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  1. CSX Locomotives from Valparaiso Wreck

    CSX Locomotives from Valparaiso Wreck

    A pair of locomotives damaged in the crash involving three CSX trains near Valparaiso Indiana, on January 6th, 2012, sit in Barr Yard in Riverdale. The first locomotive to the right is CSXT 5284, an ES44DC. The second is an AC4400CW, either CSXT 517 or 320.
  2. Repainted After Being Underwater

    Repainted After Being Underwater

    A GE ES44AC repainted after being under water.
  3. Derailment on the Chesapeake and Albermarle

    Derailment on the Chesapeake and Albermarle

    On March 26, 2010 At approximately 4AM, the Chesapeake and Albermarle rock job was northbound with approximately 40 empties. When it approached the open bascule draw span over the Intercoastal Waterway, the train was not able to stop. Instead, the lead engine collided with the counterweight and...
  4. Takraf crane

    Takraf crane

    FCA Takraf crane working on the wreck of Vale HFD class covered hoppers.
  5. Botton view

    Botton view

    A rare botton view of a Vale HFD class car. It was wrecked at km 628, here in town.
  6. Lime on the line

    Lime on the line

    A Vale HFD class covered hopper wrecked at km 628. The cars was full of lime.
  7. Amtrak Piggyback

    Amtrak Piggyback

    Found at the junction of the Camp Pendleton, CA US Gov't railroad (ex-ATSF Fallbrook branch) and the ATSF main circa 1992, a wrecked Amtrak Horizon coach enjoys Santa Fe's Super Shock Control.


    Three boys look on as a CP 200 ton work crane tries to get the 6705 back on its trucks. The 6705 was loading a cut of cars onto a car ferry on the Detroit River (to the right) when word came from the CP yard (to the left) that a cut of cars had gotten loose and was headed downhill towards them...
  9. * The Pizza Wreck *

    * The Pizza Wreck *

    On an overcast morning a northbound manifest train center punched a semi truck full of pizzas and chessecake that derailed three engines and totaled the semi trailer. The driver and train crew came out of this with minor injuries.The truck pulled in front of the train at a private crossing...
  10. The Pizza Wreck

    The Pizza Wreck

    Another view off them trying to pull the lead units trucks out of the ground.As powerful as this sideboom cat is they had a hard time getting them out of the ground.
  11. The  Pizza  Wreck

    The Pizza Wreck

    This is what is left of a semi trailer loaded with pizza and cheescakes after it got center punched by 13.200 hp three loc. manifest at 49 mph.at a grade crossing plus taking out a billboard along the way,and derailing three locs.(Luckly no was killed or hurt bad)
  12. CTRW Oops...

    CTRW Oops...

    Driving through rural SK, looking for CTRW in semi-abandoned hamlets, I finally found some RR equipment in the middle of now-where, next to a deserted HWY. Judging by the bulldozer tracks, CTRW decided to clean this one up. His trucks are just outside of the frame.
  13. Momence Wreck

    Momence Wreck

    The remnants of the T-boned Maine Central 375(Guilford Rail) just north of the diamond in Momence. The engine, or prime mover, is nearby in the dirt. More details on the wreck in the forums: http://www.railroadforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10482
  14. Momence Wreck

    Momence Wreck

    What remains of CN 6026 sits in the mud just north of the diamond, several sets of trucks are just to the left.
  15. The roster child

    The roster child

    While CN Dash 9-44CW rtosters are common with more then 200 running around, this one has to be King! It\'s the newest and the baddest one out there! At least until the new units arrive. CN 2727 (2005 Dash 9-44CW, rebuild CN 2667) & BC Rail 763 (SD40-2) lead a westbound intermodal.
  16. K&O Wreck

    K&O Wreck

    Word is someone forgot to throw the switch back to the main line allowing this slow moving train to move onto the siding striking a group of tank cars - Approx 2 AM
  17. KBSR 309

    KBSR 309

    KBSR 309 wrecked in 1999, scrapped in 2004. Originally Green Bay Western.
  18. Ouch


    The two units wrecked at Vader, WA sit on a siding awaiting their fate.
  19. POW!


    A UP goal drag clips a "just-a-bit-too-long" trailer in Houston, Texas. No injuries.
  20. Damaged Tank Car

    Damaged Tank Car

    Damaged tank car being sent off for repair or scrap. Houston Tx 1997

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