a GP40-2LW (currently oldest on CNs roster) followed by a GP9RM predecessor. As you can see with each generation the cab gets bigger LOL. Sadly the GP40-2LWs were the last new Geeps on CNs roster. From MP 25.00 York sub June 29th, 2008 6:01pm...
  8. CN 7269  Fresh paint

    CN 7269 Fresh paint

    Looks like Saskatoons main yard engine got some fresh paint in the cab area. Normally he operates exclusively in the main yard, which is largely inaccessible (recall however today he went out to lift some hoppers at the nearby elevator. Interestingly its located on CPs...
  9. CN 4796

    CN 4796

    Freshly painted GP38-2W leads a trio of GP38-2's home on a wayfreight. Don't be fooled by the rosy picture, I've cropped out 4703's primer color cab for a reason. 4:09pm CN 520 (W/B) 1 minute CN 4796-4782-4703 9 hoppers/11 tankers/34 hoppers
  10. Retro-Zebra


    With all the older emds getting the CN noodle and paint job put on them its odd that this one and the gp38-2 roman caught didn't get one but who cares nice to see this scheme still be applied to the older engines also. CN GP40-2LW trailing a SD40-2W on a mixed train at arrow river...
  11. Fresh zebra...

    Fresh zebra...

    It should be an oxymoron, a non-museum, operational CN unit wearing the fresh zebra paint sheme - yet here it is! Perhaps its CN's version of a heritage unit. A number of widecab Geeps have been getting their original paint touched up lately. You can clearly see the shine, when comparing to the...
  12. Then & Now

    Then & Now

    CP 3088 leads 541 from Regina (top photo) and is ready to head out on a wayfreight (bottom photo). It's only a matter of time before those stains on the long hood come back...
  13. CP 5790 SD40-2

    CP 5790 SD40-2

    Just shy of his 30th birthday, this old SD40-2 got itself a new coat of paint! Since the rodent scheme is out, he's wearing the newest Ingenuity scheme, the #1 choice of CP ES44AC's. The only other SD40-2 I've seen in this livery was 5789 (coincidence?) a couple month ago on 542. Hopefully he...
  14. New Sask hopper

    New Sask hopper

    For a couple decades Saskatchewan's hopper fleet looked like this: (Chris Wilson's photo). Now they are being re-furbished and repainted into this new sheme. You eyes are not deceiving you, his twin is right behind him on this Vancouver, BC - Humbolt, SK unit grain train.
  15. CP 1555

    CP 1555

    After a recent graduation from the paint shop, this old Geep sure looks good. Today it's extra special, since instead of a GP7u/9u or two GP9u's, he's switching with a GP38-2, quite strange since it's not remote control equipped. It's only a matter of time before the paint fades and stains...
  16. Paint Job needed

    Paint Job needed

    UP 6341 has been around for awhile and needs a touch up job.
  17. CP 3070

    CP 3070

    CP 3070, one of many CP GP38-2's wearing the newest paint scheme 'Ingenuity'. He was much shinier when I first saw him behind a SD90MAC-H back in August: Note the 'modern door' built into the window of the old shops.
  18. CP 3014 GP38AC

    CP 3014 GP38AC

    Currently the GP38AC's are the oldest un-rebuild power on the CPR at 36 years old. However CP doesn't seem to recognize this, as they're being paired with the more common GP38-2's and not treated any differently. Furthermore, at least this particular unit had "AC" patched out and now...
  19. Fresh Paint

    Fresh Paint

    Fresh Paint
  20. CP GP38-2 "Ingenuity" addition

    CP GP38-2 "Ingenuity" addition

    I really like CP's GP38-2's - the main power on the branchlines. At first there was the multimark version, thr non-multimark version, then a couple were repainted into dual-flags, then the beaver... And the latest is this, the "Ingenuity", or "we're too cheap to use beaver... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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