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  1. CN 1501

    CN 1501

    CN Test Car at Gilbert Plains Mile 20 Togo Sub. testing road and rail.
  2. CN Test Car

    CN Test Car

    CN 1501 Test Car (TTES) making its way on Mile 30 Togo Subdivision a Mile West of Grandview, MB.
  3. Return of the Railiner

    Return of the Railiner

    It's been 28 years since CN Railiners have come through on the Warman sub, following VIA's big cuts of 1981. A real shame, considering that Saskatoon had the most assigned CN RDCs back when the service first started (7 units!). Old RDC-1 D-108 (turned VIA 6108) came back however in the form of...
  4. "Railliner Rehash" or "ModernDayliner"

    "Railliner Rehash" or "ModernDayliner"

    CN 15016, Everybody's favorite rebuilt RDC inspection car, came to Riverview. While in the area the RDC was coincidentally assigned to cover the route of VIA 680, the oldtime RDC sevice from Regina to Prince Albert, making trips over the Warman, Watrous and Craik Subdivisions in proper fashion.
  5. Moose Jaw Geeps

    Moose Jaw Geeps

    1686 and 1501 are the current residents of the west Moose Jaw yard.
  6. An emasculated Alco rests between grain loading assignments.

    An emasculated Alco rests between grain loading assignments.

    One of several repowered Alco switchers in northwest Ohio, this one was at the Farmers Commission Company elevator at Kenton.
  7. Sutherland caboose

    Sutherland caboose

    Until this year Sutherland had everything you'd want at the shops - a snowplow, TRACKMOBILE, switchers, etc. but still lacked a caboose. On July 18th, this old cab came into town, and has been sitting at the shops ever since. He is most likely a Regina transfer, as they had three sitting...
  8. Sutherland West yard

    Sutherland West yard

    You can see most of the yard from this vantage point. To the left, just outside of the photo is the car washing facility and to the right the shops. The snow plow is parked on the edge of the shop tracks. Note the container yard in the distance. That is the yard lead on the right. If you look...
  9. Twins?


    CP 8217 & 1501 nay look alike, but their lives are quite different. CP 8217, GP9 started life in 1954 as CP 8502; CP 1501 started life in 1952 as 8409. Today 1501 is a proud leader of the 1501+1566 belt-pack switcher set, while 8217 and sister 8218 are the elite roadswitcher units assigned...
  10. CP 1501 + 1566

    CP 1501 + 1566

    CP 1501 + 1566, GP7u & GP9u of 50s vintage work the west end of the yard daily, inluding the IMS switching. Hard to believe that an industry as high-tec and precise as container logistics relies on this pair for major work, but its true.
  11. CP 1501 (GP7u)

    CP 1501 (GP7u)

    CP has a huge fleet of Geeps, GP40's, GP38-2's, rebuilt GP9's and GP7's? That's right, hidden in that pile of Geeps are about 20 rebuilt GP7u's of 1953 vintage. As there are so few of them, CP paires them with the more common GP9u's, not treating them any differently, which is a shame as it...
  12. City boys

    City boys

    CP GP7 & GP9 are getting ready to cross the street with about 10 IMS cars during a switching move. I'm not sure if they're 100% remote control, but the switchman is the only person I've seen there, he was riding the Geep steps prior.
  13. Modern switching

    Modern switching

    CP GP7 & GP9 switching about a dozen intermodal cars. Too bad they're not pulling the train cross-country.
  14. CP Sutherland

    CP Sutherland

    CP 1501, a GP7u and GP9u are working the west lead from the yard. That's right, CP still uses GP7's for yard services by pairing them with GP9's. The "mainline" is in the foreground.
  15. LLPX 1506

    LLPX 1506

    An ex-Conrail GP15-1, one of three currently leassed by LLPX to CBNS. This one has the beautifull Opration Lifesaver decal. Caught in the middle of a 5 unit lash-up.
  16. CSXT'S Boyles Terminal

    CSXT'S Boyles Terminal

    Indiana & Ohio Rail System SW1500 1501 sitting in the wrecker track at CSXT'S Boyles Terminal at Tarrant City, Al.
  17. Progressive Rail

    Progressive Rail

    Progressive Rail GP15-1'S 1501 & 1500 are coupled to an Acipco American Beauty switcher at CSXT'S Boyles Terminal service center in Tarrant City, Al.

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