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  1. M

    Amazon's Unique Reporting Marks

    I was driving behind an Amazon trailer recently and noticed that the reporting mark was "AZNG". This seems strange to me since I believed all trailers had reporting marks that ended in the letter "Z". As for Amazon's containers, it appears they use "AZNU". This reporting mark ends in "U" like...
  2. PEC - 369053 - 9

    PEC - 369053 - 9

    Reefer 40'' Hamburg Sud
  3. PEC 635639 - 7L

    PEC 635639 - 7L

    Machado da Costa Yard
  4. Container Train through St. Albans

    Container Train through St. Albans

    This is a screen shot from video taken with a radio controlled plane. A train of single stack containers passes the old C&O depot in St. Albans. To see the video go to,
  5. PEC # 628341 - 1L

    PEC # 628341 - 1L

    Campo Largo, PR
  6. PED - 630303 - 0L

    PED - 630303 - 0L

    Balsa Nova (LBN)-PR
  7. Best friends?

    Best friends?

    Two long-time competitors, CN & CP ride together on CN Q102. Where are you competition bvureau? LOL.
  8. HEP power

    HEP power

    CP's AC4400CW fleet is not HEP equipped, thus this flat is used to provide power to the Holiday train. It has to be the best looking in the fleet - ironic since its one of the oldest, of '72 heritage. Lots of them still around in regular IMS service, probably the oldest IMS cars on any Class I...
  9. Canadian Tire box

    Canadian Tire box

    Very common load on nearly every manifest and IMS out of Saskatoon.
  10. My first SD70M-2

    My first SD70M-2

    CN 8002, SD70M-2 and a Dash 9-44CW lead a typical IMS. Unlike with the ES44DC's, I haven't had as much luck catching the SD70M-2's on CN's mainline - this is my only catch so far.
  11. CPPU 630224

    CPPU 630224

    Presiden't Choice wrapping on a typical CPPU box. You can tell by the rust that the box itself isn't new, the paint scheme sure looks new though, as I haven't seen it before and I see CP IMS every other day. Odd that the container is promoting food, as it's not a reefer, more likely loaded with...
  12. CPR semi

    CPR semi

    Typical CPR semi-truck, I see them around town all the time hauling CPPU boxes on CPPZ trailers. You can see the trucker's feet under the truck, since he's on the other side inspecting the load. The crossbuck and Stop sign on the right, belong to the shop wye track, consists, including SD40-2...
  13. New CN container

    New CN container

    Looks like CN is copying a certain well-known railway who's slogan is "We Will Deliver". Wonder when UP is going to sue, considering how hard they go after modelers for using the UP name alone! In a solid double-stack IMS train you might find a half/dozen of them. Now who does that...
  14. Sutherland depo

    Sutherland depo

    Upon the containers and GEVO's passing by there's an old depo hidden in town. There's even two Geeps, a GP38-2 (CP 3061) and a GP9u of THB heritage (CP 1686) standing by.
  15. Multimark era leftover

    Multimark era leftover

    Once upon a time CP Rail used their own containers for shipping. Now CP's container devision has been sold off to some big time shipper and CP Rail is formally the Canadian Pacific Railway, not to mention the multimark is dead. Yet here's a leftover from the era, I'm guessing used in MOW duty...
  16. BNSF Double Stack Train

    BNSF Double Stack Train

    A BNSF container train heads southbound at MP27.65 Thomsen Road on the Seattle Sub. The Train was stopped at Nisqually due to a Amtrak Cascade. He went by my location throttle wide open.
  17. Reefer Madness!

    Reefer Madness!

    Reefer containers are very big on the CN Q-trains. They even have specially built genorator containers (such as the dirty one under the 5th car) to power them all. These Refrigerators are on a stack train behind CN 2225 and 2549.
  18. Axels?


    Axels on Bulkhead containers have become a usual site on the Watrous sub as of late.
  19. More intermodal headed towards Big Timber

    More intermodal headed towards Big Timber

    More intermodal heads towards Big Timber
  20. Two swoosh intermodal cars

    Two swoosh intermodal cars

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