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  1. BN 4246

    BNSF hiring at Interbay - question

    Howdy, So it looks like the BNSF is hiring at Interbay in Seattle for a Crane/Equipment Operator/Stocker. Can anybody expand on what exactly this job entails, in a little more real-world detail than the job announcement? Like, what is the work typically in a day, how are the benefits, how...
  2. fallnflags

    Professional Transportation, Inc Employment

    Hi folks. I've been looking at becoming a driver for the PTI Co in the Seattle Wa area. Does anyone have any pertinent information on the company, salary, work conditions? Notice the application has placement for Part-time and full time. Is the part time on call/filling for sick...
  3. Homeward Bound On A Rainy August Afternoon

    Homeward Bound On A Rainy August Afternoon

    PSAP 3876 on the point of the PSAP Harbor Job with CFNR 110 trailing,heads for home on a rainy August Afternoon
  4. Moose Jaw Geeps

    Moose Jaw Geeps

    1686 and 1501 are the current residents of the west Moose Jaw yard.
  5. Out of a job

    Out of a job

    One more sign of the times siding closing down and put ting switch stand out of work!
  6. The Malevolent

    The Malevolent

    CP 1631 and 1621 violently smash things together in the west yards of Moose Jaw. Kicking cars is the method of choice, and even at 3 mph a single hopper banging into a consist sounds worse than a thunder storm. The sound travels well too, so you can hear it from several city blocks away.
  7. CN Richmond

    CN Richmond

    CN 1439 is an old friend of mine, I saw him when I first ventured to railfan the CN mainline back in April of 2003. He, along with twin 1434 were pulling IMS cars out of the now closed Winnipeg facility. Today he's still working with another twin, 1405, this time on the Warman sub tramp job...
  8. P&W #2308 heading back through the fields..

    P&W #2308 heading back through the fields..

    Portland & Western #2308 heading east on it's return trip from Clatskanie with 4 loads of lumber it picked up from a Weyerhaeuser Lumber industry. It picked up a BNSF centerbeam car with large dimensional lumber (12X12X36 -That is what a wrapper said.)...
  9. The Trooper

    The Trooper

    CN 630 tramp job (CN Industrial, MP 188) heads home with 5 cars, slowly following CN 347. 2:43pm CN 1434-1412 hopper/flat/gondola/2 tankers I used to see 1434 all the time in Winnipeg across the street @ Fort Garry Industrial Park/Manitoba Sugar site/Fort Rouge yard job. Now he has been...
  10. Retro-Zebra


    With all the older emds getting the CN noodle and paint job put on them its odd that this one and the gp38-2 roman caught didn't get one but who cares nice to see this scheme still be applied to the older engines also. CN GP40-2LW trailing a SD40-2W on a mixed train at arrow river...
  11. CSXT'S Boyles Terminal Sub

    CSXT'S Boyles Terminal Sub

    CSXT Southbound Yard Job Y122 delivering interchange to NS'S High Line at 14th Street in Birmingham, Al. On this day they needed road units due to the tonnage of the 81 cars they delivered to NS & a quite rare pair of BNSF Executive painted SD70MAC'S, at least rare for the southeast & on...
  12. CSXT'S Boyles Terminal

    CSXT'S Boyles Terminal

    CSXT Southbound Yard Job Y122 getting ready to depart CSXT'S Boyles Terminal in Tarrant City, Al. to work some industries in the Birmingham area
  13. Eastern Alabama Railway

    Eastern Alabama Railway

    EARY Switching Job getting ready to work some lime plants in Sylacauga, Al.
  14. NS'S Alabama Division NA District

    NS'S Alabama Division NA District

    BNSF Northbound Local Freight Train ( Transfer Job ) has just delivered interchange to NS'S Norris Yard in Irondale, Al. & is headed back to BNSF'S East Thomas Yard.
  15. NS'S Alabama Division AGS South District

    NS'S Alabama Division AGS South District

    BNSF Northbound Transfer Job heading back to BNSF'S East Thomas Yard after interchanging with NS at 32nd Street.
  16. NS leading the grain empties

    NS leading the grain empties

    Norfolk Southern #7535 a ES40DC leads today "Job 170" with more grain empties for Auburn.
  17. BNSF'S East Thomas Yard

    BNSF'S East Thomas Yard

    BNSF Yard Job doing some switching at BNSF'S East Thomas Yard
  18. SD40-2 and a riff-raff

    SD40-2 and a riff-raff

    SD40-2s in Saskatchewan? Thats right. The second unit just happens to be one of thoes old GEC patch jobs to boot! I didn't catch the numbers, but I beleive the second unit is CN 6941.
  19. BNSF'S East Thomas Yard

    BNSF'S East Thomas Yard

    BNSF Yard Job switching a block of freight at BNSF'S East Thomas Yard
  20. KCS'S Vicksburg Sub

    KCS'S Vicksburg Sub

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