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  1. Baggage Work

    Baggage Work

    The baggage work being done at Sacramento
  2. Coast Starlight at Sacramento

    Coast Starlight at Sacramento

    The Coast Starlight is seen at Sacramento where it makes a crew change and fuels up.
  3. Coast Starlight Conductor

    Coast Starlight Conductor

    My dad is seen at the window in the 1110 car of number 11. We are just about to pick up a Union Pacific crew at Marysville, to take them to Sacramento.
  4. Coast Starlight Engineers

    Coast Starlight Engineers

    The engineers from the Coast Starlighr between SAC-KFS are seen below the locomotive (AMTK 120) they just got out of, another crew will be taking care of it to SJC.
  5. AMTK 14 at Grover Beach

    AMTK 14 at Grover Beach

    Amtrak's Northbound Coast Starlight, number 14, is seen rounding the curve north of Grover Beach, CA. Three locomotives lead, all facing north for this trip.
  6. 10001 bringin up the rear

    10001 bringin up the rear

    My last shot of the chase, 10001 beings up the rear of the train at Walong
  7. 100031 at Bealville

    100031 at Bealville

    10031 is seen bringing up the rear of the detoured number 11. Railroad officials stand on the rear as they pass all the foamers
  8. Number 11 rouding the loop

    Number 11 rouding the loop

    Detoured Coast Starlight number 11 is seen rounding the Tehachapi Loop, notice all the foamers seen at left, thats not even half of them.
  9. The  Way Things Should Be

    The Way Things Should Be

    Amtrak number 11 is seen overtaking a Union Pacific freight at Bealville
  10. Number 11 at Bealville

    Number 11 at Bealville

    AMTK 48 is seen leading the detoured number 11 through Bealville
  11. Far End of the Loop

    Far End of the Loop

    Seen at the opposite end of the loop is the detoured number 11
  12. Number 11 at Walong

    Number 11 at Walong

    The Parlour and the 1130 sleeper are seen at Walong, we recieved many friendly waves such as this one.
  13. Superliners at Walong

    Superliners at Walong

    Detoured southbound Coast Starlight, number 11 is seen rounding the top curve at Walong
  14. #11 arrives into SLO

    #11 arrives into SLO

    Southbound Coast Starlight number 11 arrives into San Luis Obispo, 4 hours late. Minutes later sister train number 14 arrived into San Luis Obispo also near 4 hours late.
  15. Coast Starlight - Salem, OR

    Coast Starlight - Salem, OR

    The Coast Starlight rounds the the curve just north of the Salem, OR depot.
  16. Conductors conversation

    Conductors conversation

    Conductor Frank Klatt, my father, (right) and Asst. Conductor Dennis (left) seen outside of the Klamath Falls, OR Depot having a conversation before the arrival of the southbound Coast Starlight #11.
  17. ZLCBR meets 11

    ZLCBR meets 11

    Southbound Coast Starlight #11 is placed in the hole at Sims in the early morning to meet UP ZLCBR-12.
  18. Conductors at work

    Conductors at work

    Conductor Frank Klatt at right seen counting sleeper tickets and Asst. Conductor Dennis at left seen counting coach tickets on the Northbound Coast Starlight #14 outside of Sacramento.
  19. Over at Ostrander

    Over at Ostrander

    The southbound Coast Starlight crosses over at Ostrander
  20. Running From The Train

    Running From The Train

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