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  1. Morning IMS

    Morning IMS

    CN 104, with a pretty crappy consist, is leaving the city, with competition (CP 104 naturally) only a couples miles back. Note the web patch under the CN NA logo, first time I've seen CN squeze one under there! Oct 31 '07 9:11am CN 104?, 147 cars CN 2517-5722 (CN NA + web - web) 61...
  2. CN 313 Riverview

    CN 313 Riverview

    Until recently 313 was a regular manifest with a bit of everything. Now that the Prince Rupert terminal is open - there are boxes up front! The train proceeded to work Saskatoon yard for at least two hours. Great way to serve those Intermodal customers! Oct 31 '07 11:00am CN 313, 110 cars...
  3. CN 8802

    CN 8802

    Brand new CN 8802 showed up at Riverview today on a Westbound stack train. Note he is trailing CN 2523, the first CN standard cab Dash-9.
  4. W/B foreman @ Riverview

    W/B foreman @ Riverview

    The title says it all. A foreman hi-rail inspection happends at least once a day, often there are 2-3 different foreman along the line in and around the city on CN alone. PS. I know that the photo is a bit crooked, but if I even out the ground, the signal isn't strait either...
  5. CN 5373

    CN 5373

    An SD40-2, proud and strong. Seen here with CN 2405 on a short manifest train. Considering the lenghth of the train, I think the power is well suited to the operation.
  6. Rail train

    Rail train

    CN 5361 notches out with a short MOW CWR train at Riverview.
  7. Night Light

    Night Light

    CN 5792 arrives at Riverview at 19:50. I'm pleasantly surprised about how this shot turned out. Usually night shots trun out like crap.
  8. Spartain cabs!

    Spartain cabs!

    A refreshing break from all of the teardrop and widecab units, CN 5371 and CN 6014 head up a Westbound Q all on their own. A nice catch, if i do say so myself!
  9. I think I've perfected it!

    I think I've perfected it!

    This turned out AWESOME! I love it! CN 2231 on a wood train at Riverview.
  10. CN 5608 on the 114

    CN 5608 on the 114

    CN 114 is running late again, and this time it has CN 5608 on the point! I have seen this SD70I out at Riverview 3 times now... CN 5608 and CN 2414 make up 400HP for CN 114s trip to Toronto.
  11. This ones for you, Russian

    This ones for you, Russian

    Here we see CN 8016, A pround modernized CN road unit. The crews have to say otherwise. I myself am particularly proud of how this shot turned out-the best one I shot all night. Would have been better if the 5I was leading...
  12. Off to Calgary...

    Off to Calgary...

    There she goes. The good ol' CN 115. She should be in Calgary by late towmorrow.
  13. The End

    The End

    The title is rather self explanitory; A CN wood train clears Riverview. The lead units were CN 2587 and 5255. Alas, none of the photos turned out half-decent...
  14. CN Riverview

    CN Riverview

    This photo turned just as I'd hoped it would! Yous can almost FEEL the speed! A late CN 114 rushes past Riverview for Toronto.
  15. CN 79924

    CN 79924

    CN 79924 holds up the end of the Road local at Riverview.
  16. Axels-This time by flatcar

    Axels-This time by flatcar

    The title is self explanitory. Wheelflat's have become slightly common at Riverview as of late.
  17. A 4th of july present from the US: My first Swoosh!

    A 4th of july present from the US: My first Swoosh!

    A New BNSF Gondola rolls passed Riverview on a decently long manifest. I've heard about these, but I never thought I'd ever see one!
  18. Clear to Stop

    Clear to Stop

    The Eastboud searchlight at Riverview is lit and awaiting a train to pass.
  19. Whats shiny on top and looks like a Boeing Skybox?

    Whats shiny on top and looks like a Boeing Skybox?

    Overtuned sulphur gondolas! Apparently something happened out west and this was a result. A block of 8 cars was set 12 cars back from the power.
  20. High emission levels

    High emission levels

    The C44-9W ain't the only thing making smoke at Riverview tonight! Snapped a few Teenagers in the process. CN 115 goes over the bridge with C44-9W 2662, SD40-2W 5296, SD40-3 GCFX 6068, and a rare SD40U.

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