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  1. Utah Central B Boats

    Utah Central B Boats

  2. MRSL PES-642431-7

    MRSL PES-642431-7

    MRSL flat car PES-642431-7 with steel coils at Joaquim Murtinho yard.
  3. MRSL PCR-616039-5

    MRSL PCR-616039-5

    MRSL PCR-616039-5 flat car was built joining two old box cars rebuilt to flat ones. They are special for dual containers.
  4. CP Lloydminster

    CP Lloydminster

    Until recently CP had a mini-PNL through Lloydminster a line north of the PNL running from Wilkie to Edmonton. Now that the Wellington sub has been pulled up, Lloydminster is the final destination for turns running out of Wilkie (N/B daily at 1:00pm). Power is exclusively GP38-2s, one unit is...
  5. Cranes...


  6. CN 313 Special

    CN 313 Special

  7. Cross Country

    Cross Country

    I was out at the farm again, and another train came by again. It's probably the 102, but it could be the 104 or 106.
  8. Bogies?


    What appears to be axels or freightcar bogies seem to be covered on this IC flatcar. They don't seem to covered very well, let alone tied to the car for that matter.
  9. Forklift Parts

    Forklift Parts

    It's not too unusual for Forklifts to pass through on flats, but rarley are they dismantled.
  10. GMC trucks

    GMC trucks

    These were the only trucks included in the popular MSTS Train Simulator game. In real life however, it is them who are on the train! Being cab-overs the engine is fully exposed to the elements toward the back of the cab. Is this smart?
  11. Flatcar with sides

    Flatcar with sides

    Not sure what it's loaded with, but this flat is in good company, a spreader to the right and a 1940's 40' box to the left. The over-patched hopper in the back makes a good modern background. This flat can easily be modelled from a 40' Athearn flat car.
  12. A set of four!

    A set of four!

    The 312 had only one of these the day prior. They must have been planning to move something in Winnepeg.
  13. HEP power

    HEP power

    CP's AC4400CW fleet is not HEP equipped, thus this flat is used to provide power to the Holiday train. It has to be the best looking in the fleet - ironic since its one of the oldest, of '72 heritage. Lots of them still around in regular IMS service, probably the oldest IMS cars on any Class I...
  14. BCOL log car?

    BCOL log car?

    Apparently there's such a thing. A cut of three on 347, surrounded by 105 center-beams and 15 other cars. Before today I thought only narrow gauge lines still had these. Note the faded out # (the other two were BCOL 10359 & 10426?) and red color on the inside of the forks. Tree bark...
  15. Cable barrels?

    Cable barrels?

    Quite a few of these loads coming through on CN & CP recently.
  16. Land of bunk cars

    Land of bunk cars

    These days CP's Transcona yard is mostly used to store bunk cars. It's too bad that the relatively new bunks on flats are blocking the older converted 40' and 50' bunk boxcars. You can see them in the background, here's a close look: http://tinyurl.com/2yqstk. Right in front of me were these...
  17. Local delivery?

    Local delivery?

    With downsizing and outsorcing, now when your parcel gets loaded in the van, the van is loaded on a flat and shipped by rail to wherever you live. Yeah right, 13 brand new Daimler vans, most likely from Dartmouth, NS are heading West to serve you. Such loads are somewhat common on CN IMS trains...
  18. Still working...

    Still working...

    What looks like a fairly old CN truck, is still at it, being a flatbed for a snow blower, these are normally attached to brooms, very common on both CN & CP, both are yellow too! PS. The state of Maine is in the background. Right behind me is the CN crew residence.
  19. Canadian Tire box

    Canadian Tire box

    Very common load on nearly every manifest and IMS out of Saskatoon.
  20. CN semi

    CN semi

    CN's semi-truck fleet looks very similar to CPR's: http://tinyurl.com/2uwqga white color with "CN" in red on the side. So why is this unit red? Because it's a MOW transporter, used to move tampers and other MOW equipment around on its trailer, that's conviniently wearing CN orange MOW...

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