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  1. Ancient CPR 40'

    Ancient CPR 40'

    One can only guess how old this boxcar really is. The original paint dates prior to script, so 1940's? Hard to believe it's still roadworthy in 2008, even if it is used as a rolling shed. How odd he looks next to a modern IMS double-stack. No such thing when he originally rolled the country...
  2. Old school Drop Light

    Old school Drop Light

    Saw this old lamp in the round house In Leadville,Co.Home of the Leadville Colorado& southern . The only draw back to this drop light is when you are working with it.And you drop it their is a hot time to be had!
  3. HEP power

    HEP power

    CP's AC4400CW fleet is not HEP equipped, thus this flat is used to provide power to the Holiday train. It has to be the best looking in the fleet - ironic since its one of the oldest, of '72 heritage. Lots of them still around in regular IMS service, probably the oldest IMS cars on any Class I...
  4. Cape Breton defector

    Cape Breton defector

    Old Sydney Colilleries 25, a 1900 built BLW 2-4-0, nee 2-4-0T used to work Cape Breton, until retirement in 1962. I've been to Old Sydney, and am sad to say that with the excpetion of a spur serving a scrap yard, there are no RR industries left (my 2006 Nova Sctotia map lied!). Although plenty...
  5. CN 2450 Dash 8-40CM

    CN 2450 Dash 8-40CM

    Although barely a teenager at 15 years old, this unit is showing quite a bit of wear and tear - just look at those amazing safety stripes on the frame. 3 varieties there - shiny, dirty and the original white. The primer panel under the cab doesn't look pretty either.
  6. 1937 CPR gondola

    1937 CPR gondola

    Lots of old junk comes through Sutherland in the form of MOW gondolas - I've seen 1950's and 40's build dates, but 1937 is a new record. My grandma was 1 years old when this thing was built, and its still rolling! Unlike the other MOW gondolas I've seen, this one is sadly not original paint...
  7. SK. 101

    SK. 101

    Today most of CP's hi-rail equipement is either wearing the white beaver sheme of the yellow CP Rail paint. Here we have a cross-over of the two, a classic yellow "CP Rail paint" Chevy SUV with the beaver decals and safety stripes added for a modern look. I love it, looks just like...
  8. Still working...

    Still working...

    What looks like a fairly old CN truck, is still at it, being a flatbed for a snow blower, these are normally attached to brooms, very common on both CN & CP, both are yellow too! PS. The state of Maine is in the background. Right behind me is the CN crew residence.
  9. Diesel jet

    Diesel jet

    an ol' diesel jet for steamers it's still in good conditions afther almost a century of sun, wind and dust.
  10. The Old and The Odd

    The Old and The Odd

    Old dry flowers and an old railroad car. Are an odd pair.Then they come together in a park. And some how it becomes art to some. And to others its still just odd. I see both sides .And you?What do you see?
  11. Is this UP?

    Is this UP?

    A pair of SD60s traverse Northtown Yard, one being extremely filthy, the other needing a paint job.
  12. Adrian & Blissfield (The Old Road)

    Adrian & Blissfield (The Old Road)

    At the station in Blissfield, Michigan.
  13. Some Old Pals

    Some Old Pals

    Here are two fallen flags. Sad to see them in this shape but still nice to see!!
  14. SD40-2 and a riff-raff

    SD40-2 and a riff-raff

    SD40-2s in Saskatchewan? Thats right. The second unit just happens to be one of thoes old GEC patch jobs to boot! I didn't catch the numbers, but I beleive the second unit is CN 6941.
  15. Old wooden truck

    Old wooden truck

    An old boxcar from the 1890's at the "junkyard" in Bozeman suprisingly had trucks that were almost completly made out of wood.
  16. Blast From The Past

    Blast From The Past

    This is exactally what it looks like. An old railway telephone post. It was none but 4 yearts ago, that these litterred the north side of the Watrous subdivision at Riverview, but now thay are but a remnant of a time past...


    Shes a old one 5578 this unit once wore a Large Multimark.
  18. The Little Green Caboose

    The Little Green Caboose

    A retired BN caboose at Bozeman.
  19. Burnt Rail Car

    Burnt Rail Car

    A burnt Milwakee Road heavyweight passenger car
  20. Old colors showing through

    Old colors showing through

    CN 4790 and 4791 lead the local past Riverview. You can still see the units 1980's number, 5590. It was renumbered when the SD60Fs arrived.

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