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  1. Coming or going?

    Coming or going?

    Although you probably can't tell by the photo, LLPX 2259 is actually going away, being the last engine in a two engine power move.
  2. Conrail Geep

    Conrail Geep

    What we have here is the bell, some fuel lines and the usual rust. Not bad for an ex-Conrail Geep, currently lettered LLPX and working for CBNS. The photo was taken from a street which leads into the station, which is now a museum, so no trespassing.
  3. HATX 907 leading LLPX's

    HATX 907 leading LLPX's

    Three lessors are leading a 5unit train on the CBNS.
  4. HATX 907 (SD45-2)

    HATX 907 (SD45-2)

    One of 4 HATX SD45-2's working for CBNS.


    A nearly 40 car train comes to and end. It's unusual to see PROX cars on the back, as ussually its GATX or the green coal cars.
  6. On the curve

    On the curve

    HATX 910 & LLPX 2259 (SD45-2 & GP38-2) are entering a curve just outside of town.
  7. HATX 910 & LLPX 2259

    HATX 910 & LLPX 2259

    HATX 910 & LLPX 2259 (SD45-2 & GP38-2) lead a short train on the edge of town. The building with a pointy roof in the backround is the station. As you can see the track curves a lot.
  8. GEXR in the lead

    GEXR in the lead

    GEXR 4022 is leading a lash-up of 5 LLPX/HATX engiens through town after waiting nearly an hour for hi-railers and MOW cars to free up the track.
  9. GEXR 4022

    GEXR 4022

    GEXR 4022, a GP40u leads a lash-up of 5 units through town. It's the only locomotive on the railway that is not leased except for the Railink switchers. The rest are leased from HATX & LLPX.
  10. GEXR in Nova Scoria?

    GEXR in Nova Scoria?

    That's right, at least one GEXR engine is down here for some reason... It's a GP40u, the biggest Geep on the Railway.
  11. Sunset LLPX

    Sunset LLPX

    HATX 910 & LLPX 2259 (SD45-2 & GP38-2) lead a westbound into the setting sun.
  12. Into the sunset

    Into the sunset

    HATX 910 & LLPX 2259 (SD45-2 & GP38-2) lead a train of tankers, scrap gondolas and coal cars into the sunset. Do to a lack of daylight the train isn't always photographable at this time of day.
  13. Short CBNS train...

    Short CBNS train...

    How short is your train? This one is pulling four tankers with a SD45-2 and a GP38-2! HATX 912 & LLPX 2259 are on the job crossing a short trestle.
  14. HATX 912 (SD45-2)

    HATX 912 (SD45-2)

    One of the four HATX SD45-2's leased by CBNS that still has its original scheme. Can you guess who's it is?
  15. LLPX Railway?

    LLPX Railway?

    Sure seems like it, as LLPX 1506 is sandwitched by LLPX 1508, a fellow GP15-1 and LLPX 2259, a GP38-2. Note that its Conrail heritage is showing. The two other locomotives in the lash-up were HATX SD45-2's.
  16. CBNS bridge

    CBNS bridge

    About 10 minutes after I took this photos the train rolled over the bridge, but I was too far away to take a picture. Maybe next time.
  17. TRAX 10636

    TRAX 10636

    TRAX cars are ussually used for MOW but this is one of the few, maybe even the only one used in revenue service along with the usual CN/IC/WC and NBSR wood cars we get. Note that it appears to be a weld from two different cars. You can clearly see the differences on the top! Must be hard...
  18. Sunset on CBNS

    Sunset on CBNS

    The sun was setting down as I waited for a westbound.
  19. HATX SD45-2

    HATX SD45-2

    When I first came to Antigonish I saw a trio of them, plus a grey Seaboard one on a train. That was quite a site that hasn't been matched since. These machines are often leading lash-ups of Geeps and the other 3 HATX SD45-2's, leased by CBNS. The horn sounds great too.
  20. Ex-Con GP15-1

    Ex-Con GP15-1

    This LLPX GP15-1 shows it's obvious, poorly patched Conrail heritage well. It was the Stellartion swticher for a long time, but now it's running on the mainline alongside bigger brothers like LLPX GP38-2's and HATX SD45-2's. Note the waterbottles on the hood. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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