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  1. Westbound Grain

    Westbound Grain

    BNSF 4364 blows through the crossing at Paterson, WA with a westbound unit grain train in tow.
  2. Westbound Grain at Sunset

    Westbound Grain at Sunset

    BNSF 4364 leads a unit grain train into the setting sun just east of Plymouth, WA.
  3. May snow

    May snow

    CN 864 departs Chappelle JCT under falling snow, with 26 ALNX hoppers on the tail of the 2nd section following 2.5 hours later. Going to storage on the PNL Im guessing. Ive seen a block of 47 old CNWX Trudeau aluminums coming into town for scrapping back in November, leaving lots of storage...
  4. General Electric Units on the Gallup Sub.

    General Electric Units on the Gallup Sub.

  5. General Electric Units on the Gallup Sub.

    General Electric Units on the Gallup Sub.

  6. Chicago Sub

    Chicago Sub

    A pair of ex-Santa Fe Dash 9's motor through Congress Park along the BNSF Chicago Sub.
  7. The last B Boats

    The last B Boats

    By the 1991 only two railroads were still buying new GE 4-axles: Santa Fe & AMTRAK. Nearly twenty years later they are still the last B Boats. Will GE ever bring them back? Note that both are class units. BNSF 1123-500-6261 (9-44CW/B40-8W/ES44AC wearing H1/H2/H3!) #1123 is last in his series.
  8. Canadian National 2415

    Canadian National 2415

    Canadian National 2415, GE Dash 8-40CM heading east through Kingston, Ontario.
  9. BCOL grain

    BCOL grain

    This is not British Columbia... CN 2200-5515 trailing. Note that the right dithlights are looking strait at me!
  10. BC  Rail  #4621

    BC Rail #4621

    Rare BC Rail Dash8-40CM only 26 ordered this was on a 536 axle southbound manifest today going thru M.P.-18 Edmonds Wa. BNSF 2/22/2009
  11. BNSF 1262 (3GS21B)

    BNSF 1262 (3GS21B)

    BNSF 1263-1262-1267, all 3GS21Bs rest at the shops. As you can see, these goats have some hills to climb Chevron Richmond Refinery in the background. I caught an ex-SOO? SW1200 type engine (#201) switching the refinery right behind me, either Chevrons own or Richmond Pacifics. You can see...
  12. BNSF 736

    BNSF 736

    BNSF 736 came into town about three days ago, but what suprised me was that it is coupled and MU'ed to the local GP40M and GP39-2. I know a Dash 9 is a little heavy for some of the track the local needs to run on, so it is a mystery to me as to why it is where it is.
  13. Dash 9-44CW cab

    Dash 9-44CW cab

  14. Walker Fuel

    Walker Fuel

    CN SD70I & BCOL Dash 8-40CM get fuelled at Walker shops. Note the twisty rail in the foreground. Id probably be shot for taking a similar photo at the Saskatoon shops (recall http://tinyurl.com/69r8jh) side street access makes all the difference in Edmonton.
  15. CN 402 = Big power

    CN 402 = Big power

    June 13th, 2008 From MP 189.40 Watrous sub 12:25pm CN 402, 88 cars CN 2307-8008-5610-5257-2616-5511 ES44DC/SD70M-2/SD70I/SD40-2W/Dash 9-44CW/SD60F Except for the SD50F, Dash 8-40CM & GP40-2LW, all of whom have fallen out of favour, nearly 35 years of CN mainline units are present...
  16. Train and Fence

    Train and Fence

    Fences have always added something to railroads- be it keeping away trespassers or preventing rocks from falling onto the rails, they have always been there. Sometimes, they are simply annoyances, but, sometimes, like in this case, they become a major else.
  17. CN Rainbow

    CN Rainbow

    CN Rainbow Two Dash 9-44CWs, including a Canadian cab, still unpatched by CNs web address, lead Q107 through a rainstorm.
  18. Wrecked CN 5307

    Wrecked CN 5307

    One of the many Walker shop jams, parked next to SD38-2s, SW1200RSs, a GTW GP9, BCOL RS18CAT & SAR B23-7, not to mention more common CN units. Not that long ago CNs last A-1-A 1000 series GMD1s were parked here along with more wrecked junk.
  19. Dash 9's on the high line

    Dash 9's on the high line

    2 BNSF Dash 9's in H2 paint on a grain train. A pretty typical sight on the high line...
  20. Manifest in Montana (5)

    Manifest in Montana (5)

    The BNSF manifest & its diverse assortment of freight cars passes my locoation on its was east

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