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  1. Sutherland SOO Country

    Sutherland SOO Country

  2. Sutherland caboose

    Sutherland caboose

    Until this year Sutherland had everything you'd want at the shops - a snowplow, TRACKMOBILE, switchers, etc. but still lacked a caboose. On July 18th, this old cab came into town, and has been sitting at the shops ever since. He is most likely a Regina transfer, as they had three sitting...
  3. Two of a kind

    Two of a kind

    Two SD90MAC's are backing up to couple to an ES44AC (CP 8745) to help switch their train. The ES44AC was then dropped and went down on a potash run to Regina.
  4. Canada's oldest...

    Canada's oldest...

    According to the Canadian Trackside Guide, this is the oldest snow plow still in service. CP 400879, 1910 model, is assigned to Bredenbury, SK. Her he is on the tail of a W/B manifest, most likely on his way to Alyth or Moose Jaw for servicing/demolishion. Compared to the local...
  5. CNW & CP merger?

    CNW & CP merger?

    They sure have joined forces, if you believe this hopper. At least half a dozen in the yard, most likely ex-EEC's or GCCX's, CP has had many ex-CNW PS-2's go through wearing those reporting marks, most still wearing CNW's logo and paint. This way when UP takes over, they'll get their old...
  6. 8546 West on 103

    8546 West on 103

    The hottest train on the PNL. 4:54pm CP 103 @ MP 111 Sutherland sub, 94 cars CP 8546-9119 8 autoracks UP, CSX, NS 68 doubles/1 single/11 doubles/1 single/5 doubles EMP*, OOCL, NOL, CP*, Canadian Tire*, APL, Capital, HYUNDAI, GE SEACO, Hapag Lloyd, Maritime Ontario, Kline, tex, YANKE...
  7. Then & Now

    Then & Now

    CP 3088 leads 541 from Regina (top photo) and is ready to head out on a wayfreight (bottom photo). It's only a matter of time before those stains on the long hood come back...
  8. NREX 5078

    NREX 5078

    "Another" ex-UP SD50 comes through town on lease from NREX. Pretty good lash-up too. CP 9022, the third-last "SD40-2" is behind him, one of only two SD40-2'F's in the dual flag sheme; one unit ahead is 5585, one of the oldest SD40-2's still on CP's roster. 8:41am CP 456...
  9. NREX 5081

    NREX 5081

    Facing a major power shortage, CP has decided to lease ~50 NREX SD40/SD45/SD50 derivatives from NREX, about half of which are ex-CP/SOO SD40-2's. So far only two have come through town, NREX 5081 and his twin, 5078. "Real" UP engines are regulars as well, sadly they are limited to...
  10. Tune-up?


    As the GP7u/GP9u switcher pair works in the background, this truck is visiting the Radio shops. He later had his hood open and CP employees working around the bed, so its likely not radio related.
  11. CEFX 102+108

    CEFX 102+108

    Two CEFX SD90MAC's are about to take 104 to Winnipeg. Note the letters T.A. on the snow plow.
  12. Golden glow

    Golden glow

    CEFX 102 along with twin CEFX 108 lead CP 104 out of the yard onto the mainline. I cropped out the red switchstand, as not to disturb color. Not sure why there's a golden glow on the SD90MAC long-hood, as the sun is right behind him.
  13. CP 3016 (GP38AC)

    CP 3016 (GP38AC)

    Finally managed a good GP38AC roster, just before the Geep left town for Wilkie, SK. This is my third catch to date. He may be wearing relatively new paint, but the primer on the roof says he's an old unit, the oldest un-rebuilt series on the CPR. In case you're wondering what's behind it...
  14. Grinding


    He may be wearing a skirt, but you can still see sparks fly in-between the rails! Sure looks like a GE 80T from a distance, especially with those dithlights. Althogh he may look dirty, this is actually he's clean side, the other one is covered in grinding dust, or whatever is it this machine...
  15. Grind it up!

    Grind it up!

    Finally managed to catch a Railgrinder in action, even though this is the 'mini' version, it's still impressive. Note the camera pointed down at the track, the fire extinguishers on the sides and the bucket on the front porch. Sure looks like a re-worked GE 80T. Only a few weeks ago these...
  16. Good morning

    Good morning

    Two MOW workers discuss the upcoming grinding project, involving a LORAM Railgrinder along with other more traditional equipement pieces such as a tamper and broom. Note the trucks paint. It's classic CP Rail Systems, re-patched in the modern CPR flavor. That way the whole truck doesn't need...
  17. Battle scar

    Battle scar

    CP 8559 looks like your average CP AC4400CW, wearing a beaver and toasted, until you look at the front and see the right dithlight missing. Weather someone knocked it with a baseball bat or he hit a car, this AC4400CW came through to the shops and is now waiting for a spare. I didn't spot...
  18. Aging gracefully?

    Aging gracefully?

    CP 5604, is one of the oldest SD40-2's on the CP roster. Had it not been for the current power shortage, she would have long been retired and sold to NREX. The many primer spots on the dual flags paintjob confirm its sad status.
  19. Tie unloader

    Tie unloader

    I've been looking forward to capture one of these, after seing photos of them on RRF for years. This gon is part of ~15 piece MOW set that includes gondolas loaded with ties, a BRANDT truck, tampers, tie cranes and more casual MOW equipement like hi-rail trucks. Sure is odd to see a yellow...
  20. Ties for sale?

    Ties for sale?

    Two MOW Service CP gondolas loaded with ties, way over their sides. I'm guessing these are new ties, since this tie unloader was one car away: In comparison CN transports their ties on regular center-beams. Note that "CP Rail" and the numbers have been... is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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