Southeastwards '16-'18 - 28: Iași - Craiova (50 p.)

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Proud Earthling

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Western Moldavian East '16-'18 - 27: Iași (50 p.)și-50-p.13321

The video for this part:

March 22 2018

At the end of our Iași sightseeing tour, we walked down these decorative steps to Strada Gării.

The formerly exclusive "Club CheFeRe".

The street near Hotel Arnia by coincidence shares its name with my grandfather.

August 4 2016

1 1/2 years earlier - what has changed? ;-)

Strada Bacinschi in the dark.

During the day.

And in final evening glint the day before.

"Stuttgart - Paris by TGV"-ad passing by the exchange offices next to the station.

Winter view at the magnificent main station, built in 1870 as one of the eldest in Romania and inspired by the Doge's Palace of Venice.

In summer midday heat.


On August 4 2016, I waited after noon for my IR 1664 to Bucharest.

The numbers of the cars also were written in chalk, just to be sure. I took a seat in the booked first class compartment which did not offer improved comfort over second class and was quite full at the start of the journey. In the evening, we met the train towards Moldova.

I had no window seat, so these pictures were taken on my return to Iași that morning and are shown in reverse order - arrival with sleeper train in view.

River Bahlui is being crossed between the main station and Nicolina - obviously not only by the railroad on this bridge.

Next, the junction of the line to Moldova and our line south next to 18th century Frumoasa Monastery.

A short summit tunnel is crossed at Bârnova - if you can spot it between all this plant growth.

We reached the electric line from Galaţi at Tecuci, on the way to Mărăşeşti the Siret is crossed. After another direction change, we continued into the sunset towards Bucharest.

The capital's main station Nord was reached at 9:20 p.m. I bought some more tickets and then checked into nearby Hotel Ibis.

August 5 2016

Morning traffic on Calea Griviței.

Piața Gării de Nord.

A CFR memorial for heroes of WWI.

Softronic "Phoenix" 473 004 already had hauled me to Constanţa once the year before.

Overnight train arrival.

More and more passengers were gathering for the IR to Craiova. In a full open-plan coach I embarked on the not very exciting voyage Bucharest - Craiova, although this is still the more intact part of the line towards the Iron Gate. We arrived at 1 o’clock. It was cleaning day at the main city of Little Wallachia, nowadays "Planning Region Southwest", Craiova.

People sought shade below a battered platform roof, a colorful group of engines in the background.

Then and again freight trains arrived behind modern European locos. In the evening, an ÖBB Taurus came by - despite a lovely mood my camera shutter miraculously failed in that instance... ;-)

Refreshment at the drinking water fountain.

The next express towards Bucharest was readied on track one.

Now to the dead-end tracks towards the southeast.

Lacking shade, people gathered next to a car in old light-blue livery.

We expected R 9135 to Băileşti, and there came a... couple of Malaxa railcars, built in the 1930s!

Signal peace doves at Podari.

Cab portrait.

I left the train at Sălcuţa - in 24h we have travelled from near the Moldovan border close to Bulgaria and Serbia.

Departure - yes, even the Malaxas are receiving UIC numbers...

Not the second one.

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