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  1. BNSF manifest at Helena

    BNSF manifest at Helena

    A west-bound BNSF manifest waits at the Helena depot for a set of helpers after changing crew. I was able to catch a helper set heading back towards Helena up at Blossberg later that day: http://www.railroadforums.com/photos/showphoto.php/photo/55670/cat/500/ppuser/4714...
  2. Fresh blood

    Fresh blood

    Brand new ES44DC leads CN 865 into Saskatoon. Two 4400hp engines have become the standard for CN grain trains. The CTRW grainer right before him utilizes CN's rejects, a pair of GP10's and a newly aquired GP40-2LW, tradional CN grain train power, from only a couple years ago (remember the...
  3. BNSF 4111 Saginaw

    BNSF 4111 Saginaw

    BNSF 4111 Dash 9-44CW leads a grain train north out of Saginaw, TX.
  4. IC Dash 9-44CW

    IC Dash 9-44CW

    IC 2717 and 6128 roll down the Illinois Central past the Homewood Railroad Park. Link for the Homewood Railroad Park: http://www.blackhawknrhs.org/homewood.htm
  5. Seattle Sub

    Seattle Sub

    BNSF Dash 9-44CW heads into the fog at Vader, WA.
  6. Seattle Sub

    Seattle Sub

    BNSF Dash 9-44CW leads a double stack out of the fog and under the NP signal at Vader, WA.
  7. BNSF 4381 passes Tower 55

    BNSF 4381 passes Tower 55

    BNSF 4381 Dash 9-44CW passes Tower 55 southbound.
  8. Dash 9 Silhouette

    Dash 9 Silhouette

    BNSF 4084 Dash 9-44CW passes a grain elevator southeast of Amarillo, TX. Photo by my son, Steven Thorn.
  9. Tracks in the Snow 2008

    Tracks in the Snow 2008

    BNSF Dash 9-44CW #5012 rounds the curve near the ballast pit, Skykomish, WA.
  10. Tracks in the Snow 2008

    Tracks in the Snow 2008

    BNSF Dash 9-44CW #4119 crosses White Pine Road on it's way west over Stevens Pass.
  11. BNSF 4900 Dash 9-44CW

    BNSF 4900 Dash 9-44CW

    BNSF 4900 heading north near Quanah, TX.
  12. Burrr Ridge

    Burrr Ridge

    A sunny 20' day with a harsh wind as a westbound Dash 9 leads the way out of Willow Springs down the Chilli Sub through Burr Ridge.
  13. Scenic Grain

    Scenic Grain

    BNSF 4814 leads an eastbound grain train through Scenic, WA
  14. NREX 2009

    NREX 2009

    My first Green Goat - NREX 2009, 3GS21B, trailing CN 2549-5534 on 346. It's twin brother, NREX 2011 is the only Green Goat to have demonstrated on CN so far (Dec 06 CRO). Perhaps this unit is joining them? Either way, better then a GT GP38 I though I was seing again.
  15. It's Alive!

    It's Alive!

    CN 346 is about to cover me from head to toe. Although hard to see due to 'weather conditions' this is the river bridge: http://tinyurl.com/2mkrdd Sadly, I was not able to get the 2nd units number, although I think its CN 2584, Dash 9-44CW. CN 8011 SD70M-2 sure makes for a good plow with that...
  16. BNSF #4492 Autorack

    BNSF #4492 Autorack

  17. Kinda cold

    Kinda cold

    Two Dash 9-44CW's lead 107 across the bridge. No need to hurry as he's got plenty of work to do in the city.
  18. Sumner Westbound

    Sumner Westbound

    BNSF 5434 heads westbound through the Sumner overpass bridge on a cold clear November evening.
  19. CN 313 Riverview

    CN 313 Riverview

    Until recently 313 was a regular manifest with a bit of everything. Now that the Prince Rupert terminal is open - there are boxes up front! The train proceeded to work Saskatoon yard for at least two hours. Great way to serve those Intermodal customers! Oct 31 '07 11:00am CN 313, 110 cars...
  20. Autumn Leaf RailFest

    Autumn Leaf RailFest

    UP 9822 southbound passes the state's first co-op in Winlock, WA

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