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  1. Holding on track 2

    Holding on track 2

    BNSF 7530 holds on track 2 while an eastbound manifest passes by on track 3. The train would continue to wait for a northbound Amtrak special to clear after the manifest was out of the area.
  2. East West meet @ Fullerton

    East West meet @ Fullerton

    A westbound container train passes by on track 2 as BNSF 4415 leads an eastbound container train through the Fullerton Amtrak station on track 1. Two photographers are also getting their shots of the approaching train.
  3. "Highball Fullerton"

    "Highball Fullerton"

    The conductor in the last car of a northbound Surfliner give clearance to highball.
  4. Stacks heading east

    Stacks heading east

    BNSF 4082 leads an eastbound stack train on track 2 as it approaches the Fullerton Amtrak station.
  5. Wide Angle Chief

    Wide Angle Chief

    The Southwest Chief makes its scheduled evening stop at Fullerton on its way to Chicago.
  6. Fullerton Sunset 4/10/07

    Fullerton Sunset 4/10/07

    My last visit to Fullerton station was beautiful. The sky put on a wonderful display. No HDR processing (only had one exposure of this one) but I did lighten the bottom up using selection and levels.
  7. Westbound under a Full Moon

    Westbound under a Full Moon

    A westbound BNSF train passes through Fullerton under a rising full moon on track 2 as a southbound Surfliner departs on track 3. (Feb. 22, 2008)
  8. Empties EB @ Fullerton Jct.

    Empties EB @ Fullerton Jct.

    An eastbound empty ethanol train passes through Fullerton Jct. while the Southwest Chief makes its stop at the Fullerton Amtrak Station on a cloudy Friday evening.
  9. Truck view - May 2008 Advanced Topic

    Truck view - May 2008 Advanced Topic

    Set up along side the front truck of BNSF 7558, SP 4049 can be seen as it and the other cabooses are spotted for public viewing at the Fullerton Railroad Days weekend.
  10. Lunar aspect

    Lunar aspect

    The full moon rises along side one of the signal masts at the EBCS for Fullerton Jct.
  11. Trailers passing by on approach

    Trailers passing by on approach

    The Southwest Chief approaches Fullerton station on track 1 as a westbound trailer train passes through on track 2.
  12. Southwest Chief Boarding on Track 1

    Southwest Chief Boarding on Track 1

    The Southwest Chief boards passengers on track 1 at Fullerton on December 23, 2007.
  13. Fullerton Nights

    Fullerton Nights

    A westbound stack train rolls through Fullerton at night while some railfans look on.
  14. FF&FS holiday greeting

    FF&FS holiday greeting

    BNSF 7710 heads west through Fullerton as the FF&FS groups gives the crew a holiday greeting.
  15. M-WATBAR ready to roll

    M-WATBAR ready to roll

    BNSF 9219 is ready to depart Fullerton after a brief stop.
  16. Holiday evening fun

    Holiday evening fun

    Train 592 makes a regular stop at the Fullerton Amtrak Station and the FF&FS group enjoys its Christmas party at the station. (FF&FS=Fullerton Foamers & Foto Society)
  17. Holiday Toy Train in Fullerton

    Holiday Toy Train in Fullerton

    The Metrolink Holiday Toy Train stopped in Fullerton on December 1st to perform the crowd.
  18. M-PICBAR delayed

    M-PICBAR delayed

    BNSF 4754, leading the M-PICBAR, made a stop in the Fullerton Amtrak station on Friday night. The moon is reflected in the lower corner of the conductor's windshield.
  19. Racing through Fullerton

    Racing through Fullerton

    BNSF sent us a pair of intermodal trains racing up grade through Fullerton. BNSF 4993 is in the lead with its longer container train as BNSF 7558 runs along side with its shorter TOFC train.
  20. Slabs ready to roll

    Slabs ready to roll

    BNSF 7860, leading the slab train, gets ready to depart Fullerton Station after a brief pause as the PICBAR waits for its turn.

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