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  1. Daily lumber

    Daily lumber

    I railfanned in a 2 places today, catching CN, CP, CEFX, SOO, BC Rail, & GCFX (WC). The reason I chose this shot, is because it's a regular train with nothing special about it, exept for the non-CN trailing unit.
  2. BLE again

    BLE again

    It seems BLE 903 is now permanently stock in Canada, this time ttrailing CN 2401 on an eastbound lumber train.
  3. Ordinary world

    Ordinary world

    Original GP9 in everyday service, running daily on the mainline. Sometimes long-hood forward.
  4. Track Inspection

    Track Inspection

    Modern track inspection is ussually done in hi-rail trucks, like this one. While they look cool, they did replace the motorcars.
  5. VIA 6444

    VIA 6444

    I was trying to get a "curve shot", but I zoomed in too much, coming up with this roster instead. VIA 6444 & 6435, both F40PH-2's, leading VIA #2, eastbound Canadian.
  6. BLE 903 - SD40T-3

    BLE 903 - SD40T-3

    BLE 903, SD40T-3, rebuild ex-SP SD45T-2, trailing CN 5251, SD40-2(W). Sure looks pretty.
  7. BLE guest on CN

    BLE guest on CN

    BLE 903, SD40T-3, rebuild ex-SP SD45T-2, trailing CN 5251, SD40-2(W). Sure looks pretty.
  8. CEMR local

    CEMR local

    Curently CEMR owns 7 ex-CN GP9RM's and 3 ex-CP SW1200 series locos (or something close), yet all they send my way in CEMR 4001 & 4002, the GP9RM's I've been catching since 2003. Oh well, they do look good though.
  9. Rio Grande on CN

    Rio Grande on CN

    DRGW, SD40T-2, tunnel motor has made it all the way to Canada, on a CN Intermodal. CN isn't big on foreign power, so this was a real nice catch, heading on an eastbound.
  10. Mainline meet in the Rain

    Mainline meet in the Rain

    As the local returns from the cement plant, it's being passed by an eastbound. Power: CN 2626 & 2531 (Dash 9-44CW's) and an unidentified CN SD75I or SD70I. The power for the local: CN 271 (GP9 slug) CN 7267 (GP9RM)
  11. CN 5650 - SD75I

    CN 5650 - SD75I

    Although I love the Dash 9's, the SD75I has got tought looks as well. Caught leading a westbound with the help of a SD60F.
  12. New Procor hopper

    New Procor hopper

    Procor operates thousands of tankers and some hoppers, these been the cleanest I've ever seen!
  13. Pretiest boxcar I've seen

    Pretiest boxcar I've seen

    This CN boxcar has a pretty nice grafifi job in my opinion.
  14. CN Connections

    CN Connections

    What a pair! CN 5251, SD40-2(W), BC Rail 746, SD40-2, and a WC hopper. Looks like the have all the connections form coast to coast to coast.
  15. Winter on the CN

    Winter on the CN

    SD60F, CN 5517, draper tape unit, leads a mixed train with the help of a Dash 9-44CW and a SD40-2.
  16. Mixed yard train

    Mixed yard train

    Cut-down S-3 ALCO, CN 268, leads CN 7251, GP9RM, on switching duty. Notice the variety of cars, coil, autoracks, intermodals, boxcars, tankers, hoppers, gondolas, platforms...
  17. Garbage trucks

    Garbage trucks

    The good thing about a mixed train, is that you can see anything, including garbage trucks.
  18. Friendly intermodal

    Friendly intermodal

    I generally don't like intermodals, when I think that for every container there could of been a boxcar, but with good power and a wave, they're cool.
  19. Snowed in

    Snowed in

    CN 2694, 2004 Dash 9-44CW is having his first winter, and thus froze up a bit... Leading an eastbound intermodal with a SD75I.
  20. All year round.

    All year round.

    The CN mainline looking west. Autumn rain, winter cold and summer with a train in the distance. Mainline used by CN, BNSF, VIA, CEMR (shortline) and specials like AOE.

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