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  1. CTRW derailment Nov 2009

    CTRW derailment Nov 2009

    In an attempt to add a photo at least once a week, I thought I'd start with one from last year. Carlton Trail was just entering the Prince Albert yard with a load of grain, when the last three cars jumped the rails and carved a nice groove in the pavement. Several hundred feet of track had to be...
  2. CTRW 1006 working the yard

    CTRW 1006 working the yard

    With 1006 back on the roster, CTRW has resorted to using her and her sister 1004 to do yard switching. When it comes time for a trip to S'toon, they'll incorporate 1064 into an odd CTR-OKAN-CTR lashup.
  3. CTRW Sisters in action

    CTRW Sisters in action

    Carlton Trail units 1004 and 1006 back together after some time of being separated by Alberta and the mountains. 1006 comes from the now defunct Okanagan Valley Railway however is still painted in CTRW livery. Carlton trail's third unit bears the livery of the Okanagan line. This is the second...
  4. CTRW 1004

    CTRW 1004

    CTRW GP10 1004 gets diesel from the local Prince Albert Co-op. I wish I had that guys job to deliver fuel to CTRW. Like many railfans in the province I sure hope this little railroad gets a little busier in the future as many employees who I had talked to were unsure of the shortlines future.
  5. HBRY & the smell of death (not to mention frozen flesh)

    HBRY & the smell of death (not to mention frozen flesh)

    As I was driving down 15th st I gazed upon the CTRW yards in Prince Albert and noticed this old girl sitting in the cold, with all her windows boarded up. Linked to the old Omnitrax GP9 which has sat outside for more than a year, it is a good guess these girls won't be in PA much longer. A few...
  6. Carlton trail Railway

    Carlton trail Railway

    CTRW has had its roster completely shrunk down by the recent down turn in the economy. There is only two active locomotives at the Prince Albert Headquarters. A Central Kansas GP10 1064 and a Carlton trail GP10 1004. There are 4 other engines located in this yard 2 scrapped gp10's this GP9E and...
  7. CTRW Hi-Rail?

    CTRW Hi-Rail?

    CTRW must be really slashing their budget...oh no wait thats not CTRW, just a foolish train fan with a buddy out to ride the rails. Of course this line is out of use with a derail set up just east of PA. It's sad that this line isn't still used, as SD40's used to run through here on they're way...
  8. CTRW Meadow Lake Branch (Canwood)

    CTRW Meadow Lake Branch (Canwood)

    After the fire was contained, I decided to venture out to Canwood to check it out. Low and behold three elevators still stand, but the track has fallen into disrepair. This lonely sunset shot represents my feelings towards the beauty of prairie rail but also how I long of the good old days of...
  9. Unique in all fronts

    Unique in all fronts

    Side shot of the HBRY GP30 within the Prince Albert roundhouse in May 2009.
  10. HBRY GP30

    HBRY GP30

    Hudson Bay Railway GP30 has been in storage for some time in Prince Albert. At the height of CTRW's success many engines were brought in from other Omnitrax lines. Many M420Ws and GP10s dominated the yard, however several SD9 chop nosed units were stored here, along with this Canadian oddball...
  11. Omnitrax


    Old GP9 in storage outside, I guess they needed a third unit to rust outside. Not sure how long it's been in storage but it appeared last winter in the yards. This unit has long been part of the CTRW roster.
  12. Whitestar run

    Whitestar run

    Chased the train out to Whitestar north of PA to catch them picking up full grian hoppers. Just got off a night shift, was exausted, and it was freezing out.
  13. Carlton Trail

    Carlton Trail

    Geep shunting in Prince Albert last year.
  14. GP10 Okanagan Valley switching

    GP10 Okanagan Valley switching

    Nov 2008 switching in Prince Albert, two GP10s one in Okanagan Valley livery, these are the last operating units in Prince Albert.
  15. OVR Geep

    OVR Geep

    Note the mis-matched green colored parts donated by CTRW 1020 & 1040, both derelict hulks sitting @ Prince Albert.
  16. CTRW Prince Albert

    CTRW Prince Albert

    Whenever I go to Prince Albert to catch CTRW action I see nothing! But railfan the CN mainline at Chappelle JCT in Saskatoon and look what the cat dragged in. Sure looks like the backwoods of Prince Albert though, had I stood on the other side the city skyline would instead form the background...
  17. Thunder Rail

    Thunder Rail

    Hard to believe I drove 200km to see this piece of junk. Im being sarcastic/common-sense of-course as I love it! This has to be one of the strangest units in Saskatchewan: M420R(W) ex-Maine Coast originally P&W via NREX, always #2004. The story I hear with these units is that MLW sold them...
  18. Carlton 771

    Carlton 771

    When I heard chatter about 771 on the radio, I thought they meant the Symington coal was going into the yard eastbound. It was actually the CTRW 771- 2 GP10s and a CN Boxcar, coming off the Warman lead. Note the rear of CN 450, which was passing my person at the time, and was center of my...
  19. HLCX 9647

    HLCX 9647

    After leaving CN in 2000, this unit is back on home turf! CTRW leassed five (???) of them, finally dispelling their ex-CN M420(W)'s to the HBR along with GP30's and other oddballs on roster. Despite CN retiring and selling these units left and right, they're perfect for a shortline like...
  20. CTRW 1004

    CTRW 1004

    CTRW 1004, a typical CTRW GP10 is leading CTRW 772 back home. Ok not yet, first he needs to come down to Saskatoon and get his train, but then he'll be leading N/B all the way to Prince Albert. Note the unusual headlight arrangement on sister 1064 behind him, sort of like a rally car...

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