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  1. Yard Limit

    Trackside in Bellingham, WA

    Bellingham is one of the best places in the state to railfan. There's a fair amount of traffic and a nice mixture of manifest and unit trains.
  2. Yard Limit

    Bellingham Subdivision, WA.

    Railfanning along the waterfront in Bellingham, WA during a weekend in July.
  3. Yard Limit

    BNSF Bellingham Subdivision

    Saturday, October 10, 2014, along the BNSF Bellingham Subdivision brought strong winds and rain. BNSF 4882 leads a mixed consist train northbound just beyond the Bellingham station. The next morning, the weather cleared and the usual beautiful fall skies returned. Running on time, Amtrak...
  4. Everett Bound On The Bellingham Sub

    Everett Bound On The Bellingham Sub

    ES44AC BNSF 6118 leads its southbound empty unit coal train as it approaches Bellingham Station
  5. Crossing the Skagit

    Crossing the Skagit

    The northbound M-PASBVT(?) crosses the Skagit River between Mt. Vernon and Burlington, WA enroute Vancouver, B.C.
  6. Afternoon Sun On The Bellingham Sub

    Afternoon Sun On The Bellingham Sub

    BNSF 5790 leads its southbound empty Unit Coal Train along the shore of Bellingham Bay on its trip from Roberts Bank,BC to a crew change at Everett,WA
  7. Approaching South Bellingham,WA

    Approaching South Bellingham,WA

    BNSF 5663 leads its 504 axle empty unit coal train south along Bellingham Bay as it returns to the Powder River Basin after discharging 12000 tons at Westshore Terminal,Roberts Bank,BC.
  8. GEEP Glory

    GEEP Glory

    Three EMD GEEPs provide the power for a long heavy southbound manifest as it approaches Bridge 37 on the Bellingham Sub headed for Delta Yard Everett.
  9. Headed North On The BNSF Bellingham Sub

    Headed North On The BNSF Bellingham Sub

    AMTRAK 89 leads the northbound AMTRAK CASCADES as it approaches the Bellingham,WA Transportation Center.The CHERRY POINT LOCAL with BNSF 2100 on the point is on the the Bellingham Siding waiting for the North Branch Dispatcher to say go.
  10. Next Stop Mount Vernon,WA with Intermediate Stops ending at Portland OR

    Next Stop Mount Vernon,WA with Intermediate Stops ending at Portland OR

    With AMTK 470 in the lead,the southbound AMTRAK CASCADES originating at Bellingham,WA and ending at Portland,OR passes under the Chuckanut Drive Highway Bridge at Blanchard,WA
  11. Southbound for Everett

    Southbound for Everett

    BNSF 7573 leads the southbound 520 axle Vancouver,BC-Everett,WA manifest through South Bellingham,WA
  12. Men At Work

    Men At Work

    The Conductor and Brakeman of the Bellingham Yard Switcher heading to manually throw the switch from the Plywood Plant Spur to the track going to the left in the picture and protect the unguarded crossing so the Switcher can shove its caboose across Roeder Av,uncouple and leave the Caboose clear...
  13. Finally Made It To Stanwood On The Way To Everett

    Finally Made It To Stanwood On The Way To Everett

    BNSF 4684 still on the point of the 438 axle manifest from British Columbia to Everett,WA finally passes thru Stanwood after being delayed by an erroneous axle count at the Defect Detector south of Bellingham,WA.The detector gave an axle count 0f 439 which was a problem with 18 axles of power...
  14. Southbound from the Border for Everett

    Southbound from the Border for Everett

    BNSF 4684 leads a 438 axle loaded manifest from British Columbia headed for Delta Yard,Everett,WA as it passes thru South Bellingham,WA
  15. MILW heading for Sumas

    MILW heading for Sumas

    MILW GP35-U25B combo Sumas Local making the sharp turn at Squalicum & Roeder Streets in Bellingham WA. After they negotiate the swampy next 100 yards or so, its 8th notch baby!
  16. Very Milwaukee Road

    Very Milwaukee Road

    A Tacoma Roundhouse special lashup got sent up to Bellingham one rainy dark day in 1979. The BN ran F-Units all the time through Bellingham. This is the only time the Milwaukee tried it (to the best of my knowledge).
  17. MILW Bellingham Switcher

    MILW Bellingham Switcher

    MILW 626 SW1200 waiting for orders and switching instructions at the MILW Depot(not pictured)in downtown Bellingham WA. The shadow forming on the 626 is coming from the 2nd tallest building in Bellingham, the Herald Building.
  18. MILW Bellingham

    MILW Bellingham

    MILW GP35/U25B lashup and switcher 618 on hand at the MILW Roundhouse Bellingham WA one day in 1979.
  19. MILW Roundhouse Bellingham

    MILW Roundhouse Bellingham

    This picture of the Milwaukee Roundhouse in Bellingham WA was taken about 1978. It was torn down in the late 1990s.
  20. Track Grass

    Track Grass

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