What Are The Chances of Getting Hired With No Job History?

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I hear that it is tough as nails to get your foot in the door in the rail road industry,
or at least it was that way a few short years ago, and RR is their own little private
world, so it is diffcult to find any real answers online, other then videos, but if you
are looking up rail road history, then you certainly can find it....

I gave up my career as a truck driver so my wife could have her career, and I saw
early on that truck diving for me was going to be a dead end career, and with the
advancements that my wife was getting, well, it was the right thing to do as we
had to move around every few months, today, 10 years later, she pretty much dug
in, and we do not move around anymore, she is the director of her company....

Now that she is all set, I have been thinking about me, so I have been thinking
about going to a train school which is about 2 hours up the road. Other
then the cost of the school which is approx $15,000 - What chances do I really
have getting a job with the rail road just because I went to a 6mo school?

I suspect most people go to school so they can find a better career, but that does
not mean you will find a career if you do not get hired. I have 10 years driving a semi.
I have been to the east coast, the west coast (all states in between) and I have been
to Canada at least 4 times. I have driven Flat bed, van, 48ft, 53ft, and hauled wide loads....
I can tarp a load, I have secured loads with more chains and straps then I can remember.

however; When I apply for the most simple jobs on this planet such as a dishwasher...
I either get no calls, or I am told "you do not have enough dish-washing experience..."
really? I am psychically fit, I have walked 15-20 miles before your smelly teen wakes up
each morning, in other words, employers treat me as if I am one of their lazy teens...

Of course I can not help to think. I do not want to spend $15,000 to go to a school, and
the rail road treats me like their teen because I have not worked in a few years. In other
words, no need to spend $15k for school if I continue to get pushed for having little job history.

Would like to know your thoughts....
ps. I am not a teen....
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Find out what railroads are in your area. Go to their websites and apply for a job. I was in the US Navy for 20 years and they hired me on the spot with no RR experience other than as a railfan, which didn't count. Having no recent job experience shouldn't be a problem since the RRs are hurting for people. If they ask, say you were a house husband for a very successful wife. That should work! Forget going to school, the RR will teach you all you need in their new hire school. Good luck!

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