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  1. CP Heavy Haul

    CP Heavy Haul

    CP 3716-G2 is pulling two 456/457 series CP ballast hoppers 300 feet, where ballasting a new set of tracks is needed. Oddly I never noticed a coupler on the back of a hi-rail before... Note the old decal on the door, CP is still promoting their SD40-2 action red fleet today - to NREX and other...
  2. CPR M98-05

    CPR M98-05

    One of a couple hi-rail trucks based in Sutherland. Today he was helping grind a switch.
  3. IMS dune buggy

    IMS dune buggy

    Sometime this year CP outsourced their IMS operations in the city to PARSEC. This brought in three visible changes. 1. A large "We're hiring" sign. 2. Two holster tractors: 3. This truck. I'm not sure what exactly he does, but I do love the roll cage...
  4. W/B foreman @ Riverview

    W/B foreman @ Riverview

    The title says it all. A foreman hi-rail inspection happends at least once a day, often there are 2-3 different foreman along the line in and around the city on CN alone. PS. I know that the photo is a bit crooked, but if I even out the ground, the signal isn't strait either...
  5. The other crossing

    The other crossing

    Motorists sure are suprised when they see a truck on the RR tracks, to be fair he does yield the right of way to them. It's the same one I caught one year ago: The foreman was managing slow orders, verbally warning the crews to slow down - this made train watching...
  6. Truck of a Grain Hopper

    Truck of a Grain Hopper

    A close-up view of a truck on a BNSF grain hopper at Laurel, Mt. Location: Laurel, Mt Railroad: BNSF Date: April 2007
  7. "Newer" CN crew-cab

    "Newer" CN crew-cab

    I'm using "newer", since there's an even newer IH cab design available. It's good to compare to the classic IH truck look. This truck is parked at CN's Portage JCT MOW shops, I've only seen him there once, unlike other trucks and MOW equipment (i.e CN 665-05...
  8. LFM Truck

    LFM Truck

  9. CN's new freight service?

    CN's new freight service?

    On my 3rd full day in the city I went to railfan the CN. It was one of the worst days I've had so far. I missed a GP38-2W led local as I was approaching the crossing, then spent two hours only to see this. To be fair I really like the idea of putting a tire on top, makes the truck look so much...
  10. Still working...

    Still working...

    What looks like a fairly old CN truck, is still at it, being a flatbed for a snow blower, these are normally attached to brooms, very common on both CN & CP, both are yellow too! PS. The state of Maine is in the background. Right behind me is the CN crew residence.
  11. CN's smallest truck?

    CN's smallest truck?

    The majority of CN trucks (not pick-ups) are of the 6axle heavy-duty variety. Then there's this guy who has a relatively short wheelbase and is based on an IH chassis! I'm suprised CN didn't utilize a Ford F350 for this purpose... You can see a bit of CN's mainline in the background - right...
  12. VIA's other fleet

    VIA's other fleet

    VIA Rail is Canada's national rail people mover, utilizing RDC's, F40PH-2's, P42's and hundreds of passenger cars. Then there're these guys, one truck and van, based in Winnipeg - used on runs between the Winnipeg Maintenence Center (WMC) and Union station downtown. The van is ussually full of...
  13. Friendly forman

    Friendly forman

    On a warm summer day a forman passes by in a hi-rail, giving a good wave. I'm proud to say that this view is literally at the end of my street. A couple months later the scene repeated with a doodlebug:
  14. ASPLUNDH (contractors)

    ASPLUNDH (contractors)

    Apparently CN contracts out their cleaning services, which is shame considering the amount of brooms and other neat MOW equipment they have. Here the crew is waiting for a clearence on the CN mainline. Note the giant broom on the end!
  15. BNSF hi-rail

    BNSF hi-rail

    Not sure where BNSF can use this hi-rail in Winnipeg, since they only own 2 miles of trackage, the rest is running rights over CN & CP.
  16. CN semi

    CN semi

    CN's semi-truck fleet looks very similar to CPR's: white color with "CN" in red on the side. So why is this unit red? Because it's a MOW transporter, used to move tampers and other MOW equipment around on its trailer, that's conviniently wearing CN orange MOW...
  17. CPR fleet sample

    CPR fleet sample

    A small sample of the CPR light truck fleet based in Saskatoon. About 1/3 of the fleet is hi-rail equipped. PS. If you look carefully you can see a broom in the background, it is used to clear the nearby switch to the Sutherland West lead track and the shops, from the Prarie North line.
  18. CPR semi

    CPR semi

    Typical CPR semi-truck, I see them around town all the time hauling CPPU boxes on CPPZ trailers. You can see the trucker's feet under the truck, since he's on the other side inspecting the load. The crossbuck and Stop sign on the right, belong to the shop wye track, consists, including SD40-2...
  19. CN wrecker

    CN wrecker

    This CN truck has the distinction of being the last piece of CN equipment on the former Fort Garry Industrial Park #2 trackage, since he's the wrecker. Although I've never seen any traffic or cars on the industrial tracks, at its peak (early 90s?) the 1 mile spur off of CN's mainline had 3 stub...
  20. GWWD 230

    GWWD 230

    What do you do with an old truck body and a beat-up speedster chassis? Combine them naturally. This might have been a cost cutting measure as well, since the GWWD is owned by the city of Winnipeg (this is an old city utility truck LOL), hence the herald on the door. I just love the oversized... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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