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  1. S

    Why so much foriegn power on CN?

    Lately it seems that half of the CN trains I see have at least one unit of foreign power. BNSF seems to be most popular, followed by UP and then it is a mixed bag. Today a Wisconsin Central, a couple days ago a Kansas City Southern. Other days, paint schemes I don't recognize or they went by...
  2. Cat  Power

    Cat Power

    Pacific Harbor Line # 20 ex Harbor Belt Line out on a side track across from Progress Rail for a horn test thats what the paperwork in the window said.A rebuild unit one of sixteen that are being updated from tier 2 to tier 3 low emission (DPFs)with a Cat 3512C HD diesel engines.
  3. C&IM under  the CNW

    C&IM under the CNW

    C&IM BN power mix with a under the CNW at Normandale Pekin UIl Powerton coal train
  4. New Power on CN PNL

    New Power on CN PNL

    The newest power on the Togo Subdivision was an 8804 SD70M-2 along with an BCR 4642 with 125 cars, stopped at the P&H Elevator at Dutton, MB.
  5. Power of the Mountain 2

    Power of the Mountain 2

    A Union Pacific westbound frieght rolls to a stop at the west end of Champ Siding. Mount Hood looms in the background.
  6. White Satin

    White Satin

    A westbound Union Pacific freight train rolls past White Satin Sugar at Champ in Northeast Portland, Oregon. White Satin is a regular user of rail service.
  7. IR 6 - Ottawa

    IR 6 - Ottawa

    Every engine displayed here, was on and idling. It was a really cool sound. Here, IR 6 is attatched to IR 2, OSS 3757 is by itself, and HBRY 5008, 5009, and NKC 3 are ready to go to Eola, which won't happen for another 24+ hours...
  8. Driver 8

    Driver 8

    ...The Power Lines have Floaters so the Airplanes won't get snagged... CN 302 gets underway, as I attempt to leave the park.
  9. Make for the bridge

    Make for the bridge

    This guy showed up just after I had left, so I went for a distance shot. The Taschereau Stacks run with 5633 and 2445 today.
  10. CP 103 back on PNL

    CP 103 back on PNL

    CP 103 is back on the PNL, DPU naturally.
  11. Charge!


    CN 303 notches up one more time before stopping to switch off the mainline. CN units 5733 and 2444 do the honors today.
  12. BNSF Power

    BNSF Power

    CP 878 BNSF run-through power is sitting in brandon waiting for the empties so they can head back to the states. The power was BNSF 8266 BNSF 8247 and BNSF 9458. Bnsf 9458 is a former BN SD70MAC. I was told recently that the BNSF symbol for this train is C-SCMMIB.
  13. Dash 9's on the high line

    Dash 9's on the high line

    2 BNSF Dash 9's in H2 paint on a grain train. A pretty typical sight on the high line...
  14. The Power of the Mountain - June 2008 Photo Assignment

    The Power of the Mountain - June 2008 Photo Assignment

    Union Pacific SD90MAC #8275 is ready to pull a loaded grain train out of the siding in Portland, Oregon with Mt. Hood looming in the background on June 23, 2008.
  15. wamx 4047

    wamx 4047

    new power for wamx
  16. BNSF coal empties at Blossberg (3)

    BNSF coal empties at Blossberg (3)

    A good view of the locomotives on the head end, which include a BNSF ES44AC, a BNSF AC4400, & a BNSF SD70ACe
  17. CN 548, apparently

    CN 548, apparently

    The CN 548 rolls out over the bridge minutes after the 560. After the 303 passes, he will go onto the Craik sub, and dod some stuff. He could be pulling loads from Davidson, but it's usual practice for power to lay over in town while the cars are loaded. He will probably dawdle back into town...
  18. Home from work

    Home from work

    CN 520 apparently didn't have anything to bring back from Clavet, so he ran to the yard light. CN 4703 was on the point, with 4796 and 4782. And yet, no caboose!
  19. Intermodal DPU

    Intermodal DPU

    CP uses DPU all the time on potash trains (except for 654), however in winter it's used on the Intermodals as well. With CN picking up DPU for manifests, hopefully this practise won't be limited to CP any longer (CN runs 7 IMS's through town vs. 1 on CP). 11:40am CP 103: CP 8768/8...
  20. Rail Power Locomotives

    Rail Power Locomotives

    Rail Power Locomotives testing in Erie PA. Testing is taking place on the former Bessemer and Lake Erie Railroad line, now owned and operated by the West Erie Shortine Railroad.

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