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  1. CN SD60F

    CN SD60F

    A Canadian National SD60F in the Congress Park yard after dropping off a Schnabell car, CEBX 800 - a 36 axle freight car loaded with a 600+ ton reactor vessel.
  2. BCOL grain

    BCOL grain

    This is not British Columbia... CN 2200-5515 trailing. Note that the right dithlights are looking strait at me!
  3. In the Boneyard

    In the Boneyard

    I got the picture of CN 102 from the Graveyard...What a place to be on Halloween night! He went into the siding, passed the waiting 303, and I lost my scanner.
  4. Country Cousin part III: It Never Ends

    Country Cousin part III: It Never Ends

    The Hopper Tanker rolls off the northline with 3 units. IC 1001 is back AGAIN!
  5. CN 402 = Big power

    CN 402 = Big power

    June 13th, 2008 From MP 189.40 Watrous sub 12:25pm CN 402, 88 cars CN 2307-8008-5610-5257-2616-5511 ES44DC/SD70M-2/SD70I/SD40-2W/Dash 9-44CW/SD60F Except for the SD50F, Dash 8-40CM & GP40-2LW, all of whom have fallen out of favour, nearly 35 years of CN mainline units are present...
  6. CN 548, apparently

    CN 548, apparently

    The CN 548 rolls out over the bridge minutes after the 560. After the 303 passes, he will go onto the Craik sub, and dod some stuff. He could be pulling loads from Davidson, but it's usual practice for power to lay over in town while the cars are loaded. He will probably dawdle back into town...
  7. NREX 2009

    NREX 2009

    My first Green Goat - NREX 2009, 3GS21B, trailing CN 2549-5534 on 346. It's twin brother, NREX 2011 is the only Green Goat to have demonstrated on CN so far (Dec 06 CRO). Perhaps this unit is joining them? Either way, better then a GT GP38 I though I was seing again.
  8. I go blind

    I go blind

    4:10pm CN 357, 94 cars CN 5682-5541-5433 (CN-zebra-zebra) 91 center-beams/3 autoracks One of those draper's better be dead, as all the other trains I've seen on CN lately had two engines, yet this lumber empties gets a trio of pretty good power.
  9. CN 5548 SD60F

    CN 5548 SD60F

  10. CN 835

    CN 835

    Although a W/B by nature, he was running light E/B to assemble his train @ Clavet. Note 5520's action orange panel under the cab and some peeling on the Dash 9-44CW.
  11. CN 5505

    CN 5505

    Basking in the Morning sun in North Vancouver.
  12. Me


    Me sitting in my chair
  13. IMS power

    IMS power

    CN tries to save on power anywhere it can, even outdoing CP with more one unit-wonders lately. Yet when it comes to intemrodal, its the power hour! Two CN SD60F's sandwtich a BCR SD40-2.
  14. CN, BCRail, and CN again!

    CN, BCRail, and CN again!

    Here is the first BCRail unit I have caught on film. Roman was happy to see this unit. BCRail 765 tags along on an Eastbound intermodal at Riverview.
  15. Lurking in bushes

    Lurking in bushes

    CN 5530 quikly approaches with an Eastbound train. 2615 gave away its position with the spewing of it's emissions.
  16. CN SD60F 5562

    CN SD60F 5562

    CN SD60F 5562 trails on the Stack manifest train.
  17. Smoking C40-8M

    Smoking C40-8M

    CN SD60F 5541 and C40-8M 2446 take off west make a hell of a noise. They were just held for a westbound, and they have alot of reefer containers to get east. Out of most units, I have to say notheg on the CN smokes more than the C40-8M's. Except The C44-9Wl's I saw last week.
  18. CN 5381-5524 Eastbound

    CN 5381-5524 Eastbound

    CN SD40-2 5381 and SD60F 5524 lead an eastbound mixture of tankers, lots of hoppers, autoracks, 2 gondolas, a boxcar, AND even a TTX heavyduty flatcar.
  19. Traffic jam

    Traffic jam

    On one of my first visits to Portage JCT (I visit that place about once/twice a week) I was lucky enough to catch a great traffic jam. I've seen bottlenecks since, but this one is by far the best. Let's break it down: In the foreground, E/B CN local with CN 1435 & 7220 (GMD1u & GP9RM)...
  20. BC Rail 762

    BC Rail 762

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