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  1. Rolling rainbow at Lima Sep 6 2007

    Rolling rainbow at Lima Sep 6 2007

    Indiana & Ohio 4082, NYS&W 4050, CBNS 5007 and I&O 4032 northbound at Lima. The SP horns on I&O 4082 were music to the ears of this former denizen of SP land.
  2. CBNS hi-rail

    CBNS hi-rail

    Your typical plain-white shortline hi-rail, until you see this decal on the back. Quite clever IMHO, although a pick-up truck certainly doesn't qualify as a train in my log book.
  3. Road trip

    Road trip

    CBNS leases most of their MOW equipment from MRM - Maritime Rail Maintenance. Their equipment in turn is mostly ex-CN's, not surprisingly leased to shortlines running on ex-CN/CP trackage, interchanging with CN. Did I mention CN? This broom is moving onto the next shortline via truck. CN and...
  4. CBNS 305

    CBNS 305

    I often saw CBNS 306 when I lived in Nova Scotia. 305 on the other hand ran later in the day, ussually when I ate dinner, so I didn't see him as much. This is one of the few days when I got lucky though. Note the loaded coal cars. The units were smoking hard, I had to move out of the way to...
  5. Contractor hi-rail

    Contractor hi-rail

    I was sitting in the bush waiting to hear a train on the scanner (CBNS 306), when I suddenly hear something moving on the rails. Grab my camera and this is the result. Because of this MOW convoy (there were 2 more hi-rail cars, one SRS/Sperry and CBNS's own) the train I was waiting for was...
  6. Vanilla ice...

    Vanilla ice...

    The picture speaks for itself. Sadly for me it's a magazine reject.
  7. Center-beam from above

    Center-beam from above

    An empty center-beam returns east on CBNS 305
  8. hi-rail "ramp"

    hi-rail "ramp"

    Hi-rail machinery, including tractors and 6axle trucks use this fictional crossing (there's nothing on the other side) to get onto the rails from the road.
  9. KBR 850

    KBR 850

    Not sure what KBR 850 stands for, but it's a cool machine that I've often seen on CN/CP and now CBNS. In this case he is clearing the right of way. Note the string of empty green ex-DEVCO coal cars in the backround.
  10. Railink 4004

    Railink 4004

    Railink 4004, a GP9-4 of SP heritage has been sitting dead at Stellaron, coupled to an ex-CN flanger for a while now. It's 3 brothers that also work on CBNS haven't been doing much better. 4001 is in the car shops, 4003 has recently joined him, leaving 4002 as the only one working hard for the...
  11. Little fellow

    Little fellow

    Traditional SW type switchers aren't exactly plentfull in my area. All I've got are the Geeps that are used in road service and these little factory run GE's! TRENTONWORKS 2706, is waiting for work to start in front of the centiry old carshops. Here's a roster of his undecalled brother...
  12. Fresh arrival

    Fresh arrival

    Trenton works has been operating for more then a decade now with GE 45's of 1940's and 50's heritage. Although the car plant is threatened to be closed and shut down within the next couple of years (that's right Lou Dobbs, outsorcing goes to America too), the plant decided to purchase some new...
  13. CBNS trio

    CBNS trio

    12:23 Eastbound CBNS 306, consist: 3 Units, 3 cars (Note direction is where the units were facing) E/B LLPX 1508 - (GP15-1) Blue W/B HATX 912 - (SD45-2) Grey W/B GEXR 4022 - (GP40u) Red CBNS bulkhead pulpwood car 2 white hoppers, last one being AEX 7634 This is my new record for most...
  14. LLPX GP15-1

    LLPX GP15-1

    Finally got a photo of a GP15-1 leading on CBNS! While 3 of these locos are working as switchers on the RR, they are rarely used for mainline service and then are leaders on even rarer occasions like this one! LLPX 1508 is normally the Stellarton switcher - there are more photos of it there in...
  15. CBNS bulkhead pulp

    CBNS bulkhead pulp

    Now here's a piece of history in action! Back when CBNS first came to be they decided to use their own bulkhead pulpwood cars and eventually had a roster of about 20. Not sure of their origins, but they were in service between 1997 and 2002, before being replaced in favor of the more standard...
  16. CBNS coal train

    CBNS coal train

    The daily CBNS coal train, coming back to Cape Breton empty, with 5 units for power. Interstingly the leader is the only mainline unit owned by CBNS. The rest are leased.
  17. GEXR 4022 (GP40u)

    GEXR 4022 (GP40u)

    GEXR 4022, a GP40u is leading CBNS 306 alone with 4 other units.
  18. HATX from above!

    HATX from above!

    HATX 907, the forth unit between LLPX GP38-2 2259/69 and brother HATX 910/914. Since I focussed on taking this picture I don't know the exact unit numbers of the engines right beside it. This image should be a lifesaver for anyone modelling these units, as roof shots in general aren't too easy...
  19. EOT coal

    EOT coal

    Although there's ussually anywhere from 1-30 coal cars up front, a trio often brings up the rear behind the more generic freight such as tankers/boxcars/gondolas. Here's a photo of the same hoppers at the same location heading the other way loaded...
  20. CBNS 306 - June 21st

    CBNS 306 - June 21st

    Just another day on the railroad as LLPX 2269 leads the daily train under the overpass. More information and video can be found here: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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