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    Hello all! New member here looking to identify the make or any other info on this small locomotive.

    Hello all! New member here looking for any insight or info on the maker of this small locomotive. It was used by Bay Area Rapid Transit to move cars around their yard and has long since been replaced by modern hirailers. I know it runs off a diesel caterpillar engine with a chain drive. I...
  2. pedrop

    GE plant switcher (Brazil)

    Hi, while I was driving in front of GE plant today I saw their yard switcher in front of the main gates, so I took theses pics enclosed. The model is called GE244 because in the past it used an Alco 244 prime mover. Nowadays it uses a GM prime mover from an old G12. There are only two of them in...
  3. Golden october and fried egg

    Golden october and fried egg

    218 451 with an local train from Hanover to Bad Harzburg near Baddeckenstedt.
  4. A sad end for a Classy Lady

    A sad end for a Classy Lady

    An ex- Milwaukee E unit waits for the restoration that may never come.
  5. K.C.S. live Diesel

    K.C.S. live Diesel

    Kansas City Southern live Diesel used for business train outside Union Station, K.C.
  6. Cte Bleue Megapanorama

    Cte Bleue Megapanorama

    View of the spectacular diesel line along the mediterranean Cte Bleue (the sea really is incredibly blue here). To the left you can see the village of La Vesse, to the right Niolon with railroad station, and in the background lies Marseille, the second largest city in France.
  7. Early Train

    Early Train

    Fall morning fog at the Pragersko - Hodos line in Slovenia as a GM-diesel pulled InterCity passes by, sadly it was also fall for the old infrastructure which doesn't exist anymore...
  8. CN 9000 (1948 F3A)

    CN 9000 (1948 F3A)

    CNs first mainline diesel, only 60 years young. Retired in 1971, hes the only remaining CN F3 unit. Rebuild brother GTW 9013 (CN 9171 F3AU) is in a museum as well: http://tinyurl.com/55mvvg The Alberta Railway museum has a unique opportunity to run an A-B-A F-unit set, all three ex-CNs wear...
  9. Fill Em' Up

    Fill Em' Up

    The mainline fueling station is not a new concept. The BNSF has several of them. But the CP only has one. And they decided to put it in Moose Jaw, as it is said to be the center most point on the system, and I would imagine most Locomotives would be pretty thirsty after traveling the distance...
  10. West Portal

    West Portal

    A view of the soot-blackened Mullan Pass tunnel's west portal at Blossberg. I waited and hoped a west-bound would come so I could witness the semi-famous "black fog of Blossberg" as it is called, but a non-stop parade of EB trains & only 1 day to do the whole Mullan Pass area kept...


    Alco RS3 #109
  12. Twilight Blur

    Twilight Blur

    Trenitalia #8696, a Class ALn 663 diesel locomotive roars out of Marsala, Sicily at twilight. I knew it was too dark for a still shot, so I thought I'd try a pan. With the front in focus and the rest of the train and background blurred, you get the sense of how fast this train was moving.
  13. Trenitalia ALn 668-3015

    Trenitalia ALn 668-3015

    Trenitalia #8678,one of the older ALn 668 class, departs Marsala station for Alcamo Diramazione, Sicily. The female conductor was wondering what "that crazy American" was trying to do as I ran from one end of the station to the other to get photos of the train arriving and departing.
  14. Trenitalia 22776

    Trenitalia 22776

    Trenitalia #22776, one of the newer Minuetto class diesel locomotives, flies through the beautiful western Sicilian countryside just east of Mozia-Birgi on its way to Castelvetrano. Mt. Erice dominates the background. Photo edited 16 Feb 2008.
  15. Sunset Train from Marsala

    Sunset Train from Marsala

    The sun is setting as Trenitalia #8696 departs Marsala, Sicily for Mazara del Vallo. This is the new Minuetto train that is replacing the 663 and 668 class diesels. It has a top speed of 130 km/hr (~80 mph).
  16. Trenitalia ALn 663-1180

    Trenitalia ALn 663-1180

    Trenitalia ALn 663-1180 weaves through Marsala, Sicily on its way to Mazara.
  17. Diesel at the border II

    Diesel at the border II

    ER towards Bratislava/SK arrives at Marchegg station with ZSR diesel class 784 at the lead.
  18. Diesel at the border

    Diesel at the border

    ER "Schlohof" towards Vienna/Austria leaves Marchegg station at the border to Slowakia with BB class 2143 at the lead
  19. CPR luxury?

    CPR luxury?

    Sutherland's CP IMS unit uses this little critter all the time to get around. The front grille must do wonders in collision protection against semis, GP38-2's, containers and giant forklifts! Although I've never seen it used to deliver cargo, it's fully equipped with safety stripes, a safety...
  20. Diesel jet

    Diesel jet

    an ol' diesel jet for steamers it's still in good conditions afther almost a century of sun, wind and dust.

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