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We follow the "star train" of this series along the Südbahn line south of Vienna: Shortly before its cancellation during timetable change 2012, I wanted to take a last pic of D 285 to Zagreb. At first try visibility was almost nought due to dense fog, the second time - on November 3 2012 - the late autumn light favoured me at Busserltunnel in the Pfaffstätten vineyards. The MÁV through coach behind the class 2016 diesel was being conveyed to Pécs.

EURegio 7763 Wien Süd - Sopron passed through Busserltunnel on December 12 2006.

On April 5 2009, ER 9950 to Sopron was hauled by triple traction.

We have arrived at the diesel junction Wiener Neustadt, August 8 2004.

In this report, we will mainly take a look at the Mattersburg Railway Wiener Neustadt - Mattersburg – Sopron. The section of the line on Hungarian territory is owned by the Raab-Oedenburg-Ebenfurt Railway (RÖEE) or Raaberbahn / in Hungarian: Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurti Vasút (GySEV). 5147.512 originally delivered to GySEV was in service on 16. 9. 2010. ÖBB sold their remaining class 5147 double units to GySEV in 2012.

(in German)–Sopron

(in German)ÖBB_5147


ER 7740 "Therme Bük" was ready for departure to Vienna on June 12 2005 behind GySEV leased engine 1116.061 under a rainbow.

Erlebniszug 6451 "Schneebergland" Wien Süd - Puchberg am Schneeberg conveyed a MÁV through coach of IC 910 from Budapest-Keleti / EZ 7712 from Sopron, March 3 2008.

Before the introduction of IC 981/982 "Corvinus" Vienna - Pécs (2005-2008) and 284/285 "Zagreb" Vienna - Zagreb (2009-2012), several InterCities daily operated on the route Wiener Neustadt - Sopron - Budapest with GySEV rolling stock, here IC 931 on May 29 2003.

I visited Wiener Neustadt in the icy morning of January 27 2010.

It was so cold, even diesel vehicles started to steam. R 7708 Sopron - Wiener Neustadt near Katzelsdorf.

What I had come for: IC 285 "Zagreb" with Schneeberg alpenglow in the background.

Departure from Wiener Neustadt: IC 285 under more humane conditions on June 13 2009. It looks like a double-track diesel line - non-existent otherwise in Austria - but the Aspang Railway to the left and Mattersburg Railway to the right actually are led parallel to each other.

First steam after my China trip: 33.132 hauled a charter on March 30 2008. Observe the old 1950s type colour light signal and level crossing safety system.

Only two weeks later - April 11 2008 - new safety equipment was in place if not yet operable. I virtually shortened the time gap between the local Aspangbahn freight and ER 9942 Wiener Neustadt - Szombathely.

In the morning, class 2143 diesels swarmed out from Wiener Neustadt into all directions. On April 11 2008, it was heritage green 2143.40 with local freight on the Mattersburg Railway.

Next halt is Katzelsdorf, I liked this gravel road level crossing for the special effect - InterCity 931 to Budapest-Keleti in the afternoon of October 5 2004, the Schlieren coach behind 2143.059 continued from Sopron as R 7757 to Deutschkreutz.

ER 7724 Szombathely - Wiener Neustadt at the same spot, March 29 2004.

Above: ER 9942 left Wiener Neustadt behind "blood orange" 2143.35 on April 17 2008. Below: IC 934 Budapest - Wiener Neustadt passed through Neudörfl station, October 5 2004.

R 7733 Wiener Neustadt - Sopron reaches Neudörfl.

We take a detour to the original GySEV line starting at Ebenfurth - it is reached from Vienna via the Pottendorf line which is currently being transformed into a double track high speed line. 1014.018 hauling R 2861 Wien Süd - Wiener Neustadt departed from Ebreichsdorf on snowy November 16 2007.

A little later, ER 9952 "Therme Bük" Wien Süd - Szombathely rushed past station and local freight with 2143.052, up to Ebenfurth pulled by 1142.595.

At Ebenfurth a GySEV class V43 (nowadays class 430) took over, on March 10 2007 near Wulkaprodersdorf.

ER 9947 "Therme Bük" Szombathely - Wien Süd at noon in front of the Leitha Hills near Müllendorf, in the background the state capital of Burgenland, Eisenstadt.

ER 9952 on July 6 2006 at Draßburg.

"Time is flowing" across the A3 motorway at Müllendorf in the afternoon of November 15 2006 with R 7827 Neusiedl am See - Wiener Neustadt.

Due to a goods train derailment at Gramatneusiedl the day before, Eastern Railway trains were rerouted via the GySEV line on May 24 2011. In the morning, I captured GySEV 1047.504 with freight at Baumgarten.

Above: EuroNight 463 "Kálmán Imre" Munich - Budapest near Draßburg. Below: Railjet 64 Budapest - Munich near Müllendorf.

D 346 "Dacia" Bucharest - Vienna in full length - back then including through coaches from Sofia and Belgrade behind the engine - concludes our short visit to the GySEV.

Only a few miles away, ER 7763 Wien Süd - Sopron and on as IC 937 to Budapest passed by Bad Sauerbrunn on May 15 2008.

2143.050 with ER 9942 Wiener Neustadt - Szombathely shortly broke the peace of the spa town a little later.

We continue to Wiesen-Sigleß known from Jazz Fest Wiesen on November 1 2007. 2016.001 hauled its double-deck rake as ER 9940 "Schönbrunn" from Wien Süd via Szombathely and Szentgotthárd in Hungary to Fehring in Styria.

ER 7763 shortly afterwards on the viaduct.

2143.35 hauling R 7708 Sopron - Wiener Neustadt, April 17 2008.


We move on, past Mattersburg ...

... as the most scenic part of the line starts behind Marz-Rohrbach. R 7719 Wiener Neustadt - Sopron thrashed uphill on April 11 2008.

ER 9945 Szombathely - Wiener Neustadt including class 5047 railcar at the rear.

Flowers and ER 9946 to Szombathely, April 9 2008.

2143.40 also was in service that day, here with R 7765.

R 7747 Wiener Neustadt - Sopron in the evening light of May 20 2009.

Probably a unique rail photo scene in Europe: the baseball field of the Rohrbach Crazy Geese, with ER 9941 to Wiener Neustadt.

R 7765 in autumn afternoon light, October 13 2008.

Steamer 919.138 brought historic express flair to the line, in the background Forchtenstein Castle peeked through the layers of mist, September 16 2010

A rerouted freight approached exactly at the right time on May 20 2009.

To the left: R 7709 Wiener Neustadt - Sopron on July 12 2006, to the right: R 7757 from Vienna via Sopron to Deutschkreutz and Neckenmarkt-Horitschon on October 13 2008.

IC 981 "Corvinus" Wien Süd - Pécs approaching Loipersbach-Schattendorf on July 12 2006.

R 7708 departed from the station towards Wiener Neustadt on May 15 2008, the hills in the backdrop are already situated near Sopron in Hungary.

Soon afterwards, IC 981 "Corvinus" followed into the opposite direction.

The moon was shining for ER 9953 Szombathely - Wiener Neustadt on October 13 2008.

For now, we say good-bye to Austria - next time we will continue in and around Sopron... :)
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