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June 30 2018

I had reached Börgönd station at 2 p.m. by bus but still managed to capture some kind of passenger traffic with 478 328 (M47) hauling an empty railcar.

It could not have gone any better, freight trains with modernized and original M62 were waiting to depart towards Székesfehérvár.


Floyd 0659 001 (ex-BR 56101) appeared at 2:36 p.m. with the first train from Székesfehérvár. The first few engines of Class 56 (not this one) had been assembled by Electroputere at Craiova:

The difference between European continental and British clearance gauges is clearly visualized here.


Bizarre meeting of British and Ukrainian-built diesel engines.


The parade of original M62s continued twenty minutes later.

The locomotive in the middle is a heavily rebuilt Czech diesel by CZ Loko.


I walked ahead to the end of the station and encountered the third original M62 of the day approaching through a sunflower field at 3:09.

628 305 departed first a 3:15 p.m.



This left plenty of time to change position for the smoky spectacle at 3:30, cheering on with a couple of other railfans.

Enjoy it yourself on video:


Finally, I still caught CER 753 609 leaving at 3:48, an Effiliner 1600 only delivered three months prior.

Time to say goodbye to Börgönd after an efficient visit - this left me with the opportunity for a second session at the shores of Lake Balaton that day.

July 14 2019

The following images were taken on an evening ride along the Balaton - Székesfehérvár section by half-an-hour-delayed S 19703 "Kék Hullám" ("Blue Wave") Tapolca - Budapest behind smoking M62 089. At Csajág, we encountered S 19766 "Katica" Budapest-Déli - Balatonfüred.


Original 418 106 (M41 2106) hauling S 19706 "Kék Hullám" was covered in a plume of smoke at Polgárdi-Ipartelepek.

June 29 2019

We spent the weekend at Hotel Marina-Port Balatonkenese and rented some bicycles - each of the available was too small for me. I cannot really recommend the hotel - it is overpriced and lacks atmosphere; however, it is conveniently located and features its own beach.
The bikes at least made it to the southern shore line - I came across this view of S 18494 "Déli → Parti" with lake at Balatonvilágos.

We cycled to the well-known tunnel in the afternoon, encountering Gy 1975 "Tekergő" to Budapest.

I played with the zoom of the lens as S 19606 "Kék Hullám" to Tapolca emerged from the tunnel portal.

The object of desire appeared at five o'clock, 424 247 "Bivaly" ("buffalo") (MÁVAG #7286 / built in 1955).
I composed the panoramic view to the left from a picture taken at a different angle to make more of the lake visible.

On video:


The MÁV museum train simply is fantastic.

For comparison: 418 316 hauled GySEV Schlieren cars in the morning of July 6 2013. Back then no decorative trees had been planted yet to the left. Nowadays, this section of the line has been electrified.

More pictures from Lake Balaton a decade ago (in German, please click autotranslate):
Along Lake Balaton 2/2 (50 p.)


Early morning you have the choice at Balatonkenese (full "Hungarian" pronunciation): either you walk a few feet from your hotel and take pictures of Sz 19720 Székesfehérvár - Tapolca at 6:12 a.m., like on June 30 2019.

Or you arrive by this train and capture S 19719 Tapolca - Budapest, like one year before on June 30 2018.

June 30 2019

S 19719 with original M41 - a nice start to the day! White van to the right digitally removed.

A walk through the park and harbor.




The first tramp of the day at 7:22: Gy 979 "Tekergő" to Budapest.

Speeding S 19700 "Kék Hullám" to Tapolca left the female station master in a cloud of dust one hour later.

June 30 2018

The early morning destination one year before was Soós-hegy, this hill had been named after poet Lajos Soós.
I climbed the observation tower and spotted our star train Gy 1247 "Istria" rounding the bay from Balatonalmádi shortly before seven o'clock.

Bakony mountains can be seen to the right.

From an Adriatic beach in the evening to a Balaton beach next morning by sleeping car would have been possible here. In the background you can see a third of the lake up to Tihany peninsula.


An alternative panorama featuring Gy 979 "Tekergő".

Sz 19729 Tapolca - Székesfehérvár.

View towards the station with loess walls, home to so called "Tartar caves".

June 29 2019

We climbed the walls after arrival at 9 a.m. one year later. First, S 19707 "Kék Hullám" towards Budapest appeared.

A steam special had been announced, instead a long train hauled by M62 and M41 turned up.

We'll take it, it probably was one-hour-delayed S 19700 "Kék Hullám".


We did not quite know what to do. Finally, we walked downhill only to encounter the steam train at the grade crossing at 9:50! Luckily, this was the best alternative. As always at this spot, a white van has been removed.

Clash of eras, S 19757 "Katica" was waiting.

On June 30 2019, M41 2143 rushed past with S 19795 "Kék Hullám". This heritage livery accentuates the shape of the roof.

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