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  1. TFM in the Van

    TFM in the Van

    TFM 1435 (ex Milwaukee) a SD40-2 is in the van of a CSX Q train at Memphis Jct.
  2. Dash 9-44CW at Memphis Jct

    Dash 9-44CW at Memphis Jct

    A BNSF Dash 9-44CW is on point as a Q train approaches Memphis Jct.
  3. Canadian Tire Promotion

    Canadian Tire Promotion

    Not tlong ago Canadian Tire containers were a CP exclusive. Then they signed a deal with CN and their containers started appearing one by one, eventually dominating the scene as you can see.
  4. Building the Railway...

    Building the Railway...

    CN MOW employees working the mainline. The way I cropped the shot, you might think that its two mainlines meeting at a diamond, when in fact its just a curve. The "MOW tractor" is lifting the other MOW onto the rails. A very neat operation to observe.
  5. CN business special

    CN business special

    A special indeed! Even the weather cooperated! Actually it was two business cars dead in transit: CN 1060 1949 "Sandford Fleming" Track inspection car & CN 1059 1954 "Tawaw" Reception-Marketing car Trailing CN 5456 & BCOL 766 on an intermodal. PS. The clouds...
  6. WC 6934

    WC 6934

    A bit of history on these units (WC 6900-6949) Originally CN SD40's in the 5000-5240 series, look like this: http://www.railroadforums.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=16213 - rebuild by Ashtom in 1997/1998, look like this: http://www.railroadforums.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=24256 First...
  7. Sperry Rail Services

    Sperry Rail Services

    While I see Sperry Rail Services ala SRS often on CP, the first time I caught it was on CN. They don't normally run on CN.
  8. CN GP38-2

    CN GP38-2

    While CP's GP38-2 are everywhere, in the yards, on branchline duty and on mainline trains, CN GP38-2's tend to hang around large yards, which are often enclosed, being mothers to special hump slugs. That's why I was very exited when CN sent a GP38-2 on a local along with the usual GP9RM slug...
  9. Strange lash-up on a local

    Strange lash-up on a local

    I've been observing this local for almost two years now. It performs switching at Fort Rouge yard, local job to Fort Garry Industrial Park #2 (aka former Manitoba Sugar site) and to the cement plant, which is where this local is coming from. I've seen the following lash-ups for power, with an *...
  10. VIA trio

    VIA trio

    Three VIA F40PH-2's, with VIA 6435 & 6449 in the lead, take the Canadian Eastbound. Ussually two units lead the tri-weekly train. Always running elephant style. Here's the same train with two F40PH-2's leading: http://www.railroadforums.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=28579 All I...
  11. CN van

    CN van

    Caught following a Speery Services van on the mainline. Looks like an oddball.
  12. CN Business train?

    CN Business train?

    CN 5456 & BCOL 766 lead an intermodal with two business cars on it: CN 1060 1949 "Sandford Fleming" Track inspection car & CN 1059 1954 "Tawaw" Reception-Marketing car I have "rosters" of them from each side, which I'll post on the forums over the next...
  13. GE vs. EMD

    GE vs. EMD

    You can tell which one is which by the wing. While the Dash 9-44CW & SD75I and vice versa lash-up are very common on CN, it's not easy to zoom in and get this shot. You can see the minor GE/EMD differences by looking at the two 4000 h.p. beasts.
  14. Circus trailer?

    Circus trailer?

    Caught him on a westbound intermodal. I really like the trailer, never seen anything like it. As it's small, has two doors and is very clean, I'm guessing its a circus trailer. I couldn't find a better category to post it under.
  15. Traffic jam

    Traffic jam

    On one of my first visits to Portage JCT (I visit that place about once/twice a week) I was lucky enough to catch a great traffic jam. I've seen bottlenecks since, but this one is by far the best. Let's break it down: In the foreground, E/B CN local with CN 1435 & 7220 (GMD1u & GP9RM)...
  16. BC Rail 762

    BC Rail 762

    It may not be in BC, but it's still trailing a draper taper! (CN 5530, SD60F).
  17. Prairie Malt Limited

    Prairie Malt Limited

  18. CN 2727 & BCOL 763

    CN 2727 & BCOL 763

    CN 2727 (2005 Dash 9-44CW, rebuild CN 2667) & BC Rail 763 (SD40-2) lead a westbound intermodal.
  19. Tanker train

    Tanker train

    Been wanting to get such a shot for a long time now. Procor tankers trailing a branchline mixed (mostly grain). It's a daily train, but the amount of cars various from 100 to about a dozen, with a SD40-2 for power...
  20. Modern CN

    Modern CN

    Two Dash 9-44CW's, CN 2674 & BC Rail 4644 (http://www.railroadforums.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=25354&cat=500&page=2) lead a lumber train into the city. A decade ago you wouldn't even dream of CN running all GE alsh-ups with BC Rail units as regulars.

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