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  1. CEFX #1600

    CEFX #1600

    CEFX waits in the siding in Indian Head two freight trains passed...
  2. CEFX Freight Train

    CEFX Freight Train

    Passing through Indian Head
  3. Surprise in the first rain squal of the 2012-13 season...

    Surprise in the first rain squal of the 2012-13 season...

    CEFX GP20D # 2009 works the former UP line to the coast (now a short spur used by the PS&P) at Raisch, WA, near Centralia
  4. SOO 6053-241

    SOO 6053-241

    SOO 6053 and CEFX 3149 haul Montreal to Bensenville train 241 past the grain elevator reincarnated as an office tower at Elmstead Ontario December 9, 2011
  5. Saskatoon Shines!

    Saskatoon Shines!

    With a looming power shortage CP has been getting interesting lately - bringing back the rainbow of colour. These are former CNW & Burlington Northern SD40-2s respectively.
  6. CEFX 1033 Elkhart, IN

    CEFX 1033 Elkhart, IN

  7. Passing Through

    Passing Through

    CEFX #1058 Passes through the Railyards at Indian head, Saskatchewan
  8. Moose Jaw deadline

    Moose Jaw deadline

    CITX 3091 - Retired and sold by CP in 2000, the unit is back on home rails resting next to CPs own line-up of dead SD40-2s: CP 5778-8264-5956-5766-5808-5599-5611-5816-5683-CITX 3091-2799-CP 8240-5643-8111-5696-5715-5692-5701-5709-5830-5805-5496-5702-5679 At least two more deadlines at the...
  9. CEFX #1045

    CEFX #1045

    Railyards Indian Head...
  10. CEFX 9401 Cruger, IL

    CEFX 9401 Cruger, IL

    CEFX 9401 leads TPW's EB freight
  11. UP DPU

    UP DPU

    Someones misusing DPU capability LOL. Half the train is in the tow, the other half will be lifted down the line to form a typical '1+2' potash train, i.e.: Engine/62 hoppers/2 Engines/62 hoppers (119-125 hoppers in total) Normally this is done by two AC4400CW's up front (1 unit waiting @...
  12. Waiting For Fast Freight

    Waiting For Fast Freight

    Waiting in the Siding ... Indian Head Railyards
  13. CEFX #1040

    CEFX #1040

    Waiting in the Siding ... Indian Head Railyards
  14. Worthy Warrior

    Worthy Warrior

    Former SP tunnel motor now relagated to being a lessor locomotive with CEFX on 11/20/05 at the 18th Street yard on the east end of the TP&W. She still looks good compared to the Dash 9 wide cab crap we have to endure today.
  15. Winter vocation

    Winter vocation

    CEFX 117 was relaxing in the South, along with other SD90MAC's in UP's massive fleet, when CP decided to leaase them again. That paint sure is hard to spot in the snow.
  16. CEFX 102+108

    CEFX 102+108

    Two CEFX SD90MAC's are about to take 104 to Winnipeg. Note the letters T.A. on the snow plow.
  17. Golden glow

    Golden glow

    CEFX 102 along with twin CEFX 108 lead CP 104 out of the yard onto the mainline. I cropped out the red switchstand, as not to disturb color. Not sure why there's a golden glow on the SD90MAC long-hood, as the sun is right behind him.
  18. CEFX SD90MAC horn

    CEFX SD90MAC horn

    10x zoom (380mm) plus 1:1 cropping equals this. That's ~1050mm equievelent. What do the paparazzi use? LOL.
  19. CEFX 104 SD90MAC

    CEFX 104 SD90MAC

    Now that CP is once again leasing CEFX SD90MAC's, they have become somewhat common, leading 454 solo in this case. Normally this is a SD40-2 trio train, with CEFX SD90MAC's appearing exclusively on potash trains once a month or so. CEFX sure didn't spend a fortune decalling this unit, aside...
  20. CEFX SD9043MAC 129

    CEFX SD9043MAC 129

    CEFX 129 on the shop tracks at CN's Thornton yard with a BNSF unit.

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