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  1. Gold Bar Turn

    Gold Bar Turn

    The Gold Bar Turn a local out of Everett Wa. stops by Edmonds Wa. to pick up a couple of cars what nice power a Santa Fe SD40-2 and a SD70 MAC.
  2. UP Oly Turn

    UP Oly Turn

    In May 1986 northbound Amtrak 1796 passes the UP Oly Turn at Wabash.
  3. M.P.-18 Edmonds Wa.

    M.P.-18 Edmonds Wa.

    The Gold Bar turn heading back north after a run down to Richmond Beach to drop off asphalt tank cars and drop off a covered hopper car of portland cement for the Brightwater tunnel project pulled by some old geep 30s/geep39s also waiting on main two is the roadrailer pulling some slot cars and...
  4. Spud Turn

    Spud Turn

    On Friday 9-3-2010, the Spud Turn switches cars in Quincy, WA. It was nice to see the old Pacific Pride unit out working.
  5. We're Here!

    We're Here!

    HLCX 3815 on the point of the PSAP Shelton Turn approaches the Simpson Timber Mill leading four units and a string of empty wood product cars.The extra power will be needed for the return trip to Elma,WA with a heavy load including loaded wood product cars and loaded junk cars from the...
  6. CN 402 = Big power

    CN 402 = Big power

    June 13th, 2008 From MP 189.40 Watrous sub 12:25pm CN 402, 88 cars CN 2307-8008-5610-5257-2616-5511 ES44DC/SD70M-2/SD70I/SD40-2W/Dash 9-44CW/SD60F Except for the SD50F, Dash 8-40CM & GP40-2LW, all of whom have fallen out of favour, nearly 35 years of CN mainline units are present...
  7. CN 4765 GP38-2W

    CN 4765 GP38-2W

    Not long ago 4765 looked like 4784 behind him. Interestingly hes missing the CN sub-lettering & web address. Ive seen an ES44DC missing the web address as well looks like CN puts them in service ASAP, with the decaling arriving later.
  8. The Watrous Turn

    The Watrous Turn

    CN 560 departs to work the Poatsh mines with GP38 units 4782, 4798, and 4703. 3 Geeps is alot for 23 cars, so they will probably be lifting alot of Potash. But before they can get underway, they will have to hold for the westbound CN 303. The paint on 4782 looks to be in better condition then...
  9. CN 4796

    CN 4796

    Freshly painted GP38-2W leads a trio of GP38-2's home on a wayfreight. Don't be fooled by the rosy picture, I've cropped out 4703's primer color cab for a reason. 4:09pm CN 520 (W/B) 1 minute CN 4796-4782-4703 9 hoppers/11 tankers/34 hoppers
  10. Them bones

    Them bones

    I couldn't come up with a name for this shot, so just went by the song I was listening. The name fits well though: It seems like your stereotypical Prarie shot, something that could have been taken 20 years ago - A pair of SD40-2's leading a manifest. These engines however have been...
  11. P&W #2308 heading back through the fields..

    P&W #2308 heading back through the fields..

    Portland & Western #2308 heading east on it's return trip from Clatskanie with 4 loads of lumber it picked up from a Weyerhaeuser Lumber industry. It picked up a BNSF centerbeam car with large dimensional lumber (12X12X36 -That is what a wrapper said.)...
  12. PNWR #3604

    PNWR #3604

    Here is the trailing locomotive on the Harbor Turn like the #2308.
  13. PNWR #2308 at Banks, Oregon

    PNWR #2308 at Banks, Oregon

    PNWR #2308 now leads the Harbor Turn after running around it's train at Banks, Ore. The Harbor is bringing export logs to Rainier, Ore from the Central Oregon & Pacific. He has 6 loaded centerbeams for BNSF at Willbridge yard. The former Wilamette & Pacific had intentions of...
  14. The Old Mill

    The Old Mill

    The abandoned Great Western sugar mill poses as a backdrop while the Longmont Turn pulls a string of cars delivered by the Great Western Ry. Canon EOS 5D Canon EF 24-85mm f/3.5-4.5 @ 85mm 1/320 sec @ f/11 ISO 200
  15. CR Turn

    CR Turn

    The daily Cedar Rapids Turn to Manchester finds the SD40-2 IC 6100 making a turn over East Main Street in Central City, IA. Power: SD40-2 IC 6100, GTW GP38-2 5812.
  16. BNSF Centralia-Tacoma Turn

    BNSF Centralia-Tacoma Turn

    Here is the engineer coming out of the BNSF #2265 which he could not engine to cooperate with the lead unit. It took him with the ex-SF unit about 20 minutes for it to show up. In the background, you can see the old depot in Bucoda, Washington.. Also, you can see that BNSF is storing empty...
  17. BNSF's Centralia-Tacoma Turn

    BNSF's Centralia-Tacoma Turn

    Here is BNSF #2230 on the Centralia-Tacoma Turn just getting under way from Centralia Yard. The BNSF #2265 isn't helping pull it's fair weight. The 2230 is doing all the work as it is being passed northbound by a loaded grain train.
  18. Alley cat

    Alley cat

    A relatively old ES44AC (#7/160 on the CPR) is running long-hood forward through the shops before being wyed. Note the giant hangar in the background - the IMS forklift is normally stored there. You can see the top of the forklift itself right next to the building! Later that day, he, CP...
  19. On the wye

    On the wye

    Sutherland shops are equipped with a wye, which would be at most 15" if modeled in HO scale. Neitherless the less CP turns various unit sets there, from 3SD40-2's to 2AC4400CW's, a single ES44AC in this case. The key is doing it slowly, as the unit leans into the curve. The only consist...
  20. Welcome home

    Welcome home

    Two GP38-2's return to the shops after bringing a 15 car cement train into town. Such lash-ups are very common in the area, working on a numnber of wayfreights and turns. At any given time there's at least 10 GP38-2's in the region (Wilkie-Sutherland-Lanigan corridor).

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