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  1. High-tec rodent

    High-tec rodent

    Looks kinda roomy inside?
  2. Brand new SOO hopper!

    Brand new SOO hopper!

    SOO was purchased by CP years ago (1986?), since then SOO's proud name has been labelled on hundreds, if not thousands of rent-a-wreck obscure Lessor/Co-op/Shortline hoppers, most on their last leggs with former owner's names still showing. Looks like they finally got a good deal this time as...
  3. Flatcar with sides

    Flatcar with sides

    Not sure what it's loaded with, but this flat is in good company, a spreader to the right and a 1940's 40' box to the left. The over-patched hopper in the back makes a good modern background. This flat can easily be modelled from a 40' Athearn flat car.
  4. Ancient CPR 40'

    Ancient CPR 40'

    One can only guess how old this boxcar really is. The original paint dates prior to script, so 1940's? Hard to believe it's still roadworthy in 2008, even if it is used as a rolling shed. How odd he looks next to a modern IMS double-stack. No such thing when he originally rolled the country...
  5. CP 1251 (SW1200RSu)

    CP 1251 (SW1200RSu)

    Before I came to Saskatoon, I did my best to research the local Railway scene. I managed to find a website with "real" train photos by local modelers. 8100 pairs (SW1200's) were prominently present @ Sutherland in those dated photos. Needless to say I've seen no such engine until now...
  6. CP 40' box in 2008

    CP 40' box in 2008

    Although they won't admit it, CP loves their old 40's, as they're all over MOW service refusing to die! Surely a number of 'newer' 50's are making it onto the MOW circut, but the 40's fleet remains strong. I really like this one since it looks stock, particularly if you don't notice the newly...
  7. HEP power

    HEP power

    CP's AC4400CW fleet is not HEP equipped, thus this flat is used to provide power to the Holiday train. It has to be the best looking in the fleet - ironic since its one of the oldest, of '72 heritage. Lots of them still around in regular IMS service, probably the oldest IMS cars on any Class I...
  8. Holiday Lumber train

    Holiday Lumber train

    Back in Nova Scotia, I used to see long cuts of 60' paper boxcars all the time on CBNS. They're virtually absent on CP through town (maybe 10 per year!), except for the Holiday train, where this cut of four can be seen.
  9. CP stage car

    CP stage car

    Do any other Railways have such a car? Essentially a stage on wheels, idle for 11/12 months of the year. CP has two of them, one per each Holiday train. Note the covered up Christmas trees on the roof.
  10. CP 9815 US side

    CP 9815 US side

    You can clearly see the covered Christmas tree from this angle. Note the baby carriadge and its occupant treespassing on RR property. LOL Interstingly the two bells on the side are mounted differently. The first one appears to be a tradional design, whereas the 2nd is on a frame, like most...
  11. Holiday crowd

    Holiday crowd

    The stage car can speak for itself, but note the car next to it! I believe its the only 50' boxcar to have CP's rodent decal attached. They are very common on 60' high-cubes. Note the covered Christmas tress on the roof.
  12. Rainbow in the dark

    Rainbow in the dark

    CP 9815 shines on. You can clearly see the Holiday decor attached via sheeting, for easy removal and storage. Every boxcar was covered with it!
  13. Welcome aboard

    Welcome aboard

    Lots of visitors in and around the AC4400CW. Note the Tim Hortons cup under next to the right ditchlight.
  14. Operation Lifesaver RV

    Operation Lifesaver RV

    I've seen this bus every time CP's Holiday train comes through. If they follow each other, why not just put it on the train? You can see the Saskatoon Food Bank truck loading in the background.
  15. Retro Canadiana

    Retro Canadiana

    Once upon a time such trains ran all over the country. Today they've been 'downgraded' to running on a mixed, complete with an AC4400CW for power, IMS and paper boxcars. Ouch! The Holiday train sure looks nice. Don't let the pretty looks fool you, this car is as Canadian as... an ex-UP...
  16. Sutherland plow

    Sutherland plow

    To date I've only been able to make rosters of the Wilkie and Brendenburry plow, since our own, Sutherland plow just sits at the shops with his back turned to the public. I finally got lucky today, while shooting the Holiday train - look over the couplers and whom do I see? This looks like a...
  17. No Christmas tree?

    No Christmas tree?

    CP 9815 is about to head back East to Montreal with the Holiday train. Sorry Calgary, Vancouver and others down the line - you didn't make it! In classic RR dusplication, 9815 will repeat the Saskatoon-Lanigan, SK portion, before heading south to Regina and continuing westward. This...
  18. Jaws...


    He looks scarry, until you take a look at those weeds - not exactly going anywhere... With the busy shops nearby you'd think all the vegetaion be dead by now. CP 401021 is in town for a visit - he visits often, a couple times per year. Although hard to see from this angle, the Sutherland snow...
  19. Winter vocation

    Winter vocation

    CEFX 117 was relaxing in the South, along with other SD90MAC's in UP's massive fleet, when CP decided to leaase them again. That paint sure is hard to spot in the snow.
  20. CPR MOW Transporter

    CPR MOW Transporter

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