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  1. Northern Pacific #1382 (front)

    Northern Pacific #1382 (front)

    A view of NP #1382 from the front
  2. Northern Pacific #1382 (fireman's side)

    Northern Pacific #1382 (fireman's side)

    restored Northern Pacific 2-6-0 #1382 sits on display in a park next to the Helena depot (which now houses the local MRL offices)
  3. Coal empties at Blossberg(2)

    Coal empties at Blossberg(2)

    A long train of coal empties, most owned by PGEX, crosses the continental divide at Blossberg
  4. Coal empties at Blossberg(1)

    Coal empties at Blossberg(1)

    A long train of coal empties, most owned by PGEX, crosses the continental divide at Blossberg
  5. Take the Trolley to the Fireworks

    Take the Trolley to the Fireworks

    Every year on July 4th the Willamette Shore Trolley takes people down to watch the fireworks show on their historic "Broadway" trolley car #813. Here the car sits near the Sellwood Bridge while the passengers watch the show.
  6. Mullan Tunnel

    Mullan Tunnel

    One can barley see the other end of the 3,896' tunnel from the west portal at Blossberg. LOCATION: Blossberg, Mt RAILROAD: Montana Rail Link TRAIN/LOCOMOTIVE: - DATE: July 2008
  7. Heading into Mullan Tunnel

    Heading into Mullan Tunnel

    BNSF #6062 & its train of coal empties heads into the west entrance at Blossberg. The train is split across the 2 sides of the continental divide here, with the locomotives & about 5 to 8 coal gondolas on the east side & the rest on the west side
  8. BNSF coal empties at Blossberg (2)

    BNSF coal empties at Blossberg (2)

    The BNSF empty coal train starts its decent through Mullan Tunnel towards Helena on a warm July afternoon
  9. BNSF coal empties at Blossberg (3)

    BNSF coal empties at Blossberg (3)

    A good view of the locomotives on the head end, which include a BNSF ES44AC, a BNSF AC4400, & a BNSF SD70ACe
  10. East-bound coal empties at Blossberg

    East-bound coal empties at Blossberg

    BNSF ES44AC #6062, accompanied by 2 trailing units, a BNSF AC4400 & a BNSF SD70ACe, crest the divide at Blossberg after climbing a 1.2% grade up the west side.
  11. Blossberg portal

    Blossberg portal

    The track can be seen curving before entering the 3,896.5' tunnel.
  12. Its all down hill from here

    Its all down hill from here

    The 3-unit helper set starts to head down the 1%grade towards Mullan Tunnel, which will steepen to 2.2% at the east end of the tunnel & continue down to Helena
  13. Around the curve

    Around the curve

    The 3-unit helper set moves around a curve towards Mullan tunnel
  14. Continental Divide- East side

    Continental Divide- East side

    A sign approx. 500 ft. from the west tunnel portal denotes the continental divide for WB trains (and on-lookers).
  15. West Portal

    West Portal

    A view of the soot-blackened Mullan Pass tunnel's west portal at Blossberg. I waited and hoped a west-bound would come so I could witness the semi-famous "black fog of Blossberg" as it is called, but a non-stop parade of EB trains & only 1 day to do the whole Mullan Pass area kept...
  16. Montana Rail Link

    Montana Rail Link

    Still waiting for something to come my way at Blossberg, I decide to take a picture of MRL's logo on one of their signal boxes at Blossberg
  17. Continental Divide - west side

    Continental Divide - west side

    A sign denoting the continental divide to EB trains (and on-lookers) at the crest of Mullan Pass reads "CONTINENTAL DIVIDE elevation 5,548 ft. above sealevel", & can be seen abt. 500 ft. west of Mullan Tunnel's west portal
  18. Blossberg


    A sign naming the railroad location of Blossberg can be see appox. 1200' west of the Mullan Pass tunnel portal.
  19. Unknown railcar at Blosberg

    Unknown railcar at Blosberg

    While waiting for a train at Blossberg, I happened to catch sight of this unusual tank-trailer-on-rails thing. My best guess is it is related to MoW in someway, but I'm not totaly sure.if you know otherwise, go ahead & tell me so I can make a more accurate description.
  20. Austin Creek trestle

    Austin Creek trestle

    A closer view of Austin Creek Trestle on Mullan Pass

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