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  1. Grinding the Switches

    Grinding the Switches

    One of the mini Loram trains dawdled up from Chappell Junction and made several passes over the siding switches. Then he went into the siding to wait for a freight train.
  2. "Railliner Rehash" or "ModernDayliner"

    "Railliner Rehash" or "ModernDayliner"

    CN 15016, Everybody's favorite rebuilt RDC inspection car, came to Riverview. While in the area the RDC was coincidentally assigned to cover the route of VIA 680, the oldtime RDC sevice from Regina to Prince Albert, making trips over the Warman, Watrous and Craik Subdivisions in proper fashion.
  3. Nutana Tramp- now with a Geep!

    Nutana Tramp- now with a Geep!

    The yard management has been swapping around the Belt-pack GP9s, which was probably a contributing factor to this unusual consist.
  4. Ye Olden Days

    Ye Olden Days

    This is from sometime around 1972, and it looks to be taken at Riverview of all places! I found it as part of an old club roster at school. This seems to be running with an SD40, GP9, SW1200, and GMD-1...Consists musn't have been very uniform back then!
  5. CN 402 = Big power

    CN 402 = Big power

    June 13th, 2008 From MP 189.40 Watrous sub 12:25pm CN 402, 88 cars CN 2307-8008-5610-5257-2616-5511 ES44DC/SD70M-2/SD70I/SD40-2W/Dash 9-44CW/SD60F Except for the SD50F, Dash 8-40CM & GP40-2LW, all of whom have fallen out of favour, nearly 35 years of CN mainline units are present...
  6. Running Long

    Running Long

    CN 4782 has CN 9531 to assist today. I'm sure the crews will jam a GMD-1 in again one of these days. He called himself the 560, but he got his track warrant as the 520. Lot more to the train today.
  7. They Aren't Gone Yet

    They Aren't Gone Yet

    CN SD40-2W 5250 and BCOL 4543 pull out of the Riverview siding after meeting counterpart CN 314. After the routine crew change and switch lining, CN 303 will take to the Warman sub. The CN 520, who is waiting on his heels, will then go back to the yards.
  8. Scaring the Birds

    Scaring the Birds

    My second run in with the CN 2225. He heads up the Cosco train from Prince Rupert. He was right behind 302, and he stopped at Riverview to wait for the block to clear. After that, he took off on the main to clear for the 357.
  9. Deep Woods

    Deep Woods

    Having met the 302 and 198, CN 357 comes out of hiding and heads to the yards. IC SD40-2R 6050 helps out.
  10. Gas Train

    Gas Train

    The 450 hauls all the Gasoline, Deisel, and other such petrolium from the north down to Chicago for exploitation.
  11. Twin Sisters

    Twin Sisters

    A matched pair of americanized GEVOs head up the 301 today with 34 railcars cut on the head. Present here are both 2303 and 2304.
  12. Rock Train

    Rock Train

    CN "Work 903" is the special guest at Riverview tonight. CN 2533 and 6019 headed up a collection of Herzog ballast gondolas to Watrous in failing light.
  13. Ordinary Day

    Ordinary Day

    450 has just taken the siding, and CN 115 holds the main. CN SD75I 5765 leading , CN 5527, and BCOL 4648. I always enjoy seeing the 115.
  14. High Green

    High Green

    A pair of CN GE units throttle up past the Riverview signals with the CN 114. They will meet the CN 561.
  15. Heatwave distortion

    Heatwave distortion

    Happens to the best of us! Now that the CN 8800s are common as wheat out here, I can't say this train is 'special' or 'unusual'. But, the new power was just too cool. It's strange to see them on the 450.
  16. Painted skies

    Painted skies

    CN 346 goes to Chicago with among others, Savage Alberta Railway 8606.
  17. What the?

    What the?

    CN 357 has a hidden payload of Intermodal traffic tacked on the end. Too many baretables on 111, I guess.
  18. Almost the last...

    Almost the last...

    CN 2452 is the second-last Dash-8 for the CN, the last being 2454. Built most likley in December of 1992, this locomotive is practially the exact same age as myself. Here we see it hulking the 357.
  19. I go blind

    I go blind

    4:10pm CN 357, 94 cars CN 5682-5541-5433 (CN-zebra-zebra) 91 center-beams/3 autoracks One of those draper's better be dead, as all the other trains I've seen on CN lately had two engines, yet this lumber empties gets a trio of pretty good power.
  20. The Trooper

    The Trooper

    CN 630 tramp job (CN Industrial, MP 188) heads home with 5 cars, slowly following CN 347. 2:43pm CN 1434-1412 hopper/flat/gondola/2 tankers I used to see 1434 all the time in Winnipeg across the street @ Fort Garry Industrial Park/Manitoba Sugar site/Fort Rouge yard job. Now he has been...

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