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  1. 0P4A1399


    An WDS6ADT, with an ALCo 251 straight 6 prime mover, smoking out Nim Ka Thana, Rajasthan, India.
  2. Blast-off from Lamar

    Blast-off from Lamar

    After completing some switching moves, Santa Fe extra 5377 west departs Lamar, CO. on 9/13/90. I think he was "showing off" for the camera.
  3. CP 3117 thinking shes the Empress.

    CP 3117 thinking shes the Empress.

    CP GP38-2 3117 is pulling 30 loads out of the first 3 tracks as it starts to smoke up a bit at Redvers Sk.
  4. Smoke on the Water

    Smoke on the Water

    CN 351 resumed movement, and passes through bridge trusses at Riverview in the afternoon mists off the South Saskatchwan River.
  5. Smoke Storm

    Smoke Storm

    The 114 notches out, and it looks like they made a mistake at the fuel racks. Never seen SD75Is do this before. In this shot he's taking the hole, but I left before anything else came.
  6. Smoking Out of Town

    Smoking Out of Town

    An empty grain train led by two UP SD90MAC's smokes it up as it accelerates out of town in Kalama, Washington on 6/23/2008.
  7. High Green

    High Green

    A pair of CN GE units throttle up past the Riverview signals with the CN 114. They will meet the CN 561.
  8. Smoking Away

    Smoking Away

    CN 2229 is on the lead again, and is now charging east with 2542. They had just met another train and were notching out of a crawl. The 2229 has been pouring alot more fumes then most other GEVOs. Perhaps she is not being maintained very well? The tarped flat was laoded with locomotve axels.
  9. CN 835

    CN 835

    The Trackside guide says nothing on the matter. The leader, CN 2229 made more exhaust than most Dash-9s I've seen. Or perhaps it was the trailing Connell SD40-3? Lost of empty stack cars and hoppers. The train also conceals an Algoma Central gondola.
  10. CN 452

    CN 452

    Two SD50F's are working hard to get 452 up to speed. Normally this train runs on the PNL, however CN has permanently detoured it to the mainline on the Saskatoon, SK - Portage, MB portion.
  11. GE Self-toasting

    GE Self-toasting

    While I've seen this many times, I've often not been unable to capture it, since the moment I take out the camera the smoking stops. This time I got lucky however. I was shooting brand new ES44AC, CP 8761 who is right in front of him, when all of a sudden he starts smoking. If you look really...
  12. Lurking in bushes

    Lurking in bushes

    CN 5530 quikly approaches with an Eastbound train. 2615 gave away its position with the spewing of it's emissions.
  13. High emission levels

    High emission levels

    The C44-9W ain't the only thing making smoke at Riverview tonight! Snapped a few Teenagers in the process. CN 115 goes over the bridge with C44-9W 2662, SD40-2W 5296, SD40-3 GCFX 6068, and a rare SD40U.
  14. CPR 6007

    CPR 6007

    CPR's Detroit Lakes Subdivision
  15. Smoking GEs

    Smoking GEs

    Yes, the headend unit is an ES44DC, and it is smoking. You can just barely see it, but it's there. CN 2225 and 2549 lead an eastbound stacker onto the siding for a meet with the stack manifest
  16. Smoking Geeps!

    Smoking Geeps!

    CP 3073 & 3095 lead a grain train into Winnipeg. I saw them from a long distance before they ever came thanks to the smoke!
  17. Pouring it on

    Pouring it on

    Westbound smokes up the scene at Maryhill, WA, in the Columbia Gorge.
  18. Smoking C40-8M

    Smoking C40-8M

    CN SD60F 5541 and C40-8M 2446 take off west make a hell of a noise. They were just held for a westbound, and they have alot of reefer containers to get east. Out of most units, I have to say notheg on the CN smokes more than the C40-8M's. Except The C44-9Wl's I saw last week.
  19. Dusk Steaming

    Dusk Steaming

    Nevada Northern Alco 93, 2-8-0 Consolidation, returning back to the depot after a day of photo-shooting. View from the back side the caboose, hanging off the back stairs/railing
  20. Sunset Smoke/Steam

    Sunset Smoke/Steam

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