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  1. CN wrecker

    CN wrecker

    This CN truck has the distinction of being the last piece of CN equipment on the former Fort Garry Industrial Park #2 trackage, since he's the wrecker. Although I've never seen any traffic or cars on the industrial tracks, at its peak (early 90s?) the 1 mile spur off of CN's mainline had 3 stub...
  2. GWWD 230

    GWWD 230

    What do you do with an old truck body and a beat-up speedster chassis? Combine them naturally. This might have been a cost cutting measure as well, since the GWWD is owned by the city of Winnipeg (this is an old city utility truck LOL), hence the herald on the door. I just love the oversized...
  3. CN Heavy-duty

    CN Heavy-duty

    By far the best hi-rail truck I've ever seen. He's got everything you could possibly want: - bugshield - rugged IH looks, compare to the modern IH offering, yuck: - crew HQ in the back complete with a beam lamp! He's just like a SOO SD40. - massive hi-rail set-up...
  4. 130 ton hi-rail crane

    130 ton hi-rail crane

    1988 KERSHAW CN 130861, 130 ton crane based out of Winnipeg, MB - one of two such cranes on the system (as of 2005 CN had 14 hi-rail cranes ranging from 60 to 150 tons) I assume the Sask. plates are for tax purposes LOL. I caught this monster machine at the sight of a minor derailment in...
  5. CP boxcar oddity

    CP boxcar oddity

    On my last full day in Winnipeg I made it my priority to visit the only place that I haven't been before - CP Transcona yards. The yard is primary used to store unused CP MOW equipment. Where else would you see a line of 20 bunk cars on flats, 5 multimark cabooses in a row, or a line of...
  6. CP 6058 - "Yard SD40-2"

    CP 6058 - "Yard SD40-2"

    With the arrival of the AC4400CW's, CP started the long process of removing and demoting SD40-2's from mainline service. The SD40's & the real beat-up rent-a-wrecks were sold off, than the rest were demoted to yard/local/wayfreight service. In Winnipeg they went a step futher by creating at...
  7. My first GP38AC!

    My first GP38AC!

    On one of my last railfan trips before leaving Winnipeg, I managed to catch my first GP38AC, that was visiting town. Although it looks very much like the more common GP38-2's, it is quite a different machine. For starters the GP38AC series is currently the oldest unrebuild locomotive series on...
  8. Ex-CP woodchip car

    Ex-CP woodchip car

    Built in 1968, it was a 52' gondola before CP decided to upgrade it to a woodchip car sometime in its life. In 1999 most of the series was retired, but a couple remained in MOW service. Don't remember where I read this, but apparently its used to transport ties for CP so that they can be sold...
  9. CP 3028

    CP 3028

    CP 3028 is sitting at the main Winnipeg CP yard with a scrap train. Note the downtown skyline in the backround.
  10. CP 3027

    CP 3027

    No wonder CP stopped putting beaver decals on their GP38-2's - they get dirty fast! Here he's coupled to a GP35 slug, CP 1127.
  11. Open road

    Open road

    Two CP Geeps head north towards Winnipeg. Got to love those two multimarks. Note my bike in the grass - it gets in many photos.
  12. Smoking Geeps!

    Smoking Geeps!

    CP 3073 & 3095 lead a grain train into Winnipeg. I saw them from a long distance before they ever came thanks to the smoke!
  13. CP 5876 SD40-2

    CP 5876 SD40-2

    At one time CP ran almost a thousand SD40's and SD40-2's including leased units. Today they're numbers are dropping rapidly (300 or so left) do to the new GE's arriving. I'm posting this photo today because a couple days ago the unit right behind 5876, 5390 was retired and I just found out...
  14. Old Canadian Pacific box

    Old Canadian Pacific box

    That's right, not "CP Rail", or the modern "Canadian Pacific Railway", this is the real deal! I've seen only two boxcars like this. This one and another one with "Canadian Pacific" spread out all over the lenght of the body. These boxcars are not just old, they...
  15. CN hi-rail dump truck

    CN hi-rail dump truck

    A typical CN hi-rail dump truck - comes in a black or red liverie. Looks like an old IH model. I've only seen it once so don't know much else about it. I know CN has contractors to remove snow off the property do what they need a dump truck for is a mystery to me.
  16. CN TEST Car

    CN TEST Car

    This car was bought back from VIA, hence the blue paint. I think CN has 3-4 such sets.
  17. CN TEST Coach

    CN TEST Coach

    This coach was bought back from VIA, hence the blue paint. I think CN has 3-4 such sets. Better looking then CP's TEST set IMHO.
  18. VIA combine?

    VIA combine?

    What appears like a combine, one of the three remaining VIA blue cars, brought into Winnipeg for maintenence, these cars are in regular service up in Northern Manitoba on a mixed train. I know I could of cropped out the fence, but it makes the shot more realistic. Took me a couple times to...
  19. BN's finest?

    BN's finest?

    Still wearing BN numbers, this caboose is assigned to Winnipeg and is used as a rider car daily on the mainline. One side is in French, the other in English. The BNSF local is on the CN mainline approaching CN's Fort Rouge yard, on the usual back up move, with BNSF 1685, GP9 pushing hard. I...
  20. SOO variety

    SOO variety

    Three Different SOO gondolas, one with WC reporting marks for some reason. That one was caught on CN's mainline, the others were seen at CP's main station. All shot in Winnipeg in 2004. Just though I'd try something different then the usual rolling stock rosters. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to - An online railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used railroad books. Railroad pictorials, railroad history, steam locomotives, passenger trains, modern railroading. Hundreds of titles available, most at discount prices! We also have a video and children's book section. - An online model railroad bookstore featuring a curated selection of new and used books. Layout design, track plans, scenery and structure building, wiring, DCC, Tinplate, Toy Trains, Price Guides and more.

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