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  1. cultrevolutioner

    stupid people squared

    this is a video from a security cam in Argentina, this people not only cross the tracks with gates down also not even wait or take a look to do it and get smashed by the other incoming train as a result his truck got in flames and miraculously save his life
  2. Sheep Fire in Cajon

    Sheep Fire in Cajon

    A view of the Sheep fire in Cajon Pass as an eastbound train makes its way up track 1, the lowest streak of light on the right half. A westbound train heads down track 2 taking the curve toward Silverwood.
  3. Through The Fire

    Through The Fire

    WC 6004 plows north through the scene of a building fire at Polk Station Tennessee.
  4. Got a light?

    Got a light?

    Leading westbound TV-9 past MP 139 in Hinsdale, MA., B36-7 5009 "clears her throat" as the hogger wipes the throttle starting down the Hinsdale flats tangent.
  5. CP Molten Sulphur

    CP Molten Sulphur

    CN doesn't like to run molten Sulphur unit trains, preferring to stick a cut of 30-40 tankers on a manifest such as 346. Then again I have seen it once last year. The train was almost always parked @ CN's Fort Route yard (Winnipeg) when I railfanned there in 2003-05. This however is either...
  6. VIA Nanaimo (Gone)

    VIA Nanaimo (Gone)

    A couple days ago VIA's Nanaimo station was burned to the ground. This is how I'll always remember it though. Note the boarded up windows and the two station signs, VIA's blue and CP's original.
  7. GE Self-toasting

    GE Self-toasting

    While I've seen this many times, I've often not been unable to capture it, since the moment I take out the camera the smoking stops. This time I got lucky however. I was shooting brand new ES44AC, CP 8761 who is right in front of him, when all of a sudden he starts smoking. If you look really...
  8. Backing away from the heat

    Backing away from the heat

    After being stopped for about 10 minutes, BNSF 5430 begins to back away from the brush fire that was blocking its path up Cajon Pass.
  9. UP 5562 passes a raging warehouse fire

    UP 5562 passes a raging warehouse fire

    UP AC4400CW #5562 and patched SP AC4400CW #6274 pass as firefighters try to put out a raging warehouse fire. This is a once in a lifetime shot.
  10. Stuck on the Spur

    Stuck on the Spur

    Looked like it had been in a fire. She was still running, but no one was around. She was locked in in front of the snow spreader.
  11. CP 3091

    CP 3091

    On October 4th, 2004, CP 3077 & 3091 derailed and caught fire. They have since been sold to NRE.
  12. CP 3077

    CP 3077

    On October 4th, 2004, CP 3077 & 3091 derailed and caught fire. They have since been sold to NRE.
  13. Dante's Inferno

    Dante's Inferno

    Looking into the mouth of the beast. Dante's Inferno Jr.
  14. Feed Me !!

    Feed Me !!

    Into the mouth of the beast !! Hostler/fireman feading coal into the inferno
  15. Hi-Rail Fire pervention

    Hi-Rail Fire pervention

    This truck appears to be filming the main following the visit from the Rail Grinder. He followed about 1500 ft behind and attempted to maintain the same speed ad the Grinder. Suprise of the year was a Loran Rail grinder sneeking up the Rails 8 miles North of Station Seattle WA This is the...
  16. The Aftermath

    The Aftermath

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